August 31, 2012

Hare Afterglow & Rad Cloud

Happy Friday! Anyone have fun plans for this weekend? It's a 3 day weekend for me so I've been thinking about going down to San Diego or up to Santa Barabara for a day trip...I haven't decided yet!

Today I have 2 Hare polishes to share with you! If you read my last Hare post you might have seen at the bottom where I said that while I was looking up the prices I ended up buying 2 more bottles, well these are those 2 polishes!

Afterglow is a dark blue base with orange and purple hex glitter and small purple glitter. The formula on my bottle was very thick so I decided to layer it (I was too lazy to thin it at the time lol). Afterglow is very opaque on it's own and definitely does not need undies! I used 1 coat over American Apparel Passport Blue for the photos below!


Rad Cloud is a milky pink base packed with purple, green, orange and pink glitter in various sizes and shapes. The formula again was pretty thick, I decided to wear this on it's own though. I only needed 2 coats for full opacity! Because of the thickness of my bottle application was a little tricky, for polishes like this I would recommend making sure your first coat is almost completely dry before doing the second coat. I didn't do that at first and it was a mess, the 2nd coat was dragging off the 1st coat of polish.  I'm pretty sure this will be much better when I get around to thinning it next time I grab for it!


Hare polish is available on etsy for $10 a bottle and  at for $12 a bottle! When I looked last night these were both in stock at Llarowe so if you want them go get em while you can!
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  1. I know this is really dumb but I very much dislike the writing on these labels.... It makes me not want to buy them! LOL BUT they are awesome looking polishes!

  2. I like the handwriting, it makes them feel more like I got it from a friend or something lol (I'm weird)

  3. come on up to Santa Barbara the weather is perfect!

  4. These are beautiful! All of her polishes are amazing, so it's really hard to choose favorites.

  5. I love the handwriting, it's like a font! But I'm not such a huge fan on the polishes :c

  6. gorgeous - i have these to wear very soon. So droooooley ! xx

  7. Love these! I need some hare in my life

  8. Stop making me want more nail polish! I've had to get a 2nd job to support my habit and its all because of your awesome swatches!!! ;)

  9. Me too! I love the little stickers and the handwriting, makes them feel more unique :)


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