August 8, 2012

Essence Colour & Go: Ultimate Pink, Stuck On You & Modern Romance!

Morning! Today I have 3 polishes from the re-vamped Essence Colour & Go line to show you guys! Essence has totally overhauled the bottle design and brush for these polishes! The new bottles are a bit bigger and much more attractive, in my opinion. They also feature a new, wider brush! I'll have photos of both the new bottle and the new brush below if you want to check them out!

The polishes I have to share with you today are Ultimate Pink, Stuck on You and Modern Romance! You've already seen a couple of these as a base for other polishes, as much as I liked them that way I love them more on their own! To see swatches of each shade click the read more button below!

Modern Romance is a light peach with a pink shimmer. When I first saw this I was over the moon, it looked like a peach version of Cult Nails Crusin' Nude which is one of my favorite polishes! On the nail this disappointed me a little bit. The shimmer was pretty much impossible to see, even in direct sunlight. You can see it a little bit in my photos but in person you really had to squint to notice it. I do like the shade of peach I just wish the shimmer was a little bit more noticeable! The formula was a little troublesome also, it was on the streaky side. I used 3 very careful coats to get it even.

Stuck On You is a dark slate blue with gorgeous silver micro glitter. This is pretty awesome, I love the shade of blue and the little bits of silver glitter are nice and prominent! The formula was really nice, I used 2 coats for the photos below.

Ultimate Pink is a bright pink creme. This is perfect for summer and it's going to be a great base for layering! The formula was pretty great, it went on so smoothly with pretty much no effort on my part! I used 2 coats for the photos below.

Below is Ultimate Pink side by side with the old and new bottle. As you can see the new bottle holds a bit more polish. I really love the way the new bottle looks but my favorite part is the cap. It's hard to describe but the cap clicks when it's completely closed. I like that because I have a tendency to close bottles to tightly and then it's a pain to get them open next time I want to use it. I don't have to worry about that with these new bottles.

Below is the new brush and the old brush side by side. It's a lot longer and wider, it also has a nice tapered end. I enjoy the new brush, if you aren't a fan of wide brushes I think you might be okay with this one. It's not SO wide that it's hard to use, in my opinion!

In the US, Essence Colour & Go polishes can be found at Ulta and , these new bottles will retail for $1.99 each and should be available for Fall/Winter 2012. I went to my local Ulta the other day and they didn't have them out yet...however they also didn't have any polish in the old bottles either so I hope it means they are getting the new polishes soon!

Depending on where you live in the US you can also find these at HEB and Fred Meyer. I don't have either of those stores near me so I'm not sure if the new bottle design has been spotted there yet!

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  1. Wow that Modern Romance looks much different from the old version!

  2. Kelly's Nail BlogAugust 8, 2012 at 6:12 AM

    I am loving *all* these colors! The brush looks like the Wet n Wild Megalast brush that I am in love with! I am going to have to get my hands on all of these! ; )

  3. Renate Severson BakkenAugust 8, 2012 at 6:31 AM

    They look so qute! :)

  4. I got a ton of these last week. My Fred Meyer also has quite a few new Special Effects polishes as well. I *almost* picked up Modern Romance too....but realized I already had it! I also LOVE the new brush, I happen to love curved tipped brushes.

  5. Que ganas tengo de que llegen a aquí... El rosa es una pasada.

  6. I cannot wait to get these!!! :) I heart Essence polishes and I think the new bottle is funky and cute, I hated it at first mainly because I can't stand changes in my fave items, lol! Of these 3, that peach one is super pretty!

  7. I can confirm that all of the new stuff is out at Fred Meyer, for folks in the PNW!

  8. the pink and blue are both very pretty! the brush does look much improved, too...and the bottle's pretty cute itself!

  9. I was wondering if you're going to do swatches on the OPI Germany collection

  10. I really like the new bottles. I hope the brushes aren't too big. From the looks of it they're not but I won't know till I color and go... Wow, Yup, that just happened ..

  11. I like modern romance. It's such a pretty peach color. I would go to Ulta and check it out but my store is sooooo slow in getting new collections. Either way I'm going to keep an eye out for it.

  12. Jocelyη ☮ RυιzAugust 9, 2012 at 4:32 PM

    I've never tried any Essence nail polish but I am super excited to get them at Ulta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Great to see Modern Romance isn't the same color anymore... Not really though. Well the color changed for the good but couldn't they have given it a new name?

  14. Yesterday I picked up Grey-t to Be Here (light grey with pink/gold shimmer), Date in the Moonlight (dark dusty blue with bright blue shimmer), and Walk on the Wild Side (army green with green shimmer). Grey-t is pretty but it's on the sheer side. The shimmer in Date kind of hides in the shade but you can see it in the sunlight-- same thing with Walk. I think Walk is my favorite of the three.

  15. I just picked up 4 Essence polishes from Fred Meyers yesterday. For me, Stuck on you dried much darker and barely had any shimmer :( It is still a pretty color.

  16. I'm in love with these new polishes! My fav of the bunch is chic reloaded a purple/teal/ green multichrome. It's just beautiful thankfully my Ulta had the entire new collection

  17. Love the new bottles. The new version of Modern Romance is such a total disappointment compared to the old one though. I was so sad when I put it on.

  18. You can get them in Europe too, at least in the Netherlands, they are really cheap and I love the colors.


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