August 29, 2012

Degen's August 2012 BarkBox

Hi guys! Today I have a little non-polish post for's Degen's August BarkBox! This came in the mail on Saturday. If you've never seen one of my BarkBox posts and are wondering what it is please check out this post. I go into a lot of detail about the program and pricing in that post! To see everything Degen got in his BarkBox this month click the read more button below!

The first item in the box this month is Nature's Miracle Freshening Spray. You are supposed to spray this on your dog between baths to freshen them up. No matter how often I give Degen a bath he has like perma stink so this is the kind of thing I always say I'm going to try and never get around to buying! The scent of my bottle is Baby's Breath but to me it smells like baby powder. It did work when I sprayed it on Degen but I didn't find the scent lasted very long. I'll definitely use up this bottle but it's not something I'll likely buy again.

Next up is the Flying Pig dog toy. This is unfortunately a miss for Degen this month. It does have a squeaker so I thought he would like it but the squeaker ended up being an an odd spot and because the toy is a little tough it's hard for him to get to. Because of the hard to get to squeaker Degen just kind of pokes this and moves onto another toy. I think this toy is probably better for a dog bigger than Degen.

This toy does look fun, the snout part of the pig pulls out on a bungee cord and you can launch the toy up to 100 feet. I'm not sure if I believe it will actually go 100 feet, I found it hard to slingshot but maybe I'm just a weakling haha! I'll probably gift this to Brando the English Bulldog who lives next door. 

Next up is a Moose Taster from Acadia Antlers. This is a piece of antler from a Moose in Maine according to the packaging. These are made from antlers that are naturally shed so please no one get all crazy about someone in Maine cutting off Moose antlers haha! Degen has never had anything like this so it was quite a treat. He seems to be enjoying the antler and it seems like it's going to last him for a while!

Sorry about the glare-y photo. I had to photo this before unwrapping it or else I would have had a photo of Degen ripping this out of my hand to show!

The next thing we found in the box is a little packet of Trail Mix from MilkBone. I haven't given any of this to Degen yet but I'm sure he'll like it. I've managed to convince him that an allergy pill he has to take is a cookie so clearly he'll eat anything that doesn't eat him first!

The last item in Degen's BarkBox this month was a little bag of dog cookies from Bocce's Bakery. The flavor is Bananas, Peanut Butter and Turkey Bacon. What a combo, right?!? Degen is a big fan...are we surprised? No! I like how natural these are, the ingredients are only flour, bananas, peanut butter and nitrate-free turkey bacon. That's it!  This is something I would buy again but unfortunately for me there are no stores that carry these near where I live :(

Overall I think this box was just okay, out of all 5 boxes Degen has gotten this is the first we've felt a little let down about only because he really doesn't care for the toy.  I think Degen is still pretty pleased though, I tried to ask him but he was too busy eating the Moose antler!

To sign your dog up for BarkBox please visit  the cut off to get the September box is 9/10/12!
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  1. This is the cutest thing I have read this week - your posts about Degen always make me smile. Also I like Steve, the stalker cat))

  2. That made me laugh about the allergy tablets. When my dog had to have antibiotics she wasn't bothered in the slightest about taking them, I guess she just thought they were some kind of treat. Only problem was she's huge and they were tiny, so they kept falling out of her mouth.

  3. I laughed out loud at the comment about Degen eating anything that didn't eat him first! My dog is like that with everything except her heartworm meds, she spits it out and rolls on it like it's a dead smelly thing. SO WEIRD. BarkBox looks cool, every time you post about it I think I need to check it out but I always forget!

  4. lol Degen especially loves his heartworm pills, they are flavored so they really seem like cookies. It's too bad your dog doesn't do that too with those!

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. I want a barkbox! I don't think they have something like that in the UK - in the market :-) Wilson is still a puppy though so have to be careful with certain treats and chews but the flying pig looks okay!

  7. I agree with Sarah, we need a Brit bark box. Bert would love all that apart from the spray. A water spray is his training aid. I laughed at your comment about him eating anything that didn't eat him first. I love Degen posts as much as polish lol.

  8. I bought the Milkbone Trail Mix for my dog and he loves it! It's strong smelling, but not too bad. It smells kind of like jerky, actually! Shadow is a service dog and the tiny pieces in the Trail Mix are great for training practice and rewards for doing things for me!

  9. I'd be slightly leery of the pig. I work at a store that sells those and I have found the snout fallen off. It didn't seem like it was attached in a good way.

  10. I just signed my dog up for this! He's stoked, lol. My dog would love that toy since it looks like its a stuffed animal and that's all he will play with! So we're excited for his first box, thanks for inspiring me!

  11. In case Degen is really jonseing for some more Elvis cookies, I thought I'd point out that Bocce ships free, no matter how small the order! I got some truffle mac 'n cheese cookies for my pup as I have nut allergy, and am always ready to try a new small business. They shipped SUPER quickly, have other yummy looking flavors, and Penny is happy with her new biscuits. :)

  12. My dearly missed dog before Penny was THE PICKIEST eater in the world, but still loved heartworm pill day. I want to know what they're made of, because the texture is so weird and they don't look like they'd be THAT appetizing. I have to split Penny's up into a few pieces or she'll try to eat it so quickly she'll choke!

  13. that's awesome, I didn't know they shipped for free! Thanks for letting me know about that, I'll definitely be buying Degen more once he's through this bag!

  14. my pup loved the Elvis treats and antler too! and she is playing with the flying pig but couldn't care less about the steak from last month. she gets so excited when her "box" comes in the mail!

  15. Doggie trail mix! Love it! Your Bark Box posts are always so cute. :)

  16. My dogs play with toys so differently, but I think they'd both like that Flying Pig. Maggie is a committed squeaker and has never let challenging placement stop her—I think she actually likes it when the squeaker is buried too deep in the toy! Dixie can't really figure squeaking toys out (no matter how hard I have tried to teach her) but she loves to chase and likes to hold toys and just mouth on them, especially ones with that woven type of fabric. I can't tell from the packaging and it doesn't say on the website—about how big is the Flying Pig? (Maggie and Dixie are both labs.)

    P.S. I bet Degen could get his squeak on with two other toys from Hyper Pet: their Critter Tails ( and Critter Skinz ( They're favorites in my house!

  17. I have been dying to try these ever since you started posting and i finally caved and ordered it! My little one should have fun tearing up everything!

  18. I bought the trail mix from Target and my dog loves them! I got them because they're small and I was worried that we're overfeeding her, and also because the ingredients seem more 'natural' or at the very least less by-product-ish.

    Tiger knows exactly who to beg treats from in the kitchen (*coughmymomcough*) and lately she just begs and begs and begs, and my mom just gives and gives and gives. Instead of the big milkbones my parents buy from Costco (which are full of ingredients I hate), I've asked my mom to give Tiger a couple of these little trail mix treats when she begs.

    So Tiger gets to have a treat when she begs (spoiled brat!) and I get reassurance she's not being overfed all kinds of nasty fillers.

    I'm going to have to sign up for this. I've been keeping my eye on the things you get every month, and it looks like it's really worth the money each time!

  19. lol your Mom sounds like mine, she's such a sucker and Degen knows it so he begs from her! I'm glad Tiger likes the treats, I haven't given any to Degen yet but I hope he likes them as much as your pup!


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