July 11, 2012

Black Cat Lacquer Swatches

Hi guys! Today I have some more indie swatches for you! The five polishes I have to show you today are from Black Cat Lacquer. Sabrina from Black Cat Lacquer makes really gorgeous glitters, I love all of the combinations she puts together. I hope you guys love them also!

Edited to Add: Please read the comments of this post. While I do love these glitters there is drama surrounding customer service and product issues. I want you guys to be fully informed before spending your money.

To see swatches of each polish please click the read more button below!

To save myself from typing the same thing over and over...all photos below are in the shade and with top coat. All of the glitters were applied by being dabbed on, it was the way the worked best for me with these!

Fifty Shades of Grey is silver and charcoal glitter in a clear base. This also has a little bit of holo glitter in it which you can't see since my photos are in the shade. I confess, I haven't read Fifty Shades of Grey, I can't decide if I want to. Some people love it other people seem to hate it with the fire of a thousand suns haha. In the bottle this looked to have a little black glitter in it so I thought it would be fun to put it over a neon yellow. Once I got it on I realized it actually didn't have black glitter but I like the combo, it's a bit unexpected.  I layered Fifty Shades of Grey over Pomegranate Nail Lacquer Raid The Arcade!

Let Them Eat Cake is pastel glitter. PASTEL GLITTER! Now, I own a lot a polish (I'm sure you've noticed that by now) and I've never seen a pastel glitter like this. I am in love, I will be buying a full sized bottle of this one...it's gorgeous! Since this looks a little different over dark and light colors I have it both ways for you below. The first photos are Let Them Eat Cake over Pomegranate Nail Lacquer Blue Screen of Death. The next set of photos is Let Them Eat Cake over the White Base from the OPI Outrageous Neons mini set. I prefer this over white but I am loving it over the dark blue also!

Rainbow Brite is a rainbow of matte glitter. Love this, are we surprised? no! I'm also loving the name...as a child of the 80's I was a huge Rainbow Brite fan as a kid...pretty sure I even had her on a birthday cake one year lol! I used Rainbow Brite over OPI Riotously Pink for the photos below.

Sparkle Motion is like a kitchen sink of glitter...there is a little of everything in here. There is bar glitter, none made it onto my nails but I wanted to mention it since I know some people don't care for the hairy glitter. I used Sparkle Motion over OPI Seriously Purple for the photos below.

Tetris is a rainbow mix of square glitter. I'm pretty sure Kirsten from Glitta Gloves would cut people for this polish...I don't blame her, it's pretty awesome. If you are a fan of square glitter I think you probably need this in your life. I used Tetris over Pomegranate Nail Lacquer Cyberspace for the photos below!

Black Cat Lacquer is available on etsy, each polish retails for $10! It looks like Sabrina only ships to the US and Canada right now. Don't forget to use the code POLISHAHOLIC20 to save 20% on your order!

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  1. I've been looking her etsy store but I thought $10 was a little expensive... Now I think I'm buying tetris with your code!
    BTW, I have the most perfect pastel glitter from Candy Lacquer, it's like Happy Birthday (but pastel), with different shapes and sizes of glitter, It's called Pastel Confetti, I haven't see it on her shop again, but maybe you can ask her!

  2. I have Fifty Shades of Grey, but now I want Birthday Cake! Your swatches and layering actually make me want them all :)

  3. OK, I think I need to order some of these! Thanks for the great close-up shots of them so I can really study and decide:)


  5. Thanks for the code, I just bought Let Them Eat Cake and Rainbow Brite :) I was tempted to get Tetris as well, but luckily (for my wallet) it was out LOL

  6. Amanda StillwagonJuly 11, 2012 at 8:33 AM

    Rainbow Brite looks like so much fun but I love the look of Let Them Eat Cake on white. So pretty!

