December 5, 2012

Essie Snake It Up

Hi guys! Today I have one of the new Essie Magnetic polishes to share with you! I heard a little bit about these on other blogs and was interested in giving them a shot. I finally came across the display at Walgreens a week or so ago and picked one up!

I ended up getting Snake It Up which is a dark blue that pulls black once you use the magnet. I thought this one would be the most flattering in the event the magnet was no bueno. The formula of the polish was really nice, it was a little thick but easy to apply. I used 2 coats for the photos below.

The magnet I'm torn on, on one hand I really like the design it puts on the nail but on the other hand I found it incredibly hard to use. I put a photo of the cap with the magnet at the end of the post so you can see it but it has like no lip on it to rest on your cuticle and the actual magnet is sunk down into the cap so I kept hitting it on my nail while trying to get it close enough for the magnet to work. I found it a bit difficult to get the design to show up looking crisp, if you have very curved nails...good luck with getting the design to get onto your whole nail (I couldn't manage it).  I wish this magnet was designed like how the OPI magnets were, I think I would have liked this much better had it been more user friendly.




Below is the magnet, it's on a big square cap that comes with the polish and is removable. It's a bit sunken down into the cap as you might be able to see.

Overall, meh...I won't be buying any more of these. Maybe I'm just burnt out on magnetic polishes? Funny how that works...a year ago I would have killed for any magnetic polishes and now I think I could go forever without seeing another and be okay with it. I do think the color of this one is nice and I do like the design of the magnet even though it was hard to use. I believe this was around $11 at Walgreens but the price most likely varies depending on where you buy. 
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  1. I like the polish and the design, but the magnet looks terrible to use!

  2. The design is gorgeous! Idk what I do wrong, but I always have a difficult time using magnetic polish which makes me hesitant to try it lol :/

  3. I like the magnet but the color doesn't look as striking as CG Pull Me Close. That black with light blue is one of my favorite magnetics.

  4. I was so thrilled when I read about these and then I was desperate when importer for Essie for my country informed me that they won't be getting these. I'm calmer now after reading your review. I was really looking forward to lattice magnet, but if it is this bad, I'll rather get that OPI polish I don't like, but I like its magnet.

  5. Stunning! the color is great and the magnet effect is so pretty! Love this!

  6. Yeah - meaah - me too on this one. I won't pay $11 that's for sure. I was not a fan of the magnetics this time around - they tried to push them in the early 2000's I want to say it was and they never took off - we were too into natural French tips I think then - and anything that was more than a minor something in nail art was looked on as only for the tweens. But I am done with magnetics now.The colors all have to be in the same range as the 'stuff' that pulls the magnets make the colors they can use limited. Seems we have seen all the shades time and again. I do like the quilt pattern. It looks pretty clean but yuck if it was hard to use.

  7. That magnet does look kinda weird!! I just bought the green sinfully colors snakeskin polish at riteaid and i love the magnet! I blogged about it yest :)

  8. From what I've read, the blue is actually the worst in this collection (magnet wise) I definitely will be trying at least one of these, but not the blue... Too bad, the color is so pretty.

  9. Opi had magnetic polishes?


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