July 3, 2012

NCLA The Ray & The Ro nail wraps!

Hi guys! Today I have some NCLA nail wraps called The Ray & The Ro to share with you. I've wanted to try these out for a while and finally manage to get my paws on some in my Little Black Bag last month. Check out the website I linked if you don't know what Little Black Bag is, it would take forever to explain haha. The Ray & The Ro pattern is super colorful and I love all the zig zag lines! I'm going to put my actual review under the photos because it's a bit long!


I love the design and how these look on but...I don't love these :( I hate posting negative reviews but I had some issues with these. You get a lot of strips in the pack that these come in, 2 sheets of nail wraps with 22 wraps on each sheet. I found that the way these are on the sheets makes it really difficult to find the right size strip, I wasted 5 or 6 wraps just trying to find the correct sizes. I do like the variety of sizes so even though I wasted all of those I was able to find strips that fit for the most part. I had issues with the thumbs being too round at the cuticle end and not covering the whole nail but it's easy enough to use a wrap that is too big and just trim it to fit.

My main issue with these was the wear time. I did use top coat over the wraps per the instructions that came with them so I thought that would maybe make them last for a while. I put these on Sunday afternoon, by Sunday night 3 of the strips had already peeled off. As I type this post on Monday night another 2 are gone. Maybe the wraps I got weren't sticky enough...maybe I just applied them wrong? I have no idea but I'm not impressed with how quickly these came off. 

Overall, I like the design but the wear and the difficulty with finding sizes was pretty disappointing. I will try these again if I happen to get them again in a Little Black Bag but it's not likely I would purchase these on their own.

NCLA nail wraps are available on shopncla.com for $16, they also have a list of retailers on their website. While I don't love these wraps I do love their polish, if you've never checked them out I recommend them!


  1. Constanze SchmittJuly 3, 2012 at 5:05 AM

    The design looks really cute! ♥

  2. Wooow the nail wrap is too pretty !!

  3. Too bad these are not great - this design is really nice. Reminds me of some tops I wore in the 70's.

  4. I agree 100%. I ordered a different design, but had the same experience. Have used many other kinds with no problems. Sally Hansen and sephora last so long that I usually get bored of the design before they wear enough that they need to come off. Tried the new OPI ones and while these are polish, they came off whole within a few hours. Most disappointing. Curious to see your experience with OPI. Hopefully you'll review these soon!

  5. I had the same experience with these wraps. It's such a shame because they are really pretty, but they just don't stay on.

  6. The design is so pretty. Too bad they're a disappointment. For $16 I expect way more.

  7. I've worn these wraps and they've stayed on for over a week! Love all their designs!

  8. ValiantlyVarnishedJuly 4, 2012 at 7:00 AM

    I have still yet to try nail skins that work as well as the Sally Hansen ones. The last ones I tried were Nail Rock and they started lifting from the nail an hour after I'd applied them. This design is really cool though- I would try them if they weren't so expensive.

  9. Thanks for this review! I've seen these on LBB and was trying to decide if I wanted to trade for them or not but I think I'll pass now!


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