August 22, 2012

Pixi Fall 2012 Nail Polish Swatches!

Hi guys! Guess what tonight is? It's the first time the food trucks are back in the area since the end of June! The Orange County Fair was going on for the last month so the trucks have been gone. I am literally so excited, it's kind of sad to be this excited over food that comes off of a truck haha!

Today I have 3 gorgeous polishes from Pixi for Fall 2012 to show you!  I got these in the mail the other day and couldn't believe how gorgeous they were! I love Fall nail polish, it seems like we get the prettiest shimmers for this season!

 To see more swatches of each polish click the read more button below!

Amazing Amethyst is a beautiful shimmery purple. I gotta say, I love this because it makes me look tan...can't beat that! The formula was great on this polish, it was a 2 coater for me.  This also dried a bit satin matte. The photos below are in the sun without top coat!

Classy Cocoa is a taupe brown with copper shimmer. The brown base in the bottle looks like it leans towards being a purple based taupe but it doesn't look that way on the nail, I'm not sure if it's because of the shimmer or what. The shimmer in this was very noticeable out in the sun and in regular indoor lighting. In the shade and low lighting it's barely visible but it does give some nice depth to the polish. The formula was great, a little on the thick side but very easy to apply. I used 2 coats for the photos below. 


Evening Emerald is blue/green shimmer in blackened greenish blue base. This is really gorgeous, as much as I love shimmers like Classy Cocoa above this is the polish that immediately caught my eye. It reminds me a lot of Dive Bar except the base is lighter and the shimmer is more pronounced. If you liked Dive Bar you will like this also! The shimmer in Evening Emerald was very visible in the sun and normal indoor lighting, it was also visible in low light and shade!The formula again was really nice, an easy 2 coater!

Overall I really like all three polishes, I'm pretty impressed with this little collection from Pixi! I don't think Amazing Amethyst is a must have, but Classy Cocoa and Evening Emerald are both gorgeous. I have no doubt in my mind that if I walked into Target and saw these before I got them for review I would have bought them without a second thought!

The Pixi Fall 2012 polishes are available now at Target stores and online at for $8 each!

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  1. Those are very pretty!
    Classy Cocoa reminds me of the shade I wore on my wedding day- OPI Los Angeles Latte. I know, I know, very non-traditional, but it was my favorite shade at the time and I love that it was a bit different.

  2. oh great swatches! I am really loving the Classy Cocoa! Love that it has a hint of purple undertones. Looks like taupe browns shades are going to be a growing shade in my collection! There's an unique air in it that attracts me so~ hahah!

  3. Thank you for sharing these - Amazing Amethyst is an instant lemming!

  4. All of these are pretty. I'm loving Classy Cocoa because it reminds me of an Estée Lauder nail lacquer that I've wanted for a long time. I might have to pick it up next time I'm at Target.

  5. Peace, Love & PolishAugust 22, 2012 at 8:38 AM

    I really love Classy Cocoa!

  6. @Sasha Says Nails- Los Angeles Latte- YES! I am a fan of that rare color, and I can see why you chose it for your big day. I had to hunt down a replacement bottle but before that, the only color that came close was Essie Over the Knee. OPI LA Latte and her coppery pink ethereal shimmer - mesmerizing! One of my all time faves!

  7. These are pretty - the first Pixi's that might make me what to own one of this brand. However I don't think the Cocoa I can pull off - would turn my hands that funky red skin looking thing...been there with these looks purple in the brown thing. I have trouble with taupes in the same pink/purple leans as well.

  8. Ahh! I want them all!

  9. All three of these are gorgeous! I might have to expand my Low Buy to add these to my collection. ^_^

  10. Evening Emerald is gorgeous! Maybe a dupe for China Glaze Emerald Fitzgerald?

  11. Wish I could tell you but I don't own that China Glaze polish :(

  12. Rocking Evening Emerald it !

  13. Your nails are adorable! My husband really liked it! He wanted me to have it too!

    Black Toenail Treatment Specialist

  14. Love Pixi polishes- The fall colors are awesome!

  15. Gorgeous!!!!! *updates her lemming list*


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