October 22, 2012

Whimsical Ideas by Pam Once Upon A TIme

Hi guys! Hope you all had a good weekend, mine started out good...if you follow me on instagram or Facebook you probably saw the photo of what had me in a good mood haha! Then on the way home from my shopping trip I got a call that my parents found a home for Steve. It's kinda bitter sweet, it's good because here he had to stay outside (because of our other cat Oreo) which can be dangerous since we have coyotes that like to roam the neighborhood at night. I'm still bummed though, I'm going to miss that little guy :(

Anyway, today I have another one of the Whimsical Ideas by Pam Halloween polishes to show you guys. It's called Once Upon A Time and I bought this one because I liked the fun pastel twist on traditional Halloween colors. Once Upon A Time is pastel green and purple glitter in a clear base. I think this would look awesome over so many different base polishes but I decided to keep with the pastel kind of palette and layered it over Milani Dressmaker. The formula was great, I had no application issues. The glitter payoff was also great, I used 1 coat over Milani Dressmaker for the photos below


Whimsical Ideas by Pam polishes are available over on their Facebook Page, each polish is $10!

Steve hopes you enjoyed this post and his little appearances on the blog since he showed up and adopted me in July. I took this photo yesterday before he went off to his new home...he was sitting on the roof watching me take swatch photos in the shade. As much as I'll miss him I'm pretty sure Degen was like BYE as he left...the other day Steve straight WWE style jumped off a table onto him, pretty sure Degen is traumatized for life because of it lol (I laughed really hard when it happened, this is why I have pets and not kids...I'm mean)

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