November 28, 2012

Degen's November 2012 BarkBox

Hi guys! Today I have Degen's November BarkBox to share with you guys! In the giveaway I just recently did I asked what you guys wanted to see more of on the blog and a HUGE amount of you said more photos of you guys will like this post :D Degen is very flattered by the way, maybe he'll start popping up in random posts every so often, we shall see! He's always out in the backyard acting crazy while I'm taking photos so I'm sure we can make it happen!

In addition to Degen in this post our little friend Biggens came to visit while I was taking photos of the box outside...hope you guys like him (I do) haha!

To see all of Degen's goodies along with some wiener dog photos and to meet Biggens click the read more button below!

First up in Degen's box is a Bionic bone. Apparently this is great for chewers, Degen is more of a ripper and destuffer but I thought he might like this anyway. It's hollow so you can stuff treats or other things in peanut butter (yes I did that and laughed the whole time Degen was trying to get it out, I'm mean). You can also freeze this, though I'm not sure why you'd do that...maybe some dogs like it?

Unfortunately other than when I stuffed this with peanut butter Degen was uninterested. This is his "meh, can I have cookies instead" face.

Next up in Degen's box was something we've gotten before in a BarkBox, but in a different flavor. It's a Cool Treats Smoothie from Mr. Barksmiths in the flavor Pumpkin Patch. You freeze these and then it's a nice treat for your dog. Degen loved the last one of these, he also loved this one! I really need to go out and buy more, I keep meaning to but I forget :(

This is what it looked like after a few hours in the freezer, smelled really good!

Here is Degen enjoying his doggy pumpkin pie smoothie. It took him about 5 minutes to eat the whole thing...he seriously LOVES these!

Next is a Moose Rac Chew Toy from Acadia Antlers. We've gotten items from Acadia Antlers before from BarkBox and Degen has loved them so this is a welcome new treat! It has a nice chunk of antler that Degen will be chewing on forever attached to a rope so you can play tug or whatever you want to do with it.

Degen decided he would like to tear the rope apart, he's all blurry in the photo below because he was literally pulling the rope apart. Since this photo he's decided to focus more on the antler, but he was obsessed with destroying that rope for a while.

The last regular item in the box is Pumpkin & Mango flavored treats from Fruitables. These are so cute, the treats are shaped like little flowers and are soft so they are easy for Degen to eat. They also smelled pretty good, I was tempted to eat one...I didn't but I was tempted.

The last few items in the box were extras. They included a $10 gift card to, a website that sells food and treats etc... There is also a card for 1 month free to, we haven't tried this out yet but I'm pretty amused that there is a website for dogs to watch tv on! The last card is $10 off on which is a site that matches you with a dog sitter, this is something I wont use unfortunately. It's pretty rare that Degen is in need of watching and when he is he usually stays with my parents or he gets boarded at my vet if we are all out of town at the same time. I'm weird about who I trust with him so even leaving him at the vet is like an ordeal...the one and only time I've had to do that lots of tears were involved as I was driving home after dropping him off lol!

So that is all that was in Degen's BarkBox for November...but it's not the end of the post.

You guys, meet Biggens. Biggens is one of the many squirrels that roams our backyard, I think we have a big sign on the house that only animals can see that says "suckers live here" and then all the animals flock to us for free food. Since Steve was roaming around our squirrel friends pretty much disappeared but now they are back since we found Steve a forever home.

I like to call Biggens my dog squirrel, he is so friendly...he legit jumps out of the trees and runs up to me to get a peanut when I open the backdoor. I want to pet him but I'm afraid he'd bite, I just really want to know if he's as soft as he looks, is that weird? In case you're wondering why he's named Biggens it's because he's HUGE, he's noticeably a lot bigger than all the other squirrels we get around our house!

When I get our BarkBox in the mail I always take it outside to take photos, Degen would be all up in my face if I didn't. Well I took this month's box outside and went back in to grab my camera and came out and this was happening.... Biggens decided he needed to see what this BarkBox thing was all about.

He ran off when he noticed me but ended up coming back a few minutes later. I went over and stood on the patio to see what he would do. Biggens was all about getting under the box, not sure what he thought he'd find under there but it was funny to watch

All in all I'd say that BarkBox is now dog, cat and squirrel approved. Biggens would like to request a Squirrel Box, I think he'd be happy if it was filled with peanuts and bird food and nothing else.

If you would like to order BarkBox for your dog check out, the price ranges from $17.50-$29 per month depending on the plan you choose. You get to pick the size of your dog so the box is more tailored to things appropriate for them!

If you are unsure about trying out BarkBox I would suggest keeping an eye on Groupon, they have been on it several times over the last couple of months, it'll save you some money! You can also sign up using my referral code, it will save you $5 on your first month.... I do get credit if you sign up using my link.
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  1. I love it!! Smoothies for dogs.

  2. we have a squirrel like that too. But when I take my dog outside, the squirrel yells at her. It's non-stop chittering until after I take her inside. squirrels are crazy.

