December 11, 2012

SquareHue December 2012 Box Swatches & Review

Hi guys! Today I have a brand new monthly nail polish subscription service to tell you about called SquareHue! I'm pretty excited about this, I've been looking for something other than Julep to subscribe to that is focused on polish. I subscribe to a few monthly boxes, of course you guys know about BarkBox, but I also subscribe to a couple beauty ones like MyGlam (ipsy? whatever they call it now). It's always a nice treat to get polish in those boxes but lets face it, I'd rather just have ALL this is perfect for me!

SqaureHue is a brand new subscription service that only sends nail polish, as of right now they only ship within the US (no idea if that will change, sorry international ladies). Each month they will be sending out 3 full sized new polishes.They are their own house brand and come in really gorgeous bottles, they remind me of the Urban Outfitters bottles just for reference. All of the polishes are Big 3 and Camphor Free and cruelty free! In addition to all of that SquareHue also donates a portion of each monthly subscription to charity, their current focus is Human Trafficking. If you want read more about SquareHue please check out their FAQ on their website here!

The cost of the service is $21 per month, that includes shipping. However, good news...I have a promo code to share with you that makes the subscription $14.99 per month for the life of your subscription, woohoo! The following code is only good until December 24th 2012, to sign up for the $14.99 promo price go to and use the code DECBLOGGER13 at checkout when you go to purchase your subscription. There is a link to enter it right above where you enter your billing address! I do not get any kind of credit for anyone who uses the code...I'm just passing along a good deal!

To see swatches of the 3 polishes included in the December SquareHue box along with photos of the bottles, brush and packaging click the read more button below!

The 3 polishes included in the December box are:

  • Sugar Plum: gorgeous jewel toned purple shimmer. The formula was fantastic, it was easy to apply and flowed nicely. I used 2 coats for full opacity. This shade is on my index finger in the photos below.
  • Champagne Toast: a golden foil like shimmer. The formula was again, fantastic! Much more opaque than I expected it to be and fully opaque in 2 coats. Champagne Toast is on my middle nail for the photos below.
  • Holly Berry: Jewel toned red shimmer. Perfect for the holidays! The formula was great, not thick at all and easy to apply. I used 2 coats for the photos below, you can see Holly Berry on my ring finger. 

I have to say, I'm pretty impressed with the formula of all 3 polishes. I wasn't sure what to expect but all 3 were great!



Below is how my SquareHue box looked when it arrived. It was so cute! I love how each polish had it's own little cubby and it was snuggled in crinkly paper!

Here are some bottle shots. The bottles are roughly the same size as the bottles Urban Outfitters uses. I really like these, they are nice and sturdy...and easy to store in the helmer (I care about things like that lol)

I love how the bottle labels say what month the polishes are for!

The brushes in these polishes were nice, they are short and fairly narrow. Below is the brush from Holly Berry next to the brush from my bottle of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls. For the ladies out there with small nail beds you will really enjoy these! As much as I love big wide brushes I like these smaller ones also, it makes it easy to be very precise with application!

Overall, I really like this December box. I did get this one for review but I already went and signed myself up for the service. I can't wait to see what we get for January! To sign up for SqaureHue or to read more about their service checkout

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  1. Nice idea, I'm just not a fan of subscription services. I really enjoy picking out my own polishes.

  2. Yay! I've been looking for a polish-only box to subscribe to, and the discount code makes it just the right price for me! Thanks!

  3. Not a bad service, especially for that promotional price. But I'm not one for subscription box services. I feel like I could spend that on 3 polishes that I know I want for sure. I realize it must be fun, though, so I look forward to your posts with these!

  4. Holly Berry looks awesome, and perfect for the coming holiday season! :D

  5. I'm just starting out collecting and this is perfect. THANK YOU!

  6. Very cool, I've not heard of this subscription yet. I'll have to check it out!

  7. I like the idea, but I'd rather spent 5.50 on a China glaze where I can pick my color. Maybe when I first started out... I have over 300 polishes so I'm a lot more picky than I used to be.

  8. Looks like Diamond Cosmetics: Monarch Masquerade, Party Hearty and Bite Me...They are pretty though.

  9. How much does each bottle hold, a full 0.5 ounce? Or are they minis? Thanks!

  10. They are full size .50 oz. I mentioned they are full size in the beginning of the post

  11. Awesome thank you, I signed up for it!

  12. They are lovely, perfect for Christmas!

  13. So excited! I signed up right away...thank you for sharing! =D

  14. Wow, this is awesome! Gorgeous polishes, and that blogger coupon is an amazing deal! I might have to go for it!!

  15. That promo is soooo tempting! I wonder if they will be coming out with more original colors in the coming months?

  16. Thanks for sharing!!! I signed up immediately. I also wanted to ask you how often you change your polish color. With such a huge collection are you able use most of the polish? Thansk!

  17. Duh, I re-read your post and tried to delete my comment but it didn't work. Guess I hadn't had enough coffee for my first read-through. Thanks! I signed up, whee!!

  18. This just made my day! But my mom is going to kill me...she thinks I have too much polish! Lol. I say I don't have enough!!

  19. How is the polish holding up? I'm considering leaving Julep and trying this instead.

  20. Hi! I've really enjoyed your page. good job! I was wondering if you got their march colors? i'd love to see you do swatches on those. i can't say that i'm a fan unfortunately. i hope their april set has more flattering colors!!


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