November 2, 2012

Revlon Nail Art StyleStrips: Splatter Paint

Happy Friday! Today I have some nail art strips/decals/StyleStrips/whatever you want to call them from Revlon to share with you guys. I came across a display of these Revlon StyleStrips at CVS a few weeks back and they were buy 1 get 1 half off so I brought home a couple designs.

The first design that caught my eye was Splatter Paint which is a shimmery blue base with black splatter, as someone who loves to do this myself I thought it might be fun to have the look of splatter without the hassle. I also picked up a water marble design but I haven't tried those strips out yet. I found that these were easy to apply, if you like the Sally Hansen Salon Effects you'll like these also since they are essentially the same thing and and apply the same way. I wore these for an entire week and they lasted really well, no issues like the strips peeling off or chipping. Removal was a bit of a pain, the blue came off without any problems using nail polish remover but the black splatter spots required some scrubbing to get off.

My only minor disappointment was that all the good splatter spots seemed to be on the parts of the strips that didn't end up on my lol!

 Below are some photos of the packaging and what comes in the box.

I found the Revlon StyleStrips at CVS, they retailed for $10.50 each....for the price I probably won't be buying these again but I did like them!
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  1. OMG ! I love it !!

    É muito lindo !! :)

  2. natalijayasmina-b.blogspot.comNovember 2, 2012 at 8:31 AM

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. I love them, but yeah... a bit too pricey. I'm glad that they preformed well at least. I would probably go through the hassle of creating it myself to save some cash. But, on Sale I would snatch these up for sure :)

  4. Wow, these look great!

  5. Like splatter alot. These look nice for strips!

  6. These look pretty good :) I don't usually like these types of applications but this one looks good, not sure I've seen them here in the UK yet... Will keep my eyes peeled! :)

  7. They look great! and seem very long also, are they?

  8. Cool!!!! I wanna try it(≧∇≦)

  9. the actual strips? they are about the same length as the Sally Hansen ones, I used 1 strip for 2 nails really easily!

  10. I think they look great! The price is not worthwhile to me because I paint my nails all the time and enjoy it. But for a busy mom, I think it would be worth it. No dry time, you could stop and go back to it if the kids need something, long-lasting.

  11. I do have to say I tried all the nail sticker strips and Revlon was by far the best. My only problem is I dont know how to get these things off. I tried nail polish remover n it isnt working that well. If u have any other suggestions please email me. Greeneyeslisa@gmail. ever since i stopped biting my nails im obssesed with doing my nails. as soon as i get these strips off. I am going to try the new gel polish with the LED lights...wish me lucj

  12. You really have to scrub with the nail polish remover, it takes some work but it will remove them!

  13. I found these at Grocery Outlet for 2.99. I got splatter and green leopard. I'm EXCITED to try em out!


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