  3. wat and amazing dog box

  4. Degen is so cute. I can't believe that you could get that close to a squirrel I've always wanted to pet one too; they look so fluffy and soft. Every time you post your bark boxes I am so tempted to sign up! I dachshund too and she is really picky, I'm afraid if I do sign up she will only end up liking one or two things from the box then I'll be stuck with lots of unused dog toys/treats. I guess it would make my mom's dog happy, though :)

  5. lol sometimes they sit in the trees and do that to Degen when I take him out!

  6. Buster got the same box; I felt the same way about the random person watching my dog voucher. Umm no. I don't even like to leave him with my mom!! And she adores him, I'm definitely not leaving him with a stranger!

  7. you make me feel less weird, I'm so protective about him I can't imagine leaving him with some random person

  8. The squirrels here are super friendly! Biggens comes right up and takes peanuts out of my hand!

  9. My husband and i very rarely go out of town but when we do, we have the greatest friends (who happen to live 5 mins away) who come over a few times a day to take care of our "babies" The last time we were out of town my husband had to tell me to calm down b/c i was always asking him if i should call to check on them!! haha
    There is a place here in Georgia, called The Game Ranch where they have squirrels that run free around the park and you can actually feed them peanuts from your hand. Coolest thing ever, well to me at least :)

  10. Loooove those pics ! The squirrel is soooooo cute :D I sent the link to my mother, she doesn't read English but she's an animal lover :) Thanks for this cute moment ^^

  11. Your BarkBox posts inspired me to sign up, and the November box was our first for my dachshund mix, Izzie. :) She is a terribly strong chewer, so antlers are something we buy for her on a regular basis. They are pretty pricey, so I was very excited to see the one with a rope through it in the box! Izzie felt the same as Deggen about the Bionic bone. To her, it is useless without peanut butter or a mashed up banana in it. We LOVE the Fruitables, too! Those are made in the US, are all natural and are my go to treat for Iz. She loves the smoothies, also! All in all, a pretty good box for our first! :)

  12. Glad Izzie is loving her box as much as Degen did this month!!

  13. Nikki Bhumarom-GilbertNovember 28, 2012 at 10:36 AM

    I think the freezing is so that you can stuff treats into the Bionic bone (stuff like peanut butter, plain yogurt, pumpkin or sweet potato puree, etc.) and freeze it for a treat that takes longer to work on. I froze stuff this summer for my dog, since she is very heavily coated and needed help cooling down over the summer.

  14. I think the freezing is so that you can stuff treats into the Bionic bone (stuff like peanut butter, plain yogurt, pumpkin or sweet potato puree, etc.) and freeze it for a treat that takes longer to work on. I
    froze stuff in a KONG this summer for my dog, since she is very heavily coated and needed help cooling down over the summer.

    And i hear you with the coupon. I actually thought about signing up to be a DogVacay petsitter, but I don't think I could leave my dog with someone I didn't know myself! The reason I didn't end up signing up with DogVacay is because I was afraid of running into pet owners as anal as me, ha ha ha ha ha.

  15. It looks like your friend Biggens is a Fox squirrel they ate typically larger than smaller Gray squirrels.

  16. I saw those smoothies here the last time you posted them, bought some, looked at the ingredients and realized you can make them for way cheaper using organic baby food (I use apple, pear, and banana, for the pumpkin it looks like you sub pear for pumpkin), a splash of OJ & if you feel fancy a dash of mint extract. I make a huge batch for $5 & my Shepard loves them!

  17. nice! I need to try that out for Degen!

  18. Can I ask for some advice? :) If there was only one red nail polish you could buy: be it glitter, creme, holo, anything, which red nail polish would you buy? The only color in my collection that I do not have is red, and I seriously cannot make up my mind on what to buy. If this helps, my skin tone is cool. :P Thank you so much in advance!

  19. How quickly will Degen go through the antler? ;) Biggens is adorable! Love the pictures :)

  20. hahahahahaahha this post was so great and funny!!

  21. K just have to say A-your squirrel approved pic is hilarious, B-I love that you post these bark boxes on your blog, it's like two of my favorite interests all in one spot

  22. He's had one of their antlers for a couple months and not even made a dent in it!

  23. hahaha oh my god that squirrel is so awesome. i love your barkbox/degen posts!

  24. That's tough! I think I'd probably go with Jade Vermehlo Surreal. It's the best red holo I've found, I love it!

  25. The bionic bone, for those that are wondering, is actually really amazing! I got one in our bark box too, and my destructive puppy has yet to make a dent in it. I put some kong stuffer in there and it is still there, well for the most part. The whole thing about the bionic bone is that it fits in puppies mouths better and it has ridges, making them think they are chewing more into it than they actually are. This toy is definitely my dogs favorite right now, and the antler is a close second, she loves dragging it around and shaking it on the rope!

  26. That squirrel is actually one of the funniest things I've seen recently.

  27. I love your Barkbox posts!! I wish there was something like this that I could get in Australia for my boy!


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