  7. Pastel. Glitter. Yep, I totally need that. It just looks so awesome!

  8. Omg let them eat cake looks like a birthday cake milkshake over white! I want it!

  9. It looks so pretty on the white polish, just like candyyy

  10. Ooo yay! I've been wanting Let Them Eat Cake for a couple weeks now. They're all so pretty!

  11. very pretty! I especially love Tetris

  12. Ooooh she doesn't ship to the UK :( :(

  13. I adore Let Them Eat Cake! It's perfect over white.

  14. Awesome, thanks for the code, lovely swatches!

  15. Love all your swatches. Your posts brighten my horizon after a bad day =)

  16. Yesterday I was searching etsy for different indie nail polishes and found Black Cat Lacquer and thought about how much I loved Let Them Eat Cake. I was debating if I wanted to buy it this month (I have a very limited nail polish budget!) but with 20% off, I think that decision is made! Thanks for the swatches!

  17. rainbow brite is great ... really fun

  18. Lovely swatches! I bought myself Let them Eat Cake AND one called Static Age.... they are so fun! Thank you for sharing! And so nice of Sabrina to give the coupon code! Whee!

  19. I'm so happy with the code. I have wanted Let them eat cake for awile.

  20. The pastel one looks like one I am going to make when I get my suspension base. I bought a matte pastel mix from You Mix.

  21. I'm sorry, but all Black Cat Lacquer does is throw in glitter premixes that someone else has come up with (Youmix) into base and sell it for quite a bit.

  22. So, perhaps Amber from Youmix is the one to be thanking for these pretty polishes.

  23. ValiantlyVarnishedJuly 12, 2012 at 6:29 AM

    I am in love with Let Them Eat Cake! I have never seen a pastel glitter like that before. Gorgeous! And I like it better over the white base as well - it really lets the glitter be the star.

  24. wow, I just looked at YouMix and you're right. That is pretty disappointing :/

  25. Black Cat LacquerJuly 12, 2012 at 10:41 AM

    Hello Jen and Lise! Just wanted to let you know that we don't just dump in pre-mixed glitters, all of our products include numerous glitters from various sources that we combine to make pretties! Sorry if there's any confusion!

  26. Whew, good to hear...thanks for clarifying that Sabrina!

  27. At least you care! My faith in the blog has been restored :)

  28. I'm ok with whatever sources you use for your polishes (just clarifying), but I thought Jen should know what is and isn't out there (keep a tab on Youmix & Glitter Unique's premixes maybe!), and I would like people attributed if it's a 100% prefab mix. Consumers should be informed, imo. There are quite a few people I know that are spending months and months testing polishes, watching for curling and bleeding glitters, throwing out failures, that don't get the awesome boost that such a blog like this can give.

    Your first polish was Youmix's rainbow matte mix, listed asap after she first started selling it and a day or two after customers started receiving them. (The reason I say this is that you're not alone; there are probably nearly a dozen shops that listed this very mix in their store right around the same time, so it's noticeable when a glut of shops do the same polish around the same day - so I'm only singling you out here because you happened to pop up on one of my favorite blogs, and I apologize if you feel attacked (if at all :)).

    This is a problem less because of the creativity thing - everyone is selling a top coat here and there, and the same issue is there with the "one mica in base" type polishes. It's more of a problem because a bunch of people are selling premixes that they themselves have not tested for bleeding, warp or curling issues. Different glitters react differently with different bases - I have had one glitter bleed in a mix in only one base that did not bleed when tested solo (I do have pics). Youmix pulled/changed one of their premixes recently because the bars in it were curling or bleeding in some people's mixes. If indies sell untested products, they sometimes might end up having a lot of customer complaints later if something goes wrong. There is SO much drama with curling and bleeding and such right now, that the entire community doesn't need untested glitters being sold by so many people.

    I do wish you the best of luck however, and I encourage any and all new shops to start up and put their creativity out there. But, please do make it heavier on the self creativity and please test (imo for at least a month) what you put out there, especially with glitters. Thanks :)

  29. For at least 2 of your polishes here though, you only added ONE type of glitter to the premix, not numerous

  30. Just at least give credit to the place you got the mix from, since it is the main component in some of your polishes, with only 1 other thing added.

