November 5, 2012

Degen's first Bugsy's Box

Hi guys! Hope you all had a good weekend! Today I have a non nail polish post, I'll be back to normal tomorrow I just haven't had time to edit any nail photos! Today's post is another doggy box, this one is called Bugsy's Box and it's pretty much exactly the same as the Barkboxes I've shown the last few months. Bugsy's Box is a monthly subscription service that gives you 5-7 items for your dog each month. The price for the box depends on how long you subscribe for, it ranges from $17 to $29. You can also get it in different sizes depending on the size of your dog, currently they have a small, medium & large dog box! To see everything Degen got in his Bugsy's Box click the read more button below!

First up is Spoil Me Rotten treats and the flavor Fruit Smoothie. I thought Degen might not like the flavor but he did, a lot. Also, these smell really I kind of wanted to eat one (I didn't but it was tempting)

Clearly Degen likes these, so much so that he was trying to take the bag from me before I could even get it open.

Next up was an odor eliminator from Unique Natural Products. We haven't used this but we don't really have a problem with pet odors. This will be handy if one of the animals has an accident though!

The next thing in Degen's box was actually 3 things. It's 3 little bags of Howlin'ween Treats from Barkaroo Bakery. Unfortunately Degen wasn't too fond of these, they were really I couldn't even break them into pieces. He had one and wasn't interested in having anymore after that, I think they were too hard for him to chew.

Next was a squeaking purple monkey toy from Petlou. This was by far Degen's favorite thing in the box, he snatched it from me before I could even take the tags off haha. I think this might be his favorite thing he's ever gotten from a box like this.

It's even been initiated into Degen's favorite toy club...he took it to his food and gave it some because you know toys get hungry too sometimes. Sometimes I look over and Degen's entire food bowl is full of toys, it's kind of weird...does anyone else's dog do that? In this photo I think Degen was saying "Don't you even think about trying to grab my monkey"

Also in the box was a container of facial wipes from Viva La Spa. I've never used facial wipes on Degen, I always thought they were more for dogs with light fur who have those black lines near their eyes...know what I mean? I'm sure we'll use these up but it's probably not something I'd go out and buy. I do love the cute packaging of these!

Next was a packet of DogGestive Daily, this is a digestive supplement you mix in with your dogs food. I haven't given this to Degen yet since I just switched his food and didn't want to make his tummy go all crazy. Stuff like this interests me though, I'm looking forward to seeing if Degen likes it or not.

Next was a Deep Cleaning Paw Fizz Tablet from Warren London. We've tried this before, we got one of these in a BarkBox a few months back. Degen is actually afraid of it when it's fizzing in the water hahaha

Last up is the Warren London 2-1 Shampoo & Conditioner. This smells really good but unfortunately it's not something we'll be using so I'll gift it to another dog lover I know. The reason we won't be using it is because Degen has allergies and we wash him with a special soap to help with them.

Overall I think Degen really enjoyed his Bugys's Box, that monkey toy has been pretty much his favorite thing since it came in the mail! If you want to subscribe to Bugy's Box for you pup head on over to

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  1. Degen is SO CUTE! I think it's adorable that he feeds his toys! What a Dollface! My doggie doesn't do that, but he does only like one toy....a ginormous bear that's twice his size (thanks, hubs!) and he licks it like its his baby. My crazy boy, haha!

  2. aww lol! I think it's so funny when dogs play with giant toys like that. Degen has a huge monkey that is about twice his size and I die laughing when he attempts to shake it haha

  3. I love the BarkBox posts. Each time I read them makes me wanna subscribe even more but I just haven't pulled the trigger yet. Although, I'm getting very close. I sure could use those facial wipes for my little "eye runner" puppy-Gus.

  4. My dog always has to have his ball by his food bowl. While he's eating he alternates between picking up his ball and taking a bite of food like he can't decide which one he wants more.

  5. Oh my god I laughed so hard at Degen and his toy that he feeds ♥. I have 2 cats and they have 2 toy rats they sometimes drag along with them and put somewhere like the litter box or in their sleeping basket, but they have never shared food with them haha!

  6. Bella does the samething with toys, she even has a dog bowl where she puts all of her toys.. i think i've mentioned in every post i read of your dog box, i would love to order this (i can't because cookies won't pass customs).. doesn't degen get all over the box when he sees it.. i have a pet store close to home now, so i walk with bella, but before moving to my new place, i went without her all the time, God her face when she notices the big bag was like crazy, she knew that i always brought her a small toy in clearance (those that get easily destroyed).. now she goes with me to the store and waits for her home-made cookies,, dogs are crazy and know a little bit too much.

  7. Degen is adorable :D This set looks like it has a bunch of winning goodies. My boyfriend's dog feeds one of her toys, we call it her 'baby'. She'll pick it up, bring it to her food and start whining like mad. We're not sure why she whines at it, but she pretends she's feeding it.

  8. So cute that he feeds his toys, I have never known a dog do that! He's a special little guy, not that we didn't know that already :)

  9. I love that your dog feeds his toys! Mine wouldn't share with even the most beloved of stuffies. All her food is for her.

  10. Wow what a great box! I hesitate to get one for my dog since she's larger but....when we adopt a pug I will TOTALLY try this box! Those facial wipes would be great (not just for eyes, but dogs with lots of a facial folds like pugs need to have them wiped out to prevent gunk).

    Willow doesn't feed her toys but YES they are her babies! She carries them around the house, sleeps on them, with's SO cute, we've never had a pet that's done that before. I am afraid she'd tear up the monkey (she loves to chew) but she'd love it lol.

    What a cutie pie Degen is :) Thanks for the recommendation and great review!

  11. I'm not sure where you live but if you're in Canada this would be a good box for you, they are based out of Canada so customs wouldn't be an issue!

  12. Every time you post these it makes me want to go sign up for one! It's a little too pricey for me, but maybe I'll do it eventually!

  13. Degen is so cute, and you are such a good dogmama!

  14. i'm in panama..!!

  15. Can you please tell me the name of the shampoo you use for Degen? I think my greyhound is developing allergies on his feet. You mentioned in an earlier post that Degen licks his feet because of his allergies. I would be interested in knowing more about it and how you treat it. Thanks!

  16. I had a cat once who "fed" his toys and even put them together in a hidden corner. we thought he wanted them to mate. LOL!!

  17. I love the dog facial wipes, ha!

  18. I love the doggie facial wipes, ha!

  19. It's from a brand called Duoxo, we get it from our vet. He finally stopped the feet licking after we had him on a combo of pills for a while. I cannot for the life of me remember the names of the pills but they were expensive lol

  20. OK thanks. I'm worried that the vet will want me to put him on some ultra expensive food. He's quite happy on Iams green bag, which is notoriously good for greyhounds. I'm considering trying antihistamines but can't remember which kind you can give them. I need to do more research.

  21. I'm pretty sure Degen was on antihistamines and it was one that the vet had to fill for us that we couldn't get over the counter. I wish I could remember the name, it helped him so much

  22. Fourth Grade LemonadeNovember 8, 2012 at 2:53 PM

    Ahhh another dog lover! I subscribe to bark box... which do you prefer???

  23. overall I'm leaning towards BarkBox but I'm going to subscribe to this one for a few months and see if I end up liking it more. It's so hard to tell after only 1 box how good the service is!


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