December 16, 2012

Degen's December 2012 BarkBox

Hi guys! Hope you're all having a good weekend so far! Last night I went and saw a band called The Starting Line, it was great! Today I have Degen's December BarkBox to share with you! It came in the mail yesterday afternoon and we ripped right into it as usual! I was pretty excited to see what was included this month, I thought there might be some cute holiday themed goodies in there!

To see everything Degen got along with a few photos of Degen click the read more button below!

First in Degen's box was a sample bottle of Oatmeal Shampoo from Fresh Dog. This came just in time because Degen Mc. Perma Stink is getting a bath today. This smells great in the bottle so hopefully it'll stick and Degen will smell just as good after his bath. I really like that it's an Oatmeal shampoo, Degen's allergies have been acting up so he's been wearing the cone of shame for the past few days. Hopefully this will help calm his itchies down!

Next up is some treats from Bocce's Bakery, the flavor is Holiday Feast. Apparently they taste like chicken, pumpkin, cranberries and cinnamon. I'm not sure if they do but they smell good and Degen likes them. I like that they aren't hard...they are easy to break into smaller pieces which is something I always appreciate.

This next item is pretty cute, maybe the cutest thing we've gotten since the dog bone shaped ice cube tray a few months back. It's a red velvet cake mix for dogs from Puppy Cake. The cake is wheat free and can be made in the oven or in the microwave. We haven't made this yet but how fun! We'll have to throw a dog party or something haha!

Last but not least is a holiday moose plush toy from Simply Fido. Simply Fido is a brooklyn based organic toy supplier...I had no idea there was even such a thing as an organic toy supplier until now. This toy does squeak, Degen loves it! What I like about this is that the legs and arms slide out...usually Degen's toys have to undergo all kinds of amputations because he likes to rip limbs off otherwise but I can just pull these pieces out which makes my life easier.

We've named the moose Degen is sitting nice with Monty.

Then he started contemplating which of Monty's appendages he would rip off first (this is a hard decision)

I guessed the legs, Degen gave me this side eye of disapproval for thinking he would go for such an obvious limb.

Then he went in for the kill and decided to eat Monty's face off. I snapped this picture where he is giving me a particularly evil look, I'm sure on this inside he is laughing like mwahahahaha. Clearly there is only evil inside Degen's cute exterior...

Bonus picture...I got Degen a new cone of shame this week. We had a plastic one for him but I was browsing around PetsMart when I went to buy him a new bag of food and came across this new cone. It's inflatable and supposedly easier on his neck. I think he looks pretty cute in it and it doesn't hinder him when he's trying to eat or play like the other cone was. Hopefully we can get rid of the cone soon once his allergies subside but for now at least he's more comfy!

p.s. before anyone asks...yes, he's been the vet (several times) for his allergies. They don't know what causes it so we just deal with them when they act up. Yes, he is on antihistamines for them but he still insists on licking his feet so he gets the cone.

If you would like to order BarkBox for your dog check out, the price ranges from $17.50-$29 per month depending on the plan you choose. You get to pick the size of your dog so the box is more tailored to things appropriate for them!

If you are unsure about trying out BarkBox I would suggest keeping an eye on Groupon, they have been on it several times over the last couple of months, it'll save you some money! You can also sign up using my referral code, it will save you $5 on your first month.... I do get credit if you sign up using my link...if you sign up for BarkBox you'll also get your own referral link!


  1. Omg, he is so cute. Love the oatmeal bath and the puppy cake mix.

  2. degen looks adorable in every picture. it seems he loves giving you the evil eye though...

  3. he really does haha!

  4. This is adorable! I love the captions as he plays with his toy.

  5. Degen is so cute with his toys! That is a unique cone of shame. I hope you post about Puppy Cake :)

  6. I don't own a dog neither is there anything like BarkBox here, but I always love these posts because of Degen and his cute eyes ♥.

