December 28, 2012

Friday Favorites #5: 2012 Indie Favorites

Hi guys! Can you believe it's the very last Friday of 2012 already? This year has flown by, it seems like every year goes fast but this one was like exceptionally quick feeling...I think that means I'm getting old haha!

Today I have the second half of my 2012 favorites, these are all from indies or niche brands that are made in a lab but I still consider them indie. 2012 has pretty much been the year of the indie, last year at this time I think I had heard of maybe 3 indie brands...Hare, Dollish Polish and Girly Bits. It's pretty amazing how the market has exploded...there are hundreds of brands to choose from.

I wish I could say that I've tried something from every brand but I haven't...most of my favorites are from the well known indie brands. A few months ago I had a very bad experience with a couple sellers and it pretty much turned me off all indies with the exception of a few brands for a while. I've started dipping my toes back in the indie waters so hopefully there will be a greater variety next year in terms of brands I buy and show on here.

I'd love to hear what your indie favorites were for 2012 in the comments!

To see all my picks click the read more button below.

I am including a link to where I have posted each of these previously, where to buy will be at the bottom of the post.

Alta Costura Vernis Electric Eyes.  I'm still obsessed with this interesting combo of glitter, this isn't everyone's cup of tea but it's most definitely mine!

Cirque Au. There were a lot of gold leaf top coats that came out at the end of 2012 but this was by far my favorite of all of them!

Cirque XX. This is my favorite multi colored glitter bomb, it's unique in my collection of crazy multi colored glitters and I love it! If you like multi colored glitters this is one you won't regret adding to your stash.

Contrary Polish Anna Maria. I haven't actually posted this one yet, I'll be posting it soon though! Contrary Polish was a brand I had been wanting to try because they focus on interesting shimmers and I LOVE polishes like that. I finally bought a few...I'm totally blown away by the gorgeous shimmer in this!

Dollish Polish Dino-mite Yoshi. If I could have included the entire Super Mario Brothers collection from Dollish Polish on this list I would have...Dolly knocked it out of the park with that collection. This polish is my favorite from it and I'm still in love. It's just perfection.

Dollish Polish Toxic Avenger. I actually feel bad including this because I know a lot of people want it and Dolly doesn't make it anymore. This is probably my favorite indie polish of all time so it felt wrong to not have it on this list.

Girly Bits Cu Blue. Navy blue jelly with copper shimmer....need I say more? This is much better in real life!

Lac Attack Bad Moon Rising. I've been fairly obsessed with matte glitter thanks to indies. I really love this combo, it's unusual but it works perfectly together.

Lac Attack Weasley's Wizard Wheezes. It was hard to pick only 1 polish from the Magical Musings Collection Lac Attack recently released...I really loved most of them! This one is my favorite of the collection!

Nail Pattern Boldness Boop-Oop-A-Dupe. This is another polish I've yet to post on it's own because I lagged on buying and swatching it! This is a dupe of Clarins 230, there are several other dupes out there also (I own a few of them). I will never stop loving this multichromatic shimmer, I don't care how many dupes I own of it, it will always be on my favorites list in some form.

Ninja Polish Sapphire Dreams. This blue shimmer is just beautiful, I love the shade and the depth of the shimmer.

piCture pOlish Kryptonite. piCture pOlish has churned out some seriously awesome polishes this year, I had quite a few on my list before I narrowed it down. Kryptonite is my favorite of everything they've done this year....the shade of green with that holo sparkle is something I can't deny.

Nail Venturous Pinkerbell. Oh man, Nail Venturous...the indie that made me loathe buying indies. I say that because every time Amy restocked everything sold out in like 5 seconds which left me having heart  palpitations and rage swearing at my computer (I'm sure most of you can relate right?). Unfortunately I was never able to get 95% of the polishes I wanted from this brand because she stopped making polish but Ninja Polish started selling quite a few of her creations, this being one of them. Pinkerbell is another bottle of matte glitter perfection! Apparently I've never posted a manicure with Pinkerbell on every nail so below is when I used it as an accent nail!

Pretty & Polished Sand Art. Another matte glitter, I told you I was obsessed! I need all the matte glitters in my life!

Whimsical Ideas by Pam Once Upon A Time. This is one of my overall favorite indie brands of the was hard to narrow down my list to only a couple of Pam's polishes. I love pretty much everything she does, I think Pam has a great eye for color and the glitter combos she does are always lovely. I like Once Upon A Time because it's so soft and dainty looking, it also looks good over everything!

Whimsical Ideas by Pam Wicked. This one is on my list because it's still blowing my mind with that black circular glitter. Not only that but the rest of the glitter along with the gorgeous shimmer in this make it something special.

Where to buy:

Alta Costura Vernis: (not sure if she is still selling or not...sorry)


Contrary Polish:

Dollish Polish: http://dollishpolish.com

Girly Bits: http://girlybits.bigcartel.com

Lac Attack:

Nail Pattern Boldness:

Ninja Polish:

piCture pOlish: and more!

