September 20, 2012

Degen's September 2012 Barkbox

Happy almost Friday! Last night I hit up the food trucks, it was so yummy!  There were so many awesome trucks there last night, 5 of my favorites...that almost never happens! I ended up getting a super healthy s'mores waffle from Waffle-icious. I put a picture of it on Instagram so if you follow me over there you might have seen that deliciousness! I considered it my belated horrible for you birthday treat since I was so sick last week on my actual birthday!

Today I have a non-polish post for's Degen's BarkBox for September! It arrived yesterday afternoon and Degen could smell all the yummies inside so he was trying to rip the box open before I could even get it to take photos! If you've never seen one of my BarkBox posts before and are wondering what it is please check out this post where I go more into detail about it!

To see everything included in this month's BarkBox click the read more button below!

First up is a Z-Bone from the brand Zukes. This is one of those bones that is good for your dogs teeth! The flavor is Clean Apple Crisp, I can't tell you if it actually tastes like that but it definetely doesn't smell like Clean Apple smells pretty gross to me lol! Degen really loved this though, to him it must have smelled like cat food wrapped in turkey smothered in peanut butter (aka his dream dinner), he was all crazy about it as soon as I took it out of the wrapper. He went through it pretty quick, eating the whole thing in about 15 minutes.  This is something I'll most likely pick up again for Degen, it looks like the brand is pretty widely available around me so that's a big plus! If you are interested in trying these out for your pup you can check out for a list of retailers!

Boom...action shot!

Next is the Crinket toy from Zigoo Pets. This is interesting, not something I've ever actually seen before. The Crinket is basically a sleeve you put an empty water bottle in so that your dog can play with it and not completely destroy the bottle in the process. I can't say that Degen is a big lover of playing with empty water bottles so he just kind of pushed it with his nose....I'm thinking our cat Steve might enjoy pushing it around more than Degen does though! You can pick this up at, it retails for $19.99! I believe it's carried in some stores also (none near me) but you can look up local retailers on their site!

This is how it looks once you put a bottle in, the bottle I used is just a regular 16.9 oz. Arrowhead bottle. I feel like the bottle isn't supposed to stick out like that but it's in as far as it can go.

This is pretty much how Degen played with this lol

I had to include this cute video from the Zigoo Pets website of some dogs playing with the Crinket. I wish I had 2 dogs that could be cute and fight over toys :( My favorite part is when they are walking side by side both holding onto the toy haha! In case the embeded video doesn't work here is the link:

Next was freeze dried Sweet Potato treats from Whole Life Organics. Degen has never had sweet potato treats before, he does seem to enjoy these. I'm not sure he actually tastes them with they way he scarfs them down though. Whole Life Organics has a ton of other great flavors and is available at a few of the same stores as the Z-Bone so I'll probably pick up another flavor of these treats when I go to get another one of the bones! They also have cat treats and you all know I'll have to buy them also so I don't have a kitty revolt at home.

Extra bonus for those of you who want to try these for your pet, you can get a free sample on the Whole Life Organics website. Looks like both US and Canadian residents can take advantage of that!

Also included in the box was a smaller sample of the freeze dried Chicken treats from Whole Life Organics. I haven't given this to Degen yet but I know he'll love them!


Next is what was most likely making Degen want to rip the box's a braided bully stick from Barkworthies. Let me tell you this, BarkBox has turned Degen into a bully stickaholic. I was happy to see one in this month's box! You can get bully sticks at pretty much any place that sells dog treats...Target, PetsMart etc... they are (in my opinion) a little pricey so Degen only gets them when they come in the BarkBox but he does love them!

The next item in the box is a  Bath Wipe from La Fresh. These are good for between baths, I've never tried this brand but I like using things like this because like I mentioned last month, Degen has perma stink. I haven't tried this yet since Degen just got a bath a couple days ago but I'm looking forward to giving it a go! These can be purchased at!

Funny enough even though I've never tried this product I have heard of this company. They also make little on the go things like this for people. When I went to Cosmoprof Las Vegas in 2011 they had a booth and I picked up a few samples of the beauty related wipes they make (like nail polish remover, deodorant, make up remover etc...) and was really impressed. It's fun to see that they make dog items also!

Last up was a $10 off your first purchase coupon for carries pretty much all kinds of dogs things along with stuff for most other types of pets also like cats, lizards, ferrets etc. We'll definitely use this!

While I was outside taking photos of everything Steve came over and had a little looksie. He was trying to take off with the freeze dried chicken treats! Sneaky sneaky, guess we know what flavor of cat treats I'll be getting when I make a trip to the store that sells Whole Life Organics!

