January 18, 2013

Pretty Serious Swatches!

Happy Friday! Anyone doing anything fun this weekend? I'll be at IMATS in LA this weekend, I haven't decided which day I'm going yet but I can't wait! I've never been to IMATS but I've always heard how amazing it is so I'm excited to finally go!

Today I have a few polishes from Pretty Serious to share with you guys! Pretty Serious is the brain child of a fellow blogger you may know, Kaz from Pretty Random! Last year Kaz launched Pretty Serious with polishes, eye shadows and lip glosses. I managed to convince myself I didn't need anything until their Christmas Without Snow Collection and my self control went out the window.

To see swatches click the read more button below!

Blue Gums On Boxing Day is a beautiful green with blue shimmer. Say hello to the polish that killed my self control...as soon as I saw this I needed it. Happy to say this does not disappoint at all, if you like green polish you'll probably want to snatch this one up! The formula was good, I used 2 coats for the photos below...I think 3 coats is probably going to be better though for next time I wear this. 

BSOD is a blue jelly packed with blue glitter. Wowsa! I actually didn't order this originally but there was some crazy shipping problems with the Christmas Without Snow Collection and when I emailed Kaz asking about the delay she offered to send me a couple of the older stock polishes that could ship immediately because they were a  Christmas gift...long story short, awesome customer service (thank you Kaz!). BSOD sadly is not living with me, it along with Twinkling Lights that you see later on in this post, were a gift to a friend for Christmas. She let me swatch them for you guys...I think I'll probably end up buying my own bottles because wow!

Anyway...the formula  was great! I used 2 coats for the photos below. I don't think photos do much justice to just how beautiful this polish was in real life! 



Party By The Pool is a teal jelly with blue and green shimmer. Gorgeous color but I found the formula to be so strange on this polish. It was thick and very gel like but also sheer. It was hard to work with and just no fun to apply. Hopefully thinner will fix this but I haven't tried it yet because I'm out of the thinner at the moment. I used 3 coats for the photos below, 4 would have been better but there was no way I could apply another coat because of the formula :(

Twinkling Lights is copper and blue glitter! I can't believe I didn't pick this up for myself, I need to! I wore 1 coat of Twinkling Lights over BSOD and was pretty blown away by how beautiful it was! The formula was great, the glitter coverage was wonderful and it was easy to work with! Both photos below are in the shade.

Pretty Serious is available at http://www.pretty-serious.com/ each polish retails for $9.95 AUD (around $10.50 USD depending on the exchange rate)!
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  1. I agree with you completely - BSOD is so much prettier than any swatches can ever show!

  2. OMG the dark blue one is just flawless!!!!!!

  3. Julianna Katalin DörnyeiJanuary 18, 2013 at 5:10 AM

    OK. I am in LOVE with Twinkling Lights :-)

  4. Blue with gold glitter! :-) love it

  5. Great swatches! I have several Pretty Serious polishes, and I too am in love! I haven't my Prty by the Pool yet, now you have me worried :)

  6. Twinkling lights is beautiful!

  7. Wow...I think I need Twinkling Lights!!! It's gorgeous!

  8. BSOD and Party by the Pool are my favorites here! Great swatches!

  9. twinkling lights looks amazing!

  10. I love all of these! One of my bottles from the Pretty Serious Christmas collection (seasonal sunset) had that strange gel-like consistency too! I know exactly what you are talking about. I haven't tried thinning it yet because I'm a little scared to do it. I just bought my first bottle of thinner and don't want to use it on such a gorgeous polish, the only thing I've thinned before is Seche Vite with Seche Restore.

  11. BSOD seems to be the polish that fills the blue gap for CG Ruby Pumps and Emerald Sparkle!

  12. I love Party by the Pool. So pretty.

  13. Love them all but Blue Gums On Boxing Day is the BOMB!

  14. Love them all but Blue Gums On Boxing Day is the BOMB!

  15. Sometimes you get me into trouble, had to get BSOD, reading your blog is dangerous!!!

  16. Sometimes you get me into trouble, had to get BSOD, reading your blog is dangerous!!!

  17. Llarowe just announced she is going to carry Pretty Serious!


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