November 21, 2012

NOTD: Thanksgiving Nail Art!

Hi guys! Today I have my Thanksgiving nails to share with you, I know Thanksgiving isn't until tomorrow but I'm impatient and want to post them now haha! I've seen this kind of cloud look all over the place and it looked easy enough to do so I gave it a shot!

I used Eyeko Military Polish as my base, it's an awesome murky army green. This was on my wishlist for literally, like 2 years. Eyeko stopped making polish a while back so I thought I'd probably never own it then Jess from Polish Insomniac surprised me with it, how awesome is that?!? Thank you Jess!

The "clouds" are Zoya Arizona (orange) and Zoya Codie (brown). I really like how this turned out, it's far from perfect but's freehand. I'm impressed with myself that it even looks anything like I intended for it to look.

The tutorial I used for this look in case you want to recreate it can be found on Nailside!


Zoya is available at for $8 a bottle. Eyeko unforuantely does not make nail polish anymore :(


  1. I like it! They remind me of turkey feathers! Gobble Gobble! Happy Thanksgiving ! :D

  2. I love the nails. I suck at the cloud freehand but I try all the time. Also,Yum, I want a Thanksgiving do-over. Send me some pie?

  3. Omg that's a good idea! The clouds totally look like the turkey feathers!

  4. Love that. I know my left hand could never paint my right hand like that.

  5. WOW! That's really pretty! Happy Thanksgiving :~)

  6. I love these clouds!

  7. I've seen this cloud mani before but this is one of my favorites! I love the colors you chose, they're so pretty together. :)


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