February 18, 2013

Degen's February BarkBox

Hi guys, hope you all had a great weekend! Mine was good, I bet a lot of you here in the US have today off but not me...I'm at work, slaving away :(

Anyway, today I have Degen's February BarkBox to share with you. I was going to post a ton of comparisons today but I was too lazy to edit all the photos, sorry....at least I'm honest right? I was hoping this box would have a Valentines theme but it doesn't. Apparently (according to the card in the box) February is National Pet Dental Health Month so that's the theme of this box!

Check out photos after the jump!

First up is Large Knotty Bear from Aussie Naturals. This is made of wool and rope and it's filled with Coconut Fiber for a mixture scents and textures that dogs are supposed to love. I'm sure some dogs will love this but for Degen he's like "no squeaker no care. This will probably take a catnip bath and become Oreo's toy!

Before Degen realized there was no squeaker in this he liked it for a minute. Here his trying to steal it from me, I think I was trying to throw it on the floor but he was like NOPE, it's mine kthx.

Then he decided since it didn't have a squeaker he'd just rip up the rope instead...that's what he usually does with toys with any kind of rope.

Next up is the Monster Ball from Jolly Pets. This scary ball is meant for torturing your dog by putting treats in it. I consider things like this a toy for my enjoyment because I enjoy laughing as Degen attempts to get the cookie out. I'm sure he's plotting my death the entire time for making him go through such an ordeal for a cookie.

For real though, this is meant to clean their teeth and gums as they try to get the treat out. I think it probably goes a good job of that.

This is what the Monster Ball looks like with a cookie inside. nom nom nom

Now here we have Degen trying to get it out. He tried the lick method for a while, he also tried pinning it against the couch and forcing his snout into the mouth of the ball. It didn't work.

Then we tried team work because I felt bad for laughing at him. It still didn't work for him actually getting the treat out but it was funny to watch. I ended up having to take the cookie out and give it to him because he would have been there all night trying and that felt too mean :(

Next in Degen's BarkBox was some Dental Chews from N-Bone. These are good for their teeth and breath! I haven't given these to Degen yet but I'm sure he'll like them, he was trying to rip the bag open.

Last up is 2 little boxes of cookie from Wet Noses. The flavors are Dogranola and Carob & Mint. I like that these actually look like little cookies. I've only give Degen one of the Carob & Mint ones so far but he was a big fan (I've yet to find a cookie he didn't like though lol)

There was also a coupon in the box for Wag.com, but I forgot to take a picture.

Overall I think this was a good box, Degen likes the treats and the Monster Ball will be fun to make him crazy with!

If you want to sign your dog up for BarkBox visit BarkBox.com, the price ranges from $18-$29 a month depending on the plan you sign up for!


  1. still waiting on Clark's box. now I can't wait to get it! :)

  2. I love the way you talk about Degen, I can tell you love him very much! :) I really want to buy the cat-equivalent to this, but I know my girl is sooo picky that it would be a total waste of money lol.

  3. Thanks for sharing this! I've considered buying them but wasn't sure what actually came inside. Can I ask, which plan do you have? You got a good sized box!

  4. That monster ball looks hilarious! My dog would have ripped open the Knotty Bear to get at the stuffing within about 10 minutes. She's tough on stuffies.

  5. I love seeing these posts :) Very Cute!

  6. We get the medium box

  7. So cute! I always want to get these for my dog whenever I see these posts. My dog actually doesn't care for squeakers. He likes anything with stuffing in it, so it ends up all over the living room 10 minutes after we give him a new toy. :< Haha.

  8. Is this the 18.00 box or the 29.00 one ? I just bought some of the "Naked" treats, as well as 2 boxes of a different type of Wet Noses treats at TJ Maxx, for about 3.99 each. I have no idea how much they retail for, but they seem like great quality ingredients are used.

  9. My dog Lola usually just rips those treat balls to shreds trying to get the treat out. We've gone through about 4 of them. Haha.

  10. I've been a fan of yours (and Degen's) since I first stumbled onto your blog site this past summer. I was looking for something...I didn't know what exactly, just something that had to do with my new found love of nail polish. When I saw"The Polishaholic" it struck me so funny that I just had to see what you were about. I'm glad I did. Not only have I learned TONS from you, but I really enjoy seeing Degen and his Bark Box...(I even liked Biggens). You'd think I'd get tired of dogs seeing as how we have eight, but it hasn''t happened yet! These pics of Degen are the best yet!

    I'd also like to congratulate you on your beautiful "Mallard" and P.P. taking it on permanently. Well done!

  11. I'm so jealous, I haven't gotten my Barkbox yet! For the monster ball thing, I have something similar to that and what I do is break up the treats so that way when they are chewing at it and rolling it around, pieces of it fall out over time.

  12. Vixen didn't receive the ball thing but instead a toy that looked like a newspaper and made the crinkly noises. It also has about 3-4 squeakers in it. I love the boxes and the stuff in them but he seems less than pleases. He was not interested in either of the toys or the dental chews. We have not tried the cookies yet but I sure hope he likes them. Im starting to think I get more excited for the box each month then he does.

  13. Hahahha! Reading about the cookie in the ball ordeal had me cracking up, I had to read it aloud to my husband. :)!

  14. My Lily (mini doxie) just got her first barkbox, and seems more interested in the box itself than the actual contents -_- until I opened one of the treats, though...

  15. monster mouth tip-use kibble or small treats. they roll it around until it falls out or they pick it up by the tail and shake it out! :)


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