December 27, 2012

LAQA & Co Swatches

Hi guys! Today I have a few polishes from a new to me brand called LAQA & Co to share with you. Not only does LAQA & Co make polishes but they also make lip glosses and nail polish pens. What I really like about them is that their products come in awesome boxes. It's a nice touch, you should go check out their website to see what I'm talking about. I usually toss the boxes when I get polishes in them but these are ones I will keep!

To see my swatches of a few of LAQA & Co's polishes click the read more button under the photo!

Ankle Biter is a rose gold foil. Love this! I have a lot of foils but I don't *think* I have any that are this shade, at least not that I can think of off the top of my head. The formula was nice, a bit on the thick side but very opaque. I used 1 coat for the photos below.


Bells & Whistles is a plum creme. Gorgeous shade and fantastic formula! This was the first of these 3 polishes that I tried and I was so impressed with the application! I used 1 coat for the photos below.

Greedy Guts is a red creme. This is a beautiful color for the holidays, I've used it as a base for layering in a couple manicures I've worn the past few weeks. The formula was really nice, I used 2 coats for the photos below.

Overall I'm pretty impressed by these polishes, the formulas were really nice. My only small dislike is the bottle, it's tall and skinny and I kept feeling like it was going to fall over as I was polishing my nails.

Bonus! I ended up wearing Bells & Whistles topped with all kinds of gold leaf flakies a few weeks back. Below is Bells & Whistles topped with Ninja Polish He Went To Jarred and Cirque Au. I seriously LOVED this mani when I wore it!


LAQA & Co can be purchased on their official website here for $12.50 each. They also have a list of stores (both in the US and all over the world) on their site if you are like me and prefer buying polish in person. For my fellow So Cal ladies a bunch of Planet Beauty stores carry the brand....I can't wait to go check them out there!

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  1. These look nice - but I have others sooo much like them already. Ankle Biter is different from the few rose gold foils I have -it's got more bronze in it than Orly Rage which to me seems it has some silver in it.

  2. Those are all very pretty... your swatches are beautiful. I'm lemming He Went To Jarred something fierce!

  3. These all look really nice! Especially love your gold leaf mani at the end!

  4. I really like Bells and Whistles, that plum shade is gorgeous.

  5. Oh wow - I absolutely LOVE Bells & Whistles and Greedy Guts! GORGEOUS shades!


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