Nail Venturous-

Pretty & Polished:

Whimsical Ideas by Pam:


  1. These are all amazing especially Toxic Avenger; that polish is to die for! I haven't tried any indie polishes yet but I'm going to in the next year. Sand Art is my second favorite it looks like candy on the nails. Lol

  2. The last one is insane! Although they all are. I love looking at Indie polish swatches, they're so creative.
    (as you said, it is SO strange to think that 2012 is nearly over!)

  3. some glorious choices here - I need to get some of these into my life, especially Cirque! xx

  4. Toxic Avenger is amazing, how have I only just come across this, sad that I've missed out!! xx

    1. Lydia, Dolly posted the recipe on a blog before she started selling it. It is WnW Greys Anatomy and Orly Space Cadet/HC Beetle with some Spectraflair thrown in

  5. Been looking forward to this post since your mainstream brand favorites. Awesome. Weasley's Wizard Wheezes over that blue is such a stunning combo!!

  6. Cirque is one of my fave new-to-me brands =) I am so impressed with their polishes. I FINALLY picked up XX for the holidays (as a Damien Hirst fan, this was an unequivocal must for me), I am SO EXCITED to layer it over black or a very dark vampy color! I have been craving Au as well, but close to $30 is a little steep for me, esp. for something I FEAR might just be a little to trendy to have longevity. But my oh my that gold flake top coat is gorgeous!! I am still torn on that one ;) Girly Bits is another fave indie brand, and Cu Blue has been a long-standing wish-lister of mine. I think it's time to finally cave and snatch that one up too! Thanks for this post! You have introduced me to so many fab indie brands, and I look forward to your swatches and write-ups of them each week =)

  7. Dollish Polish Toxic Avenger is a pretty and interesting color!

  8. I now have a Helmer drawer of Indies whereas 4 months ago I had none, oops!
    Would love Toxic Avenger but alas it is not to be!

  9. Love Dollish Polish Toxic Avenger and Pretty and Polished Sand Art.

  10. I own this one:

    Really good dupe for Toxic Avenger. I've not been able to compare them side by side, but when comparing my nails to TA swatches online, they look pretty close.

  11. OMG! Dollish Polish Toxic Avenger is to die for! My heart skipped a beat when I saw it. Such a shame you can't buy it anymore. :`(

  12. beautiful! i actually haven't tried any indie polishes yet. there just seem to be so many of them that i am a bit overwhelmed. i did buy a bunch a few weeks ago from my ten friends when they had a sale. hoping they will have arrived by the time i get back from vacation. i feel like indie polishes could just be another black hole for this polish lover. the best kind but i don't know if my wallet can handle it. :)

  13. Comparison between Hippity Hop and Cirque XX?

  14. I don't own Hippty Hop anymore, sorry...they aren't close to being dupes if that helps!

  15. I really wish I knew where I could buy that large black circular glitter from Wicked on it's own. I'd love a polish of just that and some smaller black glitters. I ordered Emily de Molly - Abstract Canvas (which has those same glitters but with rainbow and smaller black glitter in a clear base) from Llarowe yesterday, I can't wait to get it!

  16. I just ordered that Emily de Molly polish yesterday too!! Hope you can find that glitter on it's own, I'm not sure where they are getting it from but I love it also!

  17. Yes, it is quite mean to show Toxic Avenger on here.. :-p

  18. Great variety! And thanks for including a list of where to buy things at the end of your post. While I'm familiar with most of these brands it's handy for the few new-to-me ones!

  19. For everyone that wants Toxic Avenger, there is one etsy seller that still has the necessary pigments! I is not cheap, but TheMusesAlchemy makes a really close version!
    I am glad to hear you be willing to mention your frustration with instant sell-outs. Many people act as if that is part of the "fun" of the purchase. I disagree. I want to buy conveniently and don't get the appeal of being smug over having something others can't get! It seems mean to me.

  20. I am having such crazy nail envy. All these polishes are gorgeous! Gutted that Toxic Avenger is discontinued! Whimsical Ideas is so unique! Thankyou for these stunning reviews!

  21. I literally gasped when I saw Toxic Avenger. Wow - what a polish! I'm sad I can't buy it, but I might try making it. Thanks for the recipe, Anonymous!

  22. I literally gasped when I saw Toxic Avenger. Wow - what a polish! I'm sad I can't buy it, but I might try making it. Thanks for the recipe, Anonymous!

  23. OMG Dollish Polish Toxic Avenger is so gorgeous. What a pity it is no more available. Do you think Orly Space Cadet covered with Girly Bits Hocus Pocus (or any other holo top) could be somewhat close to Toxic Avenger?

  24. I think so! I think you could also franken it by mixing space cadet, white polish and a holo top coat like Hocus Pocus!

  25. Have there been suggestions on how to deal with this?

  26. you may never see this but walmart here started carrying 'Salon Perfect' (or maybe I just found it) but they had a lime green and teal matte glitter that I bought recently. It was $3or4 I believe


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