To sign your dog up for BarkBox head on over to I do have a referral link ( that will save you $5 off your first month but please don't feel like you have to use it if you sign up your pup...I always feel weird posting referral links :/

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  1. I also enjoy these posts about Degen (and Steve) LOL

  2. Love your lime one! Mine is orange haha. My dogs love sweet potato! & our bully looks like a pretzel! Lol

  3. haha! I love the action shot!! Buster wasn't too sure about the Zukes bones at first but he liked it once he started gnawing on it!

  4. FYI - you can give your kitty some of the freeze dried chicken! Whole Life makes that for both cats and dogs - there's absolutely no difference and when you buy it in the pet store you'll see it's not specific for either. My kitties LOVE this chicken. I don't really give it to my dog since it's swallowed in less than 2 seconds. My dog loved the sweet potatoes though.

  5. Vixen just received his first one yesterday. I had been reading about them on here and then Groupon had a discount on them. We got a different toy (which he loves) but I think we would have liked the bottle crinkler better. He loves playing with bottles which makes for a cheap toy! I was very impressed with the contents and will defenitely contiue with them after our Groupon 3.

  6. Cuuute! Your puppy is sweet! I'm jealous about the food trucks, we don't have any around here!

  7. I read these posts about Degen's barkbox every month, and I've finally had to cave and sign up for Hatchet (my dog). And coming straight out of the polish budget too! Man.

  8. I get Barkbox too for my dog- I thought you mentioned you receive the "small" dog box but mine didn't have some of the things yours did. There were different things but I think my pup would have liked the bully stick and the bottle cruncher toy!

  9. I love the bark box posts! This one was pretty good for Degen, but I'm not sure about the water bottle toy, our Bert loves bottles but I won't let him chew them in case he cuts himself. I don't see how this could stop that, unless you push the bottle so far in he can't see it, which defeats the object. Glad Degen enjoyed it.

  10. Ohh. I wish i could have barkboxes here.. I don't dare to order to my po box cause i'm afraid customs may take the treats..

  11. That Barkworthy stick looks like something my dachshund would love. He loves all those chewy braided munchies haha.

  12. It's on Groupon today! They have a 3 month and 6 month option.

  13. I don't even have a dog but for some reason I love reading your Barkbox posts. If I ever get myself a dog, I'm getting Barkbox for sure, lol.

  14. First of all I just wanted to say that I honestly love your blog!! Is there a referral for Bark Box? My dad is in love with his dog and he makes fun of all my box services like Birchbox and Julep so I want to sign him up for Bark Box so he can understand my obession lol. If there is a referal please give me your link so I can give you the credit.

  15. yep, I put one at the very bottom of the post...should save you $5 on your first month!

  16. My dog would love that water bottle thing! And she loves the bullies as well. She's pretty much a beaver, so I have to get the really thick ones from the pet stores instead of the skinnies from Target. She can motor through a skinny one in a couple of minutes.

  17. The sleeve I got for the water bottle was longer--I subscribe to the large dog box. I wonder why they have different sizes when water bottles are generally a couple sizes! It looks like you'd have to use one of those kid water bottles in there.

    I find it funny that last month we got dog freshening spray, and this month we get dog freshening wipes. There must be an epidemic of smelly dogs lately!

    Stalker Steve never fails to make me laugh.

  18. Ah, I've been weighing whether or not I want to go ahead and get a Barkbox for Milton... looks like great goodies!

  19. Pls show more pics of your Degan he looks like he could be my Busterellas' bro or maybe cousin lol so cute...........

  20. I signed up for Bark Box last month after reading your posts about it and my dogs Max & Molly are loving it!! We signed up for the large box (50+ lbs) since both are big dogs, but we got almost the exact same stuff in our box this month. Thanks for posting about this service!!

  21. I stopped by because I was curious if every barkbox was the same. We got our first one this month and it is the same as yours. Our cat also stole the chicken treats when I was not looking! I think I am going to have to buy him some.

  22. It looks like Degen received the new 8oz Crinkits size. An 8oz water bottle should fit completely inside the Crinkit. An Original Crinkit fits a 16.9oz water bottle. Our mini Dachshund Snoop absolutely loves water bottles. Love the photos!! Give an 8oz bottle a try and be sure to tag us with Degens "Crinkits Face"!

  23. I have a question...was the bullystick wrapped in something? I know they smell, so I'm a bit worried the whole box will smell as well if they aren't at least shrinkwrapped :)

  24. nope, it wasn't...I can tell when one is in the box because Degen tries to eat the whole box lol


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