October 26, 2012

Degen's October 2012 Barkbox!

Happy Friday! Today in a non polish post I have Degen's October Barkbox for you! This came in the mail the other day along with another doggy type of box. Degen was so excited, it was like freaking dog Christmas up in my house...I was a little jealous, not gonna lie.

If you've never heard of Barkbox and what it is please check out this post where I go into more detail. To see everything Degen got this month click the read more button below!

First in Degen's BarkBox was a big bag of Turkey Liver flavored treats from the Feelgood Treat Company. Degen is a fan, are we surprised? No. I like their cute little dog on the packaging haha!

Next up is a 100% wool toy that looks like a snake. This is made by a company called Lollycadoodle, it says on the card that comes in the box that these are handmade by trained artisans in Nepal. That's pretty cool. It doesn't squeak so I thought Degen wouldn't like this but he was all into playing with it.

In a sad turn of events Oreo, our cat, was also all about this snake toy. Degen and Oreo had a little battle royale for who gets it....Oreo won. Degen was bummed, I'd buy him another one but I think Oreo would probably steal it too, he's rude like that.

The next item was my personal favorite in this box...it's the Humunga Stache from Moody Pet. I died a little when I saw this...it's a mustache on a ball so when your dog has the ball in his mouth he looks like he has a mustache. Amazing. Sadly, Degen is not interested in this. The ball part is way too big to fit in his mouth, I even tried covering it with dog treat dust and he still was like meh. I think I might gift this to my Aunt, she has 2 Golden Retrievers and this seems like it would be much better suited for them

Next item is the box is Tropiclean Clean Teeth Gel. This is supposed to keep your dogs mouth clean and smelling good...I put this on Degen and he seemed okay with it. I didn't smell his breath after so I can't report on that but I like this, Degen doesn't love getting his teeth brushed so this is something we'll use.

Last item in the box was a roll of doggy bags from Metro Paws. This is something we've gotten before...last time they had a cute argyle pattern on them. These bags have circles on them. Not the most exciting thing but obviously if you walk your dog you need them so it's handy for that.

Not pictured but included in the box was a card from honestdiscounts.com, it saves you money on your pets prescriptions at local drugstores. I haven't looked into it much but it looks like it works at most major drugstores. I don't think I've ever actually gotten Degen a prescription at a drugstore but if I ever need to this will be nice.

Overall  I think this box was just okay. I thought I had Degen signed up for the small dog box but I checked yesterday and he was signed up for the medium box. While he's a small dog size wise, weight wise he would be in the medium box. It seems like the toys the last couple months that we've gotten in the medium box are more suited for bigger dogs. Hopefully moving Degen down to the smaller box will get rid of problems like getting toys like the Mustache toy that doesn't even fit in his mouth....we shall see next month!

To sign your dog up for BarkBox head on over to BarkBox.com, you can save $5 on your first box using this link: https://barkbox.com/r/HMZfCvfHFo/ Please note that the link is a referral link, BarkBox gives them out to everyone with an account.


  1. I laughed like 5 minutes when I saw the mustache toy in Busters BarkBox. He likes it but he doesn't chew in it like he's supposed to; I did the same thing though, trying to roll it in his food dust, lol!!

  2. Team Oreo! *snicker* Posts like this make me miss having a dog.

  3. Ok, so this box was so cute, I immediately went and tried to order one for my sister... and their website kept telling my my CC info and my zip code were not viable (not true)... so I finally got it to work only to find... they double charged me 0_0

    It was a really awful experience on their website... also... when I went to actually try find what I ordered... all I got were "subscriptions" with no info as to where they are going or what... so I don't even know if it is going to end up at my sister's house, or mine!!

    I'm hoping at the very least, you get your free one month out of this... make sure they give it to you!!! (because I used your referral code)

  4. I hope you can get them all sorted out with them, every time I've dealt with them the customer service has been great!

  5. Pam (Pink Pamalamma)October 26, 2012 at 8:33 AM

    OMG, that mustache ball! I google imaged it and I'm cracking up!! There's a tongue and a beard one too. So hilarious!

  6. i must confess that Bella, my cocker spaniel, is so jealous of this amazing box! is a shame I can't order it because of the biscuits, customs will take away the box.. but the mustache ball.. i think i'm ordering it from amazon hahaa!

  7. We just got ours Wednesday. Our pup gets solo excited when they are delivered - it is almost like a little kid. Totally agree on the mustache - way toooo big for a little pup. Giving it to a friend with a great dane. And I got the exact same things as you and am signed up for the small dog box.

  8. Bummer about getting the same toy, I would have thought they would send something smaller in the small dog box. The ball on the end of that mustache is huge (compared to Degen's mouth lol)

  9. I think I would definitely try this if I had a dog :)

    (as much as I enjoy Degen's, Oreo's (& Steve's) appearances in your posts, whenever I click on the headline, and I see it's a barkbox post, I'm always like "ohhhhh no pretty polish today", but my wallet is like "yes! a break, thank you!" ha ha ha!)

  10. I look for these posts every time I get my Barkbox in the mail! The liver treats were very well received and the tropiclean was not, haha. We brush her teeth every other day, but wanted to try this out for a little while to see if it actually works.

  11. I look forward to these BarkBox posts every month. And I don't even have a dog, although I'd like one, but with 6 cats, it would be like Steve and Degen's 'close encounter' x6!

    So, I live vicariously thru you and other people with doggies.


  12. I like the way Degens paws look in the pic so chubby and short. I have a Dorgi hher paws look that way too. I get her paws and kiss them so cute,. I know I'm weird but everyone has somethng right?....?............lol:-)I'm also healing a broken leg so I'm allowed.

  13. omg a Dorgi?!? Your pup must be so cute, what a combo! I don't think that's weird at all :)

  14. I love these posts! Considering subscribing... Thanks for the info!

  15. Since reading your posts about Barkbox I signed up my dog Vixen. I LOVED last month's box but this month was just ok. I have tried so hard to get Vixen to play with the mustache but he is just not interested. I even put peanut butter in it. We are subscribed to the small dog box and our mustache was a "mini" so the ball is smaller and about the same size and his mini tennis balls. Cant wait to

  16. Hey Heather!! This is Stacie from BarkBox. It looks like you might have accidentally signed up for two subscriptions-- did you get sorted out through BarkBox support? If not, just email Support@BarkBox.com and we'll get you all straightened out. :)


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