November 29, 2012

Ninja Poilsh He Went To Jarred and The Midas Touch

Hi guys! Today I have 2 gold leaf top coats from Ninja Polish to share with you! We've been seeing a lot of gold leaf top coats lately but Ninja Polish also put out a white gold leaf version and I am loving it!

First up is He Went To Jarred which is a 12K White Gold flake in a clear base. I'm having the urge to layer this over everything, I think I might like it even more than I like regular gold leaf top coats! The formula was good, I used 2 coats to get the flake coverage you see in the photos. I have He Went To Jarred over LAQA&CO Bells & Whistles.

Anyone else loving the name of this like I do? haha!



The Midas Touch is a 24K gold flake in a clear base. This has the larger flakes like the OPI version has, I'll have a comparison up of all the polishes like this that I own soon! The formula was good, I used 1 coat then dabbed on more flakes on sparse spots for the photos below. I have The Midas Touch over Ninja Polish Sapphire Dreams!



Both of these polishes are available at they retail for $15 each. It looks like they are both out of stock right now but they will be back soon, make sure you sign up to be notified about when stock is replenished so you don't miss them!

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  1. Looks cute, love it! ♥

  2. The names are so creative! My favorite is He Went to Jarred. I would layer it over everything.

  3. Which of the yellow flake golds is your pick from
    Midas touch, OPI MWTGG, or Cirque Au, thanks:)

  4. The polishes you show are always so cool. I love those large gold flecks.

  5. The 12K White Gold flake (He Went To Jared) is LOVELY!!!! Lucky you. I'd love to find one in my Christmas stocking.

  6. I was sure other companies would come out with a cheaper way to make the same things that OPI, Zoya and Jessica released with their gold flakes - I am loving that NP came out with a white gold flake - now I will wait for the pink gold flake! I keep thinking if they used holo painted crumpled up mylar it should work and we all know all the shades mylar tissue paper comes in - so my guess is we will see a ton of this kind of stuff down the road in a lot of shades. The use of 2 rr's in He Went To Jarred is really cute! I bet when the corp Jarad gets wind of it they might like it too!

  7. I totally love the white gold one! I'm bummed they're out of stock :/

  8. These are great polishes! I love how they made a white gold flake!

  9. Love these. I'm actually wearing The Midas Touch today. :)

  10. I'm so happy you swatched these! I've had my eye on them for weeks and totally missed them when they stocked. I'm waiting for Ninja Polish to release the cover band version of MAAH too!

  11. I adore He Went to Jarred! The regular gold flake is pretty, but my wedding ring is white gold.


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