November 27, 2012

Candeo Colors Rock Steady

Hi guys! Today I have a glitter from the Candeo Colors Winter Collection to share with you called Rock Steady. I'm not sure of the inspiration behind the shade but I'm just going to pretend it's named after the No Doubt album, lets be real...that's kind of why I bought it!

Rock Steady is a light grey base with gold, silver, blue and burgundy glitter of varying sizes. I love this combo, it's unexpected but it works really well. I layered 1 coat of Rock Steady over LCN Tokyo Expression, however you really don't need any undies for this completely covered the base polish. The formula was not my favorite, I found it to be thick and goopy, hard to apply etc... I haven't thinned my bottle yet but I'm sure it will help with the formula issues once I do.


Candeo Colors is available at for $9 each and also at for $11 a bottle!
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  1. I am such a sucker for gray shades lately, so this looks great to me! I wonder how it would look matified!

  2. I love that color combination of glitters.

  3. I think the inspiration is Rocksteady from the old TMNT cartoons! I love the glitters, so pretty.

  4. Love that look.

  5. I like it. It seems like grey is a such a great base for so many polishes.

  6. I really like the glitters in this one!

  7. very very cute. think i need to put this on my indie list!

  8. Gotta have this one! Might just end up being my first indie polish purchase.

  9. Well I got my bottle today. It isn't very opaque at all :( Guess I will need to use it as a topper. I really liked the dark grey look you have showcased here.

  10. I layered it over a dark grey for this post, I'd give that a shot!


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