December 21, 2012

Friday Favorites #4: 2012 Mainstream Brand Favorites!

Happy Apocalypse day everyone! Hope you're all living up your last day on earth before we all bite the big one...I am at work, whomp whomp. My Apocalypse mani in case you're wondering is Nails Inc Baker Street topped with Cirque Au. If the world is going to implode of whatever I'd like to go out with pretty nails.

Today I have my first 2012 favorites post for you. I was going to do 1 big post but I decided to split up indies and mainstream brands because I couldn't whittle my list down enough to fit it into 1 post. The indies half of my favorites will be up next Friday!

Overall the list after the cut is not in order of how much I like each one but I can easily tell you my favorite polish of all of 2012 is Nails Inc Baker Street. It's just perfection in a bottle, seriously. If you like blue and don't own it yet go buy it, you need it in your life too. I've already made a sizable dent in my bottle and that makes me so sad.

I'd love to hear what your favorites are for 2012 in the comments!

I am including a link to the posts where I have talked about each of these before in case you are interested in the formula etc...

Before I get into individual polishes I wanted to show you my favorite collection of the year. This was such a hard choice, there were a lot of great collections that came out this year. Overall my pick is the Gelato Mio Collection from Jessica. I don't know what it is about this collection, the polishes make me happy when I look at them. I love glitter like crazy but there is something so refreshing about a nice creme, especially a simple pastel.  All 6 of these are beautiful!

I'm also still loving the water marble I did with the Gelato Mio Collection! One of my favorite bits of nail art I did this year! You can see my post about this here.


Alright onto my individual favorites for 2012...

Butter London Trout Pout. I really love this peachy pink shade it's just perfect. I haven't found any exact dupes in my stash yet! Also the formula was pretty great, it makes me want like every single creme Butter London has haha!

Butter London Two Fingered Salute. This is what I like to call green perfection in the bottle.  The color of the base polish is gorgeous on it's own then Butter London went and added all that fantastical coppery rose gold shimmer/glitter. I can easily say I have nothing like this in my stash...but I would like to, so if someone can make this in more colors that would be great.

China Glaze Desert Sun. I love this shade because it's such an interesting color, like a creamy butterscotch, definitely not everyone's cup of tea but I adore it! Funny enough, this actually wasn't one of my picks from the On Safari collection when I posted it but I grabbed it to layer over later on for something and fell in love.

China Glaze Exotic Encounters.I love this polish because it's a unique shade of green/teal. I have a lot of greenish teal or tealish greens (whatever you prefer to call it) but nothing quite like this. 

China Glaze Running In Circles. I don't have much to say about this one other than it's awesome, the perfect sparkly green. The Cirque du Soleil Collection was kind of a bummer for me but this shade was a big standout!

Deborah Lippmann Ray of Light. Navy Jelly + Flakies= YES. I hear that Urban Outfitters has something similar to this out now (I don't own it) so if you've been lemming a cheaper version of this you might check there!

Essie Who Is The Boss. By no means is this some kind of groundbreaking color but the reason it's one of my favorites is because the formula is flawless. I wish every Essie was like this, I'd buy them all.

Layla Gold Idol. Bet no one thought they would find a gold in my favorites...I'm kind of shocked too. This is the most fantastical gold holo I own.

Nails Inc Baker Street. My favorite polish of the year and easily my favorite blue OF ALL TIME! what! As much as I love this my camera hates it and refuses to capture it in all it's glory, it's so much more vibrant and perfect in real life.

Nails Inc Sweets Way. The entire Sprinkles Collection from Nails Inc was pretty great (I thought about putting all 4 on this list) but Sweets Way is the stand out for me.

OPI Is That Silva? This is one of the 3 magnetic polishes OPI released with their Skyfall Collection. 2012 was certainly the year of the magnetic and this is my favorite out of all of them. The subtle holo sparkle is what makes this special for me. I also loved OPI's magnet, it was probably the easiest to use out of any brand I've tried. If you want this I would suggest buying it online, I've not been able to find any of the OPI Magnetic polishes in any regular brick & mortar stores near where I live.

OPI Live And Let Die. Another green, yep.  I love everything about this, the dark green base, the beautiful shimmer and most of all...the formula, a 1 coater!

OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls. I know I know, boring but you guys...I love this white so much. It's got the slightest bit of grey in it that makes it more wearable on it's own than a stark white. I also love this for layering (I'm sure you've noticed). The formula is also great, an easy 2 coater!

