February 21, 2013

Contrary Polish Ain't No Sunshine vs Illamasqua Raindrops

Hi guys! Sorry for the lack of post yesterday, Tuesday was kind of a rough day and I just didn't feel like editing photos or typing up a post on Tuesday night. Degen started limping really badly on Monday so I took him to the vet Tuesday morning and spent most of my day there. Still don't know what's wrong with him but he's not limping as bad, so that's good! I'm so emotionally exhausted from all of it though, I seriously don't know how people have kids. I'm way too much of worrywart for kids I think, I'd give myself ulcers worrying.

Anyway, today I have a quick comparison for you...a few of you wanted to see this after I posted the Contrary Polish Love Lyrics Collection the other day. Below is a comparison of Contrary Polish Ain't Not Sunshine vs Illamasqua Raindrops. These are very similar but different at the same time. They have the same kind of flakies and shimmer but the base color of the polish is different. Raindrops is much more of a white grey base and Ain't No Sunshine is a darker more blue based grey. I really like both of these. Formula wise I like the consistency of Raindrops better but it's not as opaque as Ain't No Sunshine is. I used 3 coats of polish for each polish int he photos below.

Lighting: Sunlight

Lighting: Shade

Contrary Polish is available at shop.llarowe.com, Illamasqua is available at Illamasqua.com and Sephora. I believe Raindrops is coming to (or maybe it's already at?) Sephora soon!


  1. Thanks for the comparison. I'm still going to hunt down Raindrops at Sephora. I feel like it's an Illamasqua cult classic so I'm going to grab it ASAP. I hope Degen feels better soon! Hopefully you can find out what's wrong with him so the little guy gets better :)

  2. Oh no! Hope Degen is ok and it's nothing serious.

  3. This is why I want to avoid getting pets and having children, I lose sleep easily when I worry. Hope your pet gets well soon. Both the swatches look nice but I like raindrops more.

  4. Oh, poor babe :(
    My little pup woke up one morning a few years ago (when I was still a new pet-mom) & couldn't walk - I cried buckets! He ended up being fine though - just had a puppy staph infection. I hope Degen feels better soon!
    I've seriously been on the fence about 'Ain't No Sunshine,' but I think I'm gonna have to see it in person (meaning, just buy it already!). ;)

  5. Oh! I meant to ask: how does 'Ain't No Sunshine' compare to Cirque's 'Cape Liz'? I can tell the flakies/shimmer are probably different, but I was wondering how the shades of blue/grey compare.

  6. Thank you for the comparison, and I hope Degan gets better quickly!

  7. both of these are so pretty. not sure which i prefer.

  8. Sending “get well” affirmations to Degen. Please let us know how he's doing. The calmer and more relaxed you are the better he'll feel. You are his “person” and he's completely tuned into you.
    And I LOVE ' Ain't No Sunshine'!

  9. I really want Raindrops! Neo, Sydney, Lucy (and me!), send love to Degen!


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