March 27, 2013

Essie Sleek Sticks- So Haute! Review

Hi guys! Today I have a little review for Essie's Sleek Sticks to share with you, this particular design is called So Haute! Essie recently put these out in 12 different designs, you can see them all at Essie's website by clicking here if you'd like. Basically, Sleek Sticks are nail appliques. I have a whole drawer full of these types of things (literally, you can see a photo of it here on my Instagram). I love nail appliques because I suck at 99% of nail art, these are an easy way to make my nails look like a took a lot of time doing them without actually having to take a lot of time to do them.

When you open the package of Sleek Sticks there are 18 appliques on a sheet of plastic, also in the little package is a mini nail file, instructions for application and removal and a thin hard plastic tool which you can use to remove excess sticker after applying them to your nails. There are 9 different sizes of appliques (2 of each size) in the package so it's pretty easy to find one that will fit each nail perfectly, if you have small nail beds and there isn't a perfect size for you it would be very easy to trim these if needed.

Below is a photo of the So Haute! design on the nail. So Haute! is an orangey red with gold dots, these are textured which is a bit hard to tell from the photo.

Lighting: Shade

Application was easy with this set of Sleek Sticks, this is the second time I've tried these out. This first time I tried a pattern called A to Zebra and had issues so I never posted them. The A to Zebra design is one of my favorite pattens available from Essie but the decals are smooth and I found them hard to apply. So Haute! has a lot of texture to it and I think that really helped with the application as it didn't show some of the issues that can happen with nail appliques (like wrinkling or stubborn air bubbles).

Once you find the right size for your nail you stick the applique down and smooth out any air bubbles while making sure it is securely pressed onto your nail. Then you fold the excess strip over the free edge of your nail and file it off. These strips are on the thick side so filing off the excess was something I found to be a difficult which also resulted in the edge of the sticker looking a bit ragged. As far as wear goes I did not have a chance to wear test this specific design but I wore the A to Zebra appliques for 4 days and had some lifting of the applique on a couple of nails. I think wearing top coat with these would probably extend the life of them but I haven't tried it yet.

Lighting: Shade
Overall, I wouldn't say these are my favorite of what's on the market but I do enjoy the designs Essie has. I'm not sure I would go out and purchase any of the designs that don't have texture due to how difficult I found those particular ones to be while applying. I would definetely pick up the more textured designs, like So Haute! again though.

Essie Sleek Sticks are available pretty much everywhere Essie is sold, I know I've seen them everywhere from Target to CVS and Walgreens. The suggest retail price is $10.25 but I've seen the price vary depending on where you shop.

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  1. These are really neat :D

  2. I thought these had to be cured with a UV light?

  3. These are really cool, I love the design of them and they look gorgeous as always! Super jealous of your nail decal drawer lol. I love wearing these for special events like weddings or going on vacation.

  4. Jen: So glad you posted a review on these. I love nail "stickers", but I find the best ones are the real nail polish strips. I'm glad you posted that these were appliques, which are usually thick.
    Also, as a side note, I saw your interview with Nail It! Magazine. Too cute! :D

  5. I think it looks really cute! The gold dots really make it look like you did a very difficult design - how cool:D

  6. nope, no UV light is used with these

  7. Do NOT use a top coat. it shrinks and wrinkles the sleek makes them insanely ugly...I don't know why but I did it and ruined the Sticks and Stones version I was wearing :(

  8. I really like the gold dots it looks like little studs all over. I've seen these on several people and they look cute on.

  9. :(( good to know, that's terrible!

  10. I love this particular pattern and the dots are so cute! I haven't tried essie's version yet, but nail appliques are always hit and miss with me (probably depending on my smoothing and filing abilities that day, lol.) I usually have problems getting the tips filed like I want and the rough edges drive my fingers batty - ha! ;) I have used a topcoat with Sally Hansen and L'Oreal ones, and that extended the life of the nail applique, but those textures were smooth. I have not tried a textured one like this one, so I am not sure if it would work. I will have to check for brighter shades like this one for sure - very pretty! :)

  11. GlittersnapdragonMarch 27, 2013 at 9:26 AM

    Oh, I really like this design with the cute little golden dots!!

  12. wOw! they look so stunning!!

  13. These look so neat and bold. Love them! x

  14. You aren't alone, someone else commented with the same problem. I don't think I'll be trying any of them with top coat now!

  15. I never tried sleek sticks, but these are stunning!

  16. I'm glad you took the time to test them out. I just received the Incoco Real Nail Polish Appliques in my Birchbox. I've been too scared to try them but I was scared of the filing issues you had.

    Either way they suit you well!

  17. Red Haired Rock HeadOctober 12, 2013 at 3:41 PM

    You can use topcoat with nail appliqués as long as it's not a quick drying top coat, I have found, with my attempts using the Sally Hansen strips.


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