OPI Wooden Shoe Like To Know.  Besides green and blue brown is one of my favorite polish colors. This is by far my favorite brown of the year. The shimmer and the shade of brown is beautiful!

Orly Preamp.  I had quite a few Orly's I liked this year that ended up not making this list...I really enjoyed their Summer Feel The Vibe Collection for it's eye searing neons and their Spring Cool Romance Collection for it's muted pastels. But Preamp is the stand out of everything they've done this year for me. The pink base with it's lavender undertones is gorgeous and the shimmer just takes it to the next level. 

Seche Hypnotic. I love this because the shade of blue with all it's shimmer is pretty incredible. On top of being gorgeous the formula is spectacular...another 1 coater! 

Zoya Song.  I didn't feel like I needed many words to describe this when I originally posted it, I still feel like do the talking for this beautiful polish. It's not only one of my favorites for 2012 but it's one of my all time favorite Zoya's.


Zoya Storm.  This polish is like a galaxy on your nails. I adore it because Zoya managed to balance the glitter with a very dark base perfectly. I feel like with a lot of shades like this you lose how great the glitter is because it's eaten by the base color but that's not the case with Storm.

Zoya Zuza. This is another that is in my favorites for this year and also in my favorite Zoya's ever. The shade of blue is such a unique one and the shimmer is fantastical.


  1. Great picks!! Zoya Zuza and Two Fingered Salute are especially welcome to join my stash wooww :D <3

  2. Wow, those are all great. I really like OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls. I've been looking for a great white for the next summer. That looks great.

  3. Great post! I agree with the Jessica collection; I bought every single color. My favorite color of the year is Deborah Lippmann Memaid's Dream. I also enjoyed Orly's neon collection and Preamp is gogreous!

  4. LOVE Butter London Two Fingered Salute!

  5. Two Fingered Salute, Exotic Encounters and Sweets Way are two of my faves from this year as well. I actually just bought the DL Ray of Light Dupe from Urban Outfitters and swatched it on my blog. They are basically identical!

  6. I currently have Baker Street on my nails! (I'm taking it off to do a holiday mani later today though) It is such a gorgeous colour! I actually went in and looked at it several times in Sephora and never bought it. In the summer I found one of those bejeweled bottles in the Sephora sale section for $10! (the regular ones are $12 normally and the bejeweled are like $30 something) Was so pleased hahaha Happy weekend!!

  7. Most of these are my favorites this year too. I was shocked that I liked and bought OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls. It's my favorite white, by far!

  8. I just ordered Baker St from Sephora, they had it on sale for $10! :) (maybe I should have bought two? LOL) Great picks here, I love that you included a white. I have been loving my ELF Twinkle and Fairy Dust all year! Completely obsessed with them, I own like 4 backups of each.

  9. Butter Trout Pout and Two-Fingered Salute, Nails Inc Sweets Way and OPI Wooden Shoe Like to Know are on my list of faves too!! Trout Pout is maybe the epitome of simple and gorgeous combining to create something really special. The shade made me want to buy all of BL's cremes too - and I am well on my way (much to the dismay of my wallet)! Now I many just have to add DL Ray of Light to my collection too. Oy vey! Great list - thanks for posting!!

  10. Zoya Song is also on my list!! Such a gorgeous color. I also loved OPI Into the Night (and its CG sister, Want my Bawdy), and Zoya FeiFei. Another standout for me was Color Club Port-Folio. Great picks for 2012!!

  11. Butter London Two Fingered Salute is almost a dupe of RBL Halcyon, which is sadly discontinued now. The base color of Halcyon is a little darker and the glitter with a more pink reflection, but besides that, BL did a good job duping it!

