January 24, 2013

I Love Nail Polish Swatches

Hi guys! Today I have a relatively new to me indie brand to share with you called I Love Nail Polish...great name yes? This is my first time trying these but I have seen them quite a bit on other blogs, what caught my eye about these is the great packaging. Each polish comes in it's own super cute box, it's a nice touch!  Check out my swatches and thoughts by clicking the read more button below the collage!

All swatches in this post are 1 coat of the I Love Nail Polish glitter over the base color, all swatches are with top coat (CND Air Dry). Alaso, al of the photos in this post are in the shade, except for the first one.

Animal Cookie is a mix of pink and white glitter in a clear base. There is a bit of bar glitter in the mix but I didn't manage to get any of it onto the nail. Perfect with the name, I used to love animal cookies when I was a kid and this polish definitely reminds me of them...especially over white! I layered Animal Cookie over OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls for the photos below.


Babes In Toyland is a multicolored glitter in a clear base. The colors I see are green, blue, fuchsia, gold and maybe some purple in the mix. There is also a bit of circle glitter in here, love that! This is a fun polish, it kind of makes me think of mardi gras! I layered Babes in Toyland over Contrary Polish Maui for the photos below.

Bad Mogwai is black and green glitter in a clear base. This is named after the Gremlins movie...man I have SO many memories of that movie. When I was little I used to lose a tooth every time Gremlins was on (cool story bro?). I actually thought this was green glitter in a black base when I got it so I put it over black...I included what this looks like on it's own on a piece of paper so you can see the mix of glitter better. I layered Bad Magwai over Nicole by OPI Totally In The Dark.

Gold Everything is a golden glitter bomb! There is also circle glitter in the mix of this one! I layered this over Maybelline Navy Narcissist for the photos below.

Purple Stuff  is various sizes/shapes/shades of purple and white glitter in a clear base. Out of all these polishes this was my favorite, I really like the mix of glitter and I feel like this will look good over a ton  of different colors. I layered Purple Stuff over Nicole by OPI Still Into Pink for the photos below.

Overall I really love the mixes of glitter in these polishes however I do want to mention the smell of these polishes. I tend to not notice the smell of polish unless it's particularly offensive (like Kleancolor) so I thought it was worth telling you guys about. The scent of these was very strong and chemically.  I did reach out to Barbra (maker of I Love Nail Polish) about it and was assured that the polish is 3 Free so who really knows what is causing the polish to smell so bad. If you are sensitive to strong chemical scents you will want to avoid these, I'm not overly sensitive to the scent of polish but I found these to be very overpowering.

I Love Nail Polish is available on etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ILoveNP, each polish is $10.


  1. These are cute, but man I wish more indies would dare to do something like a shimmer or use more opaque color bases. I want to get into using more indies but how many layering top coats do you really need? Also: the scent is a deal breaker. Regular polish is bad enough!

  2. Kat Hooked On PolishJanuary 24, 2013 at 6:46 AM

    I agree with you on the smell, it's part of why I swatched them separately instead of all together in one day. At least of the 4 I got, I wore 2 for a day and didn't notice the smell afterwards but yes, while polishing, it was definitely noticeable.

    That being said, there's some really beautiful colors in her shop! I wore 11:59 over Baker St. for New Year's and it was such a beautiful combo! I prefer 11:59 over All Gold Everything because of black glitter. Always <3 black glitter.

  3. Have you checked out Contrary Polish or Elevation Polish? Both of them do things other than glitter!

  4. oh i definitely need these - especially the ones with circle glitters!!!

  5. I just LOVE ILNP!! Such unique polishes!!

  6. They are all cute, I love glitter. It'd be a difficult choice to pick only one.

  7. Thanks for reviewing my polishes, Jen! Most people miss the Gremlins reference -- so cool that you caught it! Your swatches are faaabbuuuloouss :)

  8. The smell is bad indeed but I love the rest about them so much I don't care haha!


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