February 28, 2013

Different Dimension 80's Baby Collection Swatches

Hi guys! Today I have half of the 80's Baby Collection from Different Dimension to share with you! The 80's Baby Collection is 6 bright neons with a subtle scattered holo effect. I saw these on the Different Dimension etsy a little while ago and went back and forth about buying them, I ended up getting a few glitters instead but then Missi sent me these 3 to review. Now I need the other half like right now because they are fantastical haha!
Check out swatches & reviews of each shade by clicking the read more button below!

Formula wise all 3 of these were the same so I'm just going to tell you about it up here :) The formula was fantastic, application was very easy...kind of like they just applied themselves. All 3 were nice and opaque, I only needed 2 coats for each polish. These dried a bit satin matte, most likely because of the neon pigment in them. I used Ozotic Mr Big Top Coat for all of these swatches. All photos in this post are in natural sunlight.

Ditz is a bright neon pink with a subtle scattered holo. The holo is subtle but easy to see out in the sun.

Gnarly is bright neon green with a subtle scattered holo. I love the name of this, gnarly is a word I say a lot, is that weird? I blame it on being from So Cal and growing up at the beach haha!

Homeboy is a bright blue with a subtle scattered holo. This one is a bit brighter in person than in photos!

I have to say, I am SO impressed with these 3 polishes....the colors and holo is beautiful and the formula was great. It doesn't get much better than that. My favorite of these three is Gnarly, but really all 3 are seriously beautiful. I'm definitely going to be buying the other half of this collection as soon as they are all available again!

Different Dimension polish are available at the Different Dimension etsy page for $10 each, you can also get these in a set of all 6 in mini sized bottles for $27!

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  1. I love this beautiful green color! It's soo rich :)

  2. Gabrielle Colorful BeautyFebruary 28, 2013 at 5:58 AM

    All of them are super pretty!

  3. I love the names on all of these especially Homeboy! My favorite of the bunch is Gnarly! I'm glad someone thought of making neons with holo because they're gorgeous.

  4. Gnarly is sooooo pretty and I usually hate green polish!

  5. Gorgeous! I must get my hands on homeboy and Ditz.
    I see that you didn't use a white base coat to make them pop, but do you think one would help intensify the neon-ness?

  6. I don't think it would make any difference since these were so opaque

  7. Gorgeous !! I loved all of them :) Very different neons.

  8. I need Gnarly in my life! It's so bright and awesome! :)

  9. These are amazing!! Thank you for the post, I might have to get my hands on some of these!

  10. These are gorgeous! And I'm not really into neon since I actually lived through the 80s, but these are stunning!

  11. Neon + Holo = wow! It's such a unique idea for a collection, yet absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

  12. We must have same tastes. I just received 'Homeboy' in the mail yesterday..its lovely.

  13. I just got all 6 of these in the mail yesterday and I am already smitten with them! I hope you can get the other 3 colors, because they are just as amazing!

  14. I want Gnarly so bad!! They're all gorgeous, though!

  15. The pink one is gorgeous in this collection! I just recently got some Different Dimension polishes (A love hue and Social Suicide) and they're amazing!


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