  31. There's no confusion - it's a premixed glitter that you added holo dust to. I mean it's fine - not everyone is going to want to track down base, bottles and glitter when they can just buy it from you. But just be honest about it.

  32. Please be honest with your consumers. If you don't want to challenge yourself creatively, that's fine, but it's at a minimum a stretch of the truth to say that you "include numerous glitters from various sources . . ." when at least two of your polishes are youmix pre-mixed glitters with only one additional glitter added.

    If consumers are willing to spend $10 on products that don't have any creativity put into them, that's up to the consumer. But it's instances like this that give the indie community a bad rap.

  33. Just
    wanted to share my experience with you all. I made a purchase on Etsy
    with Black Cat Lacquer for 10 bottles of her polish. She only shipped 5
    bottles of polish to me. I messaged her thinking mistakes happen, I'm
    sure she will fix it. Well much to my surprise, she asked me to send
    her a photo of the box she mailed the polish in (the box was already in
    the recycle bin, but my husband fished it out). She then wants me to
    package everything back up as it was when I opened it and take a photo.
    At this point I refused to fish out packing material from a trash can.
    So she then asks to put the polishes in the box and take a picture.
    I'm not sure how any of this is going to help, but I take the picture
    and send it over. I had to make contact with her this morning and she
    never responded after I sent her the
    last photo. She told me she will not be sending out the replacement
    product as she doesn't believe she could have made this mistake. She
    also went on to tell me that it was not smart on my part to throw
    anything away because if there was a problem with my order I would have
    needed all of that. I don't know about you all, but I get lots of
    packages in the mail. When I open them, I pull everything out and set
    the polishes with the invoice and toss everything else. I then go
    through and compare the invoice to what I got. (She however didn't
    enclose an invoice so I had to head over to Etsy for it). My first
    thought isn't that I should save packing peanuts, cotton balls,
    newspaper, bubble wrap, and other material "just in case". I messaged
    her back letting her know I would tell everyone about my experience and
    that I for one would not be purchasing from her again. I also have
    disputed my purchase through PayPal. I'm posting this here as I don't
    want any of you to go through what I am having to with her.

  34. Thanks for sharing Rae, that is very disappointing. I'm like you, I open things and immediately throw the packaging and whatnot away (unless something broke then I take pictures and then toss it). I think it's pretty crappy that she isn't sending you the other 5 bottles, if I were in your shoes I'd probably be doing the same...letting everyone know. Hope you have a good experience with going through PayPal and they get it sorted out for you!

  35. BCL also posted about Rae's issue on Facebook last night, calling her a scammer. After a bunch of people defended Rae, BCL deleted the Facebook post

  36. Unfortunately there are a lot of us now that have been banned from her Facebook page for responding to her posting about this issue of the missing polishes. I also commented on a swatch of Sparkle Motion she had posted to let her know that her large hex glitters are defective for in that picture you can clearly see a large green hex glitter that is bent/curling. It was deleted.

    If you're going to say something then you need to stand behind it. I think she posted that expecting people to flock to her side and shower her with sympathy and when it didn't happen she took her toys and went home. Deleting and blocking people on Facebook is ridiculously unprofessional and shows a severe lack of maturity. The worst part is the people she blocked/deleted spend lots of money on indies and are quite active in the community. She's only bringing herself down with all of this.

  37. I have to dissagree.... BCL has always been very professional and accurate with my orders... and trust me, I have purchased from a lot of places that dont send invoices with their order which has never been a problem. I'm speaking from MY personal experience with BCL (which has been nothing but positive) and hope others should too.

  38. Just hope it doesn't happen to you then, Anonymous. Because should you happen to get an order with polishes missing, BCL will call you a scammer publicly on FB and ban anyone from her page who comes to your defense. Which is cowardly, in MY opinion. Great experience or not, that doesn't discredit the fact that someone I know who is honest was basically called a liar and told to take all kinds of pictures of packaging (if you keep good records of your sales and inventory, why is it the customer's responsibility to show you the error/omission in the order?). I throw away packaging too. Even if there is a problem or something was left out, I shouldn't have to become Woodward and Bernstein to prove it to the seller. Like I said, just hope it doesn't happen to you and you continue to have good experiences with BCL--you've been warned. Caveat emptor.