  7. oh my god degen is so cute in these pictures. that new cone hahaha! he looks so silly. my dog gets bad summer allergies and my vet had me put her on human claritin which helped her so much. i'd never heard of dogs taking claritin before haha. i love that the box had a doggy cake mix in it! so cute!

  8. OMG he is so cute! This looks like a great box! I wish I had kept my subscription but I'm trying to trim the excess expenses where I can. Wah wah.

  9. OMG he's so cute! What a great box; I wish I had kept my subscription but I'm trying to trim the expenses where I can. Wah wah.

  10. Awww, I love the Degen posts! His fur makes him look like brownie batter LOL! Those bark boxes are so cute! If I had a dog I would absolutely get these. :)

  11. do you know if they make one of these for cats? My kitten would love it, I'm sure!

  12. Oh, I dearly love the Degen posts. My mom always swore by brewers yeast when her Westie's allergies were acting up. She used to lick her paws bald!

  13. There is another company called Best Friends Box that I think does a cat version!

  14. Your dog will be very happy!

  15. Oh, I love the Degen posts! He has such a personality- you can really tell!

    I don't know if this will help, but here's our doggie allergy story:

    When we got our dog (she was a rescue) she had really awful skin allergies- we tried antihistamines, different shampoo and different detergent on her bed, etc., all to no avail. We had been hesitant to change her food immediately, because you know how unhappy their guts can get when you do...but nothing else had worked.

    So, we upgraded her food to the highest quality that we could find- with real food in it- no additives or by-products or crapola. (we even ended up having to adjust the amount of food she was getting because she was gaining weight on it, even though we were feeding her the recommended amount- so our vet looked at the label and said that it had such great ingredients that it was more "nutrient dense" that the old food, so we didn't have to feed her as much- plus she suggested mixing in veggies (fresh), which our dog LOVED!) Within a month of starting the new diet- no more scabs, scales, scratching, chewing or licking! Her hair grew back behind her ears! She perked up and seemed to feel waaaayyyy better.

    Of course the new food was the most expensive brand that Petco sold at the time- but it saved on vet bills and prescriptions, and she got SO healthy and happy- it was a small price to pay.
    Hope that helps!

  16. sorry for the long post, but I hope it helps!

  17. I'll have to give that a try, right now Degen gets Blue Buffalo which is one of the better brands (from what I hear) but I'm going to have to try mixing in Veggies. I bet Degen will love that

  18. I really enjoy your BarkBox posts. One of my old roommates had the most allergic dog ever. We tried everything, switching her to special food (salmon, it smelled like death, but Cassie liked it), allergy pills (which were FUN because that dog would not take a pill unless you forced it down her throat), allergy shots, special baths, etc. etc. etc. Everything helped a little bit (except the pills, which we were kind of thankful for because holding down a pit/chow and forcing pills down her throat is no fun), but nothing really solved the problem.

    Degen is just so supercute. I love dachshunds. :)

  19. Yep- Blue Buffalo is one of the best ones (as I understand)!

    Our dog ate HundenFlocken, and she loved it. For veggies, she loved: broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers and tons more! Just (as I'm sure you already know) no onions, raisins, or grapes. (and I just recently heard avocado, too)

  20. awesome, thank you so much for the suggestion! Degen already loves carrots (he thinks they are cookies lol) he's going to think he's won the dog lotto when he finds all those goodies in his food!

  21. I'd like to second the other comment about changing Degen's food. We have a dog with the itchies, in addition to bad ear problems, and changing his food was the only thing that helped. We had him on medication and his condition even persisted when we moved so we figured it wasn't environmental. We first changed to Blue Buffalo food and that helped quite a bit. It's a bit more expensive but when you factor in fewer vet bills and increased quality of living it's well worth it! It might not work for your guy but it might be worth giving it a shot. We've since switched to a completely raw diet, with no real veggies aside from treats, and his issues have cleared up completely.

    Also, is Degen receiving the "large" dog sized Bark Box? We got the same items, I was hoping to see different toy sizes or something.


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