December 6, 2012

Gold Leaf Top Coat Comparison

Hello again! I have 2 posts for you guys today, I'm planning on doing a few 2 posts a day days in the next couple of weeks. I have SO much that I want to share that 1 post a day just isn't going to cut it!

It seems like lately there have been an abundance of gold leaf top coats coming out, I have 4 of them in my collection that I put side by side to show you today. Unfortunately I do not own the Zoya version or the Sephora by OPI version so those 2 are not included in this comparison.

The photo below is 1 coat of each of the following polishes over OPI Black Onyx. I used 1 coat straight out of the bottle, no dabbing on the flakes, I wanted to show how dense each of these are on their own. My thoughts and where to buy each of these will be after the photo!

Index: OPI The Man With The Golden Gun
Middle: Cirque Au
Ring: Ninja Polish The Midas Touch
Pinky: Jessica Gold Leaf Top Coat

These are all pretty similar overall but the main difference is the amount of flakes you get with a single coat. Cirque Au is the clear winner, I find it to be the easiest to apply out of all 4 of these...I don't need to go back and dab on more of the flakes in sparse areas. OPI, Ninja Poilsh and Jessica all apply similarly and have roughly the same size of flakes. I'm a little torn about which of these is my favorite, I LOVE the packaging of OPI's but I love the price of Ninja Polish and Cirque Au is my favorite formula wise.

Price wise Ninja Polish is the winner coming in at $15 per bottle, followed by Cirque at $28, Jessica at $29.95 and OPI at $30.

Where to buy:
OPI The Man With The Golden Gun: Official OPI retailers like Beauty Brands, Beauty First, Chatters, Dillard’s, JCPenney, Pure Beauty, Regis, Trade Secret, and ULTA
Cirque Au:
Ninja Polish The Midas Touch:
Jessica Gold Leaf Top Coat:

*The products in this post were provided for review with the exception of OPI The Man With The Golden Gun and OPI Black Onyx which I bought with my own money.*


  1. Too much for nail polish. It's pretty though.

  2. Great comparison!

  3. This kind of makes me rethink wanting the get The Man with the Golden Gun especially if it has the same effect as Ninja polish which is half the cost lol

  4. Also a helpful tip, the Sephora OPI flakes are on sale for $15 ;)

  5. I know, I would have mentioned it but I didn't include that polish in my post so I didn't feel like it was relevant

  6. Wow those polishes are expensive.

  7. The Cirque is gorgeous but waaay too expensive for me. I might try the Ninja Polish version.

  8. Thanks for the comparison! In doubt about getting the Cirque one, I made my own but I just love to have a "professional" one!

  9. I just purchased Mentality 24kt Gold Leaf top coat for $14. I have a feeling it is going to be a lot like these.


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