  39. I would do what the seller asked me to do the first time to make sure I got what I ordered. I understand why they would need a referance to make sure the packaging didn't break open and what merchandise I did receive... So if that was the case, it wouldn't happen to others! And assuming that a comment was supposedly said about your friend, seems like BCL took the correct steps to avoid further harassment from this persons friends.

  40. It would be as simple as checking your inventory. I've seen some Etsy sellers say that when buying multiples of a single item it can be somewhat tricky when filling the order due to how the quantity sold shows on the screen.

    BCL should have first and foremost gone back to check the order submitted then performed a quick inventory of said polishes sold. If there was a numerical discrepancy then there you go. Problem solved. This wasn't the case. The customer made no mention of the packaging being torn or busted open in a way that product could have been lost. Again, I would put this on the seller for using sub-par packing materials. The big issue here is the fact that BCL went and PUBLICLY discussed issues with a customer on Facebook. Not the place to do so. If you have a dispute with a buyer do so in private communication. If you want to say something publicly do so where it is welcome, such as the feedback forum on Etsy.

    It's all good and well that you had a good experience with them. Lately I've seen where one customer had a bottle arrive broken. BCL replaced it, but guess what? THAT bottle was broken as well! I do not know what the solution to this was but to have something like that happen two times in a row is suspicious.

    Since when has capitalism turned the customer into the responsible party? We are the ones purchasing goods and therefore expect to get what we paid for. It is not our responsibility to keep track of what a seller does. They are the one running the business, they should be making sure that orders are processed correctly and if there are mistakes to rectify them. Problems will happen. What matters is how those problems are dealt with.

  41. Gee, I'm glad you're okay with having the burden of proof on you when all you did was put in an order for 10 bottles and you only got 5. You must be used to crappy customer service, Anonymous (or should I call you BCL/Sabrina?) Putting aside the problems I have with the requirement of a photo shoot from a customer to prove they only got half of their order and that BCL automatically assumed the customer was lying instead of thinking *maybe* she herself made a mistake in halving the order, on what planet is it good business sense to go on your public business Facebook page and call that person, without proof to the contrary, a SCAMMER? It's an obvious grab at sympathy and I find it to be appallingly immature. I would not buy from that person regardless of the offerings from her shop out of fear that if I got something left out of my order, I would have to dig my packaging out of the trash and PROVE it. Not sure when I've ever had to do that. Not sure who would think that's at all reasonable when someone puts in a large order from your store and asked for 2 of each item. As a business owner, you check your records, unless you're sloppy and don't have them, and realize you are in the wrong and apologize immediately. Then you mail the goods. End of story. Not so hard, eh?

  42. Hey, Jen. I hadn't checked this thread since I posted my essay up there (wow the customer service stuff - not sure this is an appropriate place for that), and I meant all of that - I do wish everyone the best. The intent was just making YOU more aware of the premixes out there. I hope this doesn't put you off of reviewing indies, because I enjoy reading your indie roundups (although I can't imagine what all that glitter does to your nails ;)). As with anything, there's great stuff out there, and there are just ok things out there.

  43. no worries Lise, I appreciate you giving me a heads up about that. It's the back and forth about customer service that needs to stop. I'm sure there will be more indie posts in the future!

  44. I had a big order too. It arrived just fine, and they were super cool to me. My friend had a bottle break during shipping but they replaced it right away for free. I love her polishes!

  45. Whew! That's good to hear, Jen. I really enjoy your swatches (I've now got a list of Orlys I have to pick up), and I would hate if you stopped reviewing Indies. I really rely on your opinion!


  47. Wow, I always receive invoices from good businesses.

  48. Enough you guys...I realize that you are upset and I'm sorry that you are having a bad experience with Black Cat Lacquer. Had I known this was happening I never would have posted swatches of this brand. Please stop with the drama and back and forth comments. If it continues I will close commenting on this post.



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