August 28, 2012

Nubar Purple Beach

Hi guys! Today I have another duochrome manicure for ya, it's Nubar Purple Beach! I was feeling very duochrome-y for some reason this weekend, this is what I had on my nails on Saturday!  Back when I first heard about Nubar a couple years ago I remember asking on Twitter what polishes I should check out from them and this was one of the suggestions. I've worn this quite a few times but apparently I've never showed it here! I think this could very well be one of the first duochromes I ever bought...back then I didn't even know magical color shifting polishes like this existed haha!

Purple Beach has a gorgeous and very pronounced shift from green to purple, there is also a bit of a gold shift in there depending on the angle of your nails. The formula is good but a bit on the sheer side like most duochromes. I used 3 coats for the photos below, all photos are in the shade!

Nubar is available at for $8 per bottle, you can also find it at Harlow & Co for $9 a bottle but Purple Beach is sold out there at the moment!
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  1. Awesome duochrome! The colors are reminiscent of Space Cadet.

  2. Is this another polish similar to something like China Glaze No Plain Jane?

  3. Not at all like No Plain Jane, sorry!

  4. I have this and I can't believe I haven't worn it yet. This is going to be my next mani. Nubar does great duochromes.

  5. How does it compare to nubar wildlife?

  6. This kinda reminds me of Beetle from hard candy. Both are beautiful colors!!!

  7. This polish reminds me of Beetle from hard candy. The color is gorgeous!

  8. I <3 Purple Beach! I wore it when I visited Tokyo and people there would stop me, point at my nails and go "Sugoi!" (It means something like "That's great/cool!" or "Wow!" in Japanese.) It looks awesome layered over black!

  9. I have this one and it is awesome. It even layers nicely over a lot of colors. I got mine thru Amazon.

  10. Lovely! I like how it's a little outside the box, but still classy, so appropriate for many occasions.

  11. I also have this one and need to get it out now as I am in the hottest part of our summer where I live now for now through first part of Oct before we can get out of shorts even and back to crop pants before it hits cold. This is a good transition shade as I cannot sport the deep vampy shades for some time to come with our weather but am tired of neons - fact want to get rid of them all but for maybe 1 or 2...went over board on getting every one from old ChG and new summer 2012. I think for me I prefer brights over neons (like OPI Flashbulb fuchsia). This one has the beetle wing look I's a good duochrome...but my fav is Nubar Peacock Feather - completely worth spending $50 on if you even can find it on secondary market...not sure why Nubar did not keep on making that one - must have something in it that is too expensive of not available anymore. Oh and I never tend to spend $50 on a polish - I won't even buy Chanel now and not good at popping for any $18/bottle polishes even - likewise don't like to spend $3 for a drugstore one either - usually a waste of $ due to bad wear/formulas. But cannot recommend Peacock Feathers high enough!

  12. Do you have RBL Scraggie to show swatches of...I think that one is up there among some of the best duochrome out there. Have not seen anything that even comes out of Brazil that beats it. Your photos are so good - would be great to see you do that one in your duochrome phase here.

  13. This is a little like Space Cadet only this one is got a more polished/sophisticated blended look. Space Cadet tends to catch the light and look a tish cheap or garish at some times in my book.

  14. I do have Scrangie I posted swatches of it way back when I first started blogging! I need to reswatch it one day!


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