  12. Nice list - I need to look on line to see if I can find BL Two Fingered Salute - I have admired it in photos so much. I am with you on ChG Desert Sun and Exotic Encounters from that same collection - both are fab. Funny I never even saw in retail Who's the Boss by Essie. When Essie gets a formal right they rock. Yeap - pretty funny to see a gold on your list. I am warning up to gold again. I wore gold polishes in the late 9's but the huge resurgence of white metals send golds off the radar. Most gold polishes look cheap to me. This year while I did not find Layla anywhere and stopped even following their releases, I really love, love Zoya's Ziv. My now 2 bottles of Zoya Storm however both fail to preform like all the photos and all the reviews have said it should be. Mine does not show off the holo sparkles in it. I have to take a coat of INM Northern Nights in silver to pull it up to much of anything. BooHoo...there are some bad batches of it out there. Huge applause to Orly this year - Pre-Amp from their back to school collection really was a shock to see a shade like that in a fall grouping! We sure got a dose of color this yr and it did not go into hiding come fall - we still rocked bright oranges, greens etc. I don't side up with you on Live and Let Die on my tops list however. I love Tomorrow Never Dies (burple) and The Spy Who Loved Me. L n LD the shimmers go into hiding on my nail. The green is pretty however - falls on me like a blackend/green. I cannot wear any finish in the aquas/teals other than cream...they all look horrible on me for some reason and it's not for not trying plenty of em. So while the world went nuts over Zoya Zuza, I just enjoyed the photos. I have to say 2012 bought me to the max fill on glitters. I really need a HUGE break from em all! I love glitter sands but all out glitter bombs and top coats of glitters I honestly don't think I want another bottle coming into my stash. I am also often etsy and indie out. I have spent too much $ on indies that went off to donation because of lack of good formula - plus I don't like I said get into that much glitter anymore. So will be interesting to see what ends up on your indiie list as well as other lists #3-#1 - thanks for another year of great reviews and fab photos. You have sent me off to get a # of shades - Ziv & Song being 2 of em I can think of I could not live without once seeing your photos and write ups.

  13. I thought it was OPI Tomorrow Never Dies was the one so many compared as close to ChG Want My Bawdy. Into the Night (I still want I think) is a dusty blue metallic. I agreed about Port-Folio - I don't own it as CC is not sold where I live but the rare ones that come to Sallys - but the photos I have seen sooo sell that one for me. I ended up with FeiFei and OPI Her Majesty's Secrete Service. Of the 2 I like the OPI one for it's little bit more color and the formula on mine is better than the Zoya super close dupe

  14. I still NEED big time Baker St and also Essie Mesmerize - 2 blues this year that I keep admiring from afar.

  15. Me 2! I never would have bought it if bloggers had not talked it up so much as the perfect white..and it is - even sans all nail art. It's that optic white that looks Ok because it's not Optic White!

  16. I so want to wear Wooden Shoes - love the way it looks in photos and in the bottle, but on my hands it just looks horrible. I honestly could have used it in a ghoulish Halloween mani - I know I am not the only one who cannot wear Wooden Shoes. It's a unique shade most certainly.

  17. thank you !
    my favorites this year ???
    feifei from zoya
    miss conduct from orly
    the world is not enough from opi !
    and mojito madness

  18. Funny! I have seen My Boyfriend Scales Walls so much on your blog to layer that even though I have SOPI A-Ha Moment, I ordered MBSW. Hehe

  19. LOL - well maybe Wooden Shoe looks terrible on me too, but I don't have the sharp eye/desire to see it =) I have a strange affinity for brown shades for some reason. I love OPI when they do a simple shade color that has that extra, subtle twist. Dutch Ya Just Love OPI, for ex - a gorgeous rich purple, with just the slightest gold shimmer (a little holo?). And Wooden Shoe falls into that category for me too. Not overtly in-your-face out there (like some of the glitters I own!), but quietly unique. It's a gorgeous polish.

  20. Jen, your blog is awesome. Keep up the great work! Just wanted to wish you a happy holiday :)

  21. Thank you Cheryl <3 Happy Holidays to you also :)

  22. Jen, your blog is "fantastical" as you say ;)! Yours is easily my fav! ♥

  23. Thank you <3

  24. So glad I was able to find My Boyfriend Scales Walls at Ulta on sale! I need a color like this, and to see your stamp of approval makes it that much better!!!

  25. LOVE all the ones you picked - but whenever I think of how much I love Zoya Song, I think of how much more I love Zoya Elisa. Just sayin' ;)

  26. Glad I own quite a few of the standouts in your picks for the year! I love collecting unique polishes. Wish I could get my hands on the Butter London. And I wish they weren't so dang expensive!

  27. some comparison suggestions:
    butter london trout pout:
    -coral reef by sally hansen xtreme hardware
    nails inc baker street
    -butler please by essie
    zoya song
    -listen to your momager NOPI

  28. I'm sorry, I'm not taking comparison requests for this post. I have compared Butler Please and Baker Street already, please use the search bar in the sidebar to find it :)


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