August 7, 2012

Nicole by OPI Fall 2012 Target Exclusives

Hi guys! Today I have 5 brand new Nicole by OPI polishes to share with you! These will be exclusive to Target stores for Fall 2012! I saw these at my local store a couple weeks ago and kind of went meh. The crappy lighting in their stores really does nothing for these! Our of the 5 shades 3 of them are pretty incredible, looking back now I can't believe I wasn't more crazy about them when I saw them in the store!

To see swatches of each shade click the read more button below

For Gold Times Sake is a shimmer packed green/gold. This one doesn't do much for me out in direct sunlight but in low light or shade it's pretty awesome! This has so many little bits of different colored shimmer in it, I see everything from gold to green to pink! The formula was a bit sheer but it built up well. It was also a little more watery than I personally prefer but it wasn't hard to work with. I used 3 coats for the photos below. Both photos are in the shade.

If The Blue Fits is a shimmery blue. This polish is incredible, seriously. My jaw completely dropped when I got this in the mail and gave it a long look in good lighting. There is some very Clarins 230-esq shimmer in it that actually translated onto the nail! I didn't manage to get much of the awesome shimmer in photos since most of the time the green came out in the dark lighting in my living room but you can see it in the bottle shot below! The formula was nice and more opaque than I expected it to be! I used 2 coats for the photos below.



Iris My Case is a violet shimmer with a tiny bit of golden duochrome. I do like this but it's something I already have a couple dupes for, China Glaze No Plain Jane and Nails Inc Cheyene Walk. I'll have a comparison up soon for it! The formula was nice, a little sheer at first but it built up easily with 3 coats.


Just Busta Mauve is a shimmery brownish maroon. Weird color here in the sun but again one that knocked my socks off in the shade. Not only is this gorgeous in the shade but the name makes me laugh, that's always a plus.

In the shade this has a tiny bit of an orangey duochrome to it very sheer brownish base. I'm going to let the shade pictures below do the talking for this one because I don't even know how to describe it, it's that awesome! The formula was much like For Gold Times Sake, a bit sheer and more watery than I love but it was easy to apply. I used 3 coats for the photos below.

Mer-maid For Each Other is a blue/green/gold multichrome. When I saw this in store I thought it was going to be another Peridot dupe, but it's not! Instead, it's a dupe of China Glaze Unpredictable...I'll have a comparison up soon if you want to see the 2 side by side. The formula was nice, a bit sheer on the first coat but I only ended up needed 2 coats to get it opaque. All photos below are in the shade.

Overall I love 3 out of the 5 polishes, for me that is a total win. If The Blue Fits and Just Busta Mauve are absolute must haves for me, I still can't believe I saw them in Target and passed them up at first!

These new Target exclusive shades will be available August 2012 for $7.04 each at select Target locations nationwide and online at 


  1. It's funny that most of these look better in shade than in direct sunlight- that's pretty appropriate for fall colors!

    Mer-maid For Each Other looks really pretty even if it is a dupe, I'd love to get my hands on that one. I like If The Blue Fits although it loses something in the sunlight- it's just blue in sunlight, where in the shade there are so many other nuances to it. I think those two are my favorite for this collection :)

  2. I bought Mer-Maid For Each other the second I saw it. I love wearing it with black under it...... It really helps bring out the color shifts and I had lots of compliments when I wore it. I cant wait to see it compared to Unpredictable. I almost bought that one and am so glad I didnt. So of course now that I've seen If the Blue Fits and Just Busta Mauve swatched.....I just have to have them. You are dead on about the Target lighting though. I looked at those polished too once but was very underwhelmed. Thanks for changing my mind. :)

  3. For Gold Times Sake is amazing! in person you can see all the different colors in it. I thought abouy getting mermaid for eachother but i got the CG Bohemian version

  4. Mer-maid For Each Other looks absolutely gorgeous! <3

  5. Soooo pretty!

  6. CrystalRose StewartAugust 7, 2012 at 7:55 AM

    I love all of these. I've been waiting for the swatches and they all look great! I don't wear blue much, I'm more pink and green, but its gorgeous!

  7. I'm a lot more impressed with these than I thought I'd be! Definitely going to have to give them another look :)

  8. I went to Target today after reading your post and they didn't have these. I was kinda bummed. I'm really excited to get the glitters and if the blue fits. Hopefully I get my hands on these.

  9. I think I'm going to need Just Busta Mauve and For Gold Times Sake- they are gorgeous! Thanks for great swatches!

  10. After passing these by once and that shocked me - I was in a Target and did not pick up polish - I looked at them the next time I was in a Target and had with me that time a clean sheet of printer paper I try to keep with me when I know I will be somewhere there is polish and I can swatch a little spot on my paper. I picked up the 2 complex ones - the Busta Mava and For Gold Time's Sake. I have worn them both now and really like all the goodies in both. Must be hard to photo the green one because all the shots I have seen look more gold than green..but mine is really an olive green and the gold is not as prominent. I am really loving the green one now but started out rocking the mauve one...


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