November 17, 2012

China Glaze Running In Circles vs Zoya Ivanka vs Zoya Apple

Hi guys! Sorry for the lack of Saturday Spam and the super late post! I had a big old spam post planned but then I accidentally deleted the entire folder of photos and didn't realize it until after I had already emptied the recycle bin on my computer :( Hopefully that's the first and only time I do that, a rage tear may have been shed when I realized what happened.

Today I have a comparison quite a few people requested. It's China Glaze Running In Circles from the Cirque du Soleil Collection vs Zoya Ivanka and Zoya Apple. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately depending on how you look at it) no dupes between these 3 polishes. Ivanka is darker and much more blue toned than Running In Circles, it's also a lot more sheer. Apple is much lighter and more golden also has more a foil finish to it. If I could only pick one of these to have it would easily be Running In Circles, the shade of green is my favorite out of the 3 and the formula is the best, by far! I used 2 coats of Running In Circles, 4 coats of Ivanka and 3 coats of Apple for the photos below.

Both photos below are in the shade, no sun here's actually raining in California, WHAT! haha! Have a good weekend everyone!

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  1. Aw, I was so looking forward to your Saturday spam. Gorgeous colors! I'm not sure if you have Blew Me Away from Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear line, but if you do, is it a dupe for Hanging In The Balance from China Glaze's Cirque Du Soleil collection? You don't have to swatch, but just asking the expert on if it's close :) thank you and have a great weekend!

  2. I don't like greens but these are ok!

  3. Oh, Jen, what an unfortunate accident!
    I, personally prefer the zoya one, but they're all very pretty (and similar)

  4. Oh no, so sorry to hear you lost your files! You can almost always retrieve files deleted from the recycle bin, though... sometimes you can just go to the folder where the file originally used to be, right-click, and choose the option to restore to a previous version of that folder. I'm sure there's also some freeware software that would allow you to do this if you try a google search! Good luck! And thank you for this comparison! The new CG collection is gorgeous!

  5. Thank you for sharing this. I like Running In Circles the most :)

  6. Aww you're right, there are no dupes...And all three are stunning! I own Ivanka and an Italian dupe of Apple, but the CG one is really a must have for green lovers (like me)!

  7. Ivanka is my favorite! Thanks for showing <3


  8. Think I prefer Ivanka out of all of these. It's the most wearable, though I'd like to find one even darker than this. xXx

  9. Ivanka is my favorite of the three, but sad that it took four coats. Maybe better layered over a creme?

  10. China Glaze polishes are just the best. I love the Apple and Running in Circles.

  11. Try Recuva for recovering deleted files. It's freeware made by piriform. (they make a lot of great free programs)

  12. I have Ivanka and Apple already. This just reinforces my need for Running in Circles. You can never have too many greens ;) Or blues, reds, oranges... lol

  13. I would love to see a swatch comparing China Glaze Running in Circles to China Glaze Emerald Sparkle.


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