October 10, 2012

Girly Bits Hulk Smash!

Hi guys! Today I have a brand spanking new polish from Girly Bits to share with you called Hulk Smash! Last week I got an insane package in the mail from Pam (the wonderful maker of Girly Bits) and I seriously about died when I unwrapped this one. If you've read my blog for a while you probably know that green is hands down my favorite shade of polish, throw in some crazy awesome glitter and I am done for!

Hulk Smash is a green jelly full of purple shard glitter and small bits of holo. On it's own the green while it looks very dark in the bottle goes on a bit lighter and more yellow toned than I was expecting, I decided to layer this to try and get it closer to the green in the bottle. I ended up picking Electric Emerald from Icing as my base, it's a gorgeous emerald green with blue/purple duochrome shimmer. For the first 2 photos below I used 1 coat of Hulk Smash over Electric Emerald. The formula of Hulk Smash was a little on the thick side but easy to apply when layering, the glitter payoff was great and it was smooth with a coat of top coat.

Hulk Smash over Icing Electric Emerald (Sun)

Hulk Smash over Icing Electric Emerald (Shade)
For the 2 photos below I used 3 coats of Hulk Smash on its own. If you want to wear this on it's own the formula is a little harder to work with....you will want to let it dry for a few minutes between each coat so you don't drag the polish off. I really love this layered and on it's own...it looks great both ways!



Hulk Smash is a brand new colors from Girly Bits, it should be available very soon in Pam's shop here. Make sure you like the Girly Bits Facebook page for restocking information!

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  1. Definitely better over emerald!

  2. Love this colour! Amazing how different it looks in the sun and the full mani shot. Just wondering if you have ever done a nail care, nail shaping post?

  3. Is this a glow in the dark polish?

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. I haven't...it's on my long list of things to do I just haven't found the time yet

  6. Umm, holy crap this is amazing. A few days ago, I was just discussing how there needs to be an awesome Hulk nail polish!

  7. OBSESSED! I like it layered better than alone but it is fab!

  8. Looks amazing layered! It's surprisingly lighter colored on its own, I was not expecting that!!

  9. This is adorable. Hulk love!

  10. This is AWESOME.

  11. I love Indie polishes, here in Brazil we don´t have much of them is a growing market yet, I am totally i love with this polish!!!

  12. Love this on you! no wonder you like green. I could perhaps make this a little bit more opaque.
    I had considered making it glow in the dark, but I never got around to trying it out in this one. Hmmmm. Maybe I should =)
    Thank you!!!

  13. The purple shard glitter is the perfect companion to the Hulk green, shredded just like his pants.

  14. I think my head would explode if you had made it glow in the dark too, too much awesome to handle lol!

  15. Jenni - GoldSpeckNailsOctober 13, 2012 at 11:59 AM

    I LOVE this so much!


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