January 26, 2013

Degen's January 2013 BarkBox

Happy weekend! Anyone doing anything fun this weekend? I'll be at ISSE all weekend, ISSE is a salon and spa expo that is open to professionals only...I went last year too and it was great! If you want to check out my post from last year about it you can see that here. I'll be posting about this years show also some time next week! I seriously cannot wait to see how fantastical all the booths are this year!!

Anyway, today I have Degen's January BarkBox for you. Sadly there are no photos of Degen in this post because he was kinda meh about this box :( It actually turned out to be a bit of a MeowBox this month haha!

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First up is a bright orange octopus rope toy from Jax & Bone. Degen doesn't care about this, I gave it to him and he sniffed it and walked away. Oreo (our cat) however adores it so it's turned into his toy. We actually covered it in catnip and Oreo has gone to town on it!

Next up is a curly bully stick from Barkworthies. Degen loved this...he always loves everything from Barkworthies though! I'm always happy to see these in the BarkBox because on their own they are a little pricey. They are a nice treat for the dog!

Next was a familiar item, treats from Yumzies! We got a a bag of these previously, I believe the flavor we got last time was BBQ Chicken. Anyway, these ones are cheese flavor...Degen likes them! I like these treats from Yumzies because of their size, they are small so I don't need to break them up to give them to Degen.

Last up is a bag of Lamb treats from Superior Farms Pet Provisions. These are interesting, they are apparently puffed up lamb lung...gross I know. They smell pretty terrible actually but Degen was like YEAH BUDDY about them. Unfortunately for Degen, Oreo was also all YEAH BUDDY and literally beat him up for these. Every time I try to give one of these to Degen the cat runs over and goes all crouching tiger hidden dragon on Degen and slaps him around to get them.

Overall not the best month in my opinion...Oreo is a fan though haha! Hopefully Degen enjoys the February box a bit more, I can't wait to see what kind of cute Valentines day themed things we might get!

If you would like to order BarkBox for your dog check out BarkBox.com, the price ranges from $17.50-$29 per month depending on the plan you choose. You get to pick the size of your dog so the box is more tailored to things appropriate for them!


  1. awwwww what a cute bark box

  2. awwww great bark box

  3. The boxes are so cute!

  4. Happy weekend Jen. Totally off track for your post but I got my Mallard polish in the mail yesterday and now have the most gorgeous color I have ever owned on my nails. I don't have my own blog and rely on up yours for color ideas . Thanks for the great post and created the most stunning color of green EVER. :-). Hugs to you and Degen

  5. Clark got a peanut toy instead of those lamb things...and his treats are peanut butter flavored. Clark loves barkworthies too!

  6. Jasmine@themakeupfileJanuary 26, 2013 at 10:19 AM

    Oh this box was pretty small! But the dog with the cheese slice is too stinkin cute!!

  7. I love these posts. You give such a cute review. You should posts a video sometime so we can see Degen and Oreo in real time.

  8. I wish they had this for my doggy.
    Bark box, come to Singapore please! >w<

  9. I don't have a dog but I occasionally get home with a dog toy. My cat doesn't care! She is a fan of the scratchy dog toys or anything that talks!

  10. I was not all that impressed either with this months box. We also go another toy instead of the lamb treats. Unfortunately my dog Vixen was not interested in any of the stuff in the box. He doesn't even like the stick thing.

  11. Jen, no Degen? What are you doing to me :) lol, I love these posts as much as the normal ones, especially Degen doing the side eye.

  12. My dog loved the octopus rope toy! She actually cuddled with it last night. Within minutes of getting it she had already started to unravel it, which is what they are meant to do, the tag says, as it acts like dental floss for them. Does the bully stick make degen sort of sick? My dog had poop problems the next day, but the bully sticks are meant to be more digestible than rawhide, right? I took it up and haven't given it to her again, as I am not sure how good it is for her.

  13. My dogs love Yumzies! :)


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