March 3, 2013

The Makeup Show LA 2013!

Hi guys, hope you're all having a good weekend! Mine has been great, today I'm just relaxing but yesterday I went to The Makeup Show in Los Angeles. I have a little look at some of the booths from the show along with a peek at what I bought while I was there. I believe that 2013 is the 5th year that The Makeup Show has been in LA, they also do shows in New York, Orlando, Chicago and in 1 in Europe. This is a pro only make up show that brings in all sorts of brands, everything from Inglot to Makeup Forever to Nars and even a great nail polish brand we all know...Cult Nails!

Not only can do you a fair amount of shopping from all the great brands there but there is a lot of education, speakers and demos that happen throughout the day also.  I tried to take photos of a lot of the booths for you guys because I think they are fun to look at but there was so many people there as the day went on that it was a bit difficult, most of the photos are from the booths I wandered past when I first got to the show.

Not pictured but one of my favorite booths was the Cult Nails booth, I was so busy talking to Maria that I forgot to take a photo of their set up :( It was great, it was nice to talk to Maria and meet Alyssa from Pretty Little Bottles who was there working at the booth with Maria!

The first booth I stopped by when I got to the show was OCC. When I was at IMATS last month their booth was a madhouse, you couldn't see anything so the short peek I got at their polishes didn't do much for me. Since The Makeup Show isn't quite as crazy I was able to stop and actually look at the polishes and the lip tars they have. I picked up a few things you'll see later in the post! I really liked their booth, they have so many beautiful glitters and pigments!

To see more photos from The Makeup Show along with everything I bought click the read more button below!

Here is another look at all the beautiful pigments and glitters from OCC. I didn't buy any of these because my self control was still intact at this point of my day but man I'm kind of regretting it now!

Next up is the Inglot booth, this is another I was excited about since at IMATS I couldn't even get near the booth. It was nice to be able to just walk right up and really look and try out things before deciding if I want to buy them. You could also ask questions and have conversations with the people working which was a great help. Of course you know I had to take a picture of their little nail polish display. As beautiful as this is it doesn't even compare to how fantastical their polish display is in store. At the Inglot store near me there is legit a whole wall of nail polish, it's amazing.

Inglot does have another regular line of polish but they only had these O2M Breathable polishes at the show, which was fine by me since I've never tried them and wanted to! I picked up a couple that you'll see later!

Here is another peek at another side of the Inglot booth. Again, amazing pigments...I am kind of obsessed with the neon pigments they had. I didn't buy any because I would never wear them but it didn't stop me from wanting them!

Here is one of the sides of the Hakuhodo booth. This brand makes the softest brushes ever, unfortunately they also cost a pretty penny so I don't own any. Instead of buying I just stood at their booth petting the brushes like a mega creeper for a couple minutes.

Next up is the Makeup Forever booth, their booth was massive...and packed. This was the only little corner I could manage to wedge myself into to snap a photo. I didn't get anything from them and I'm having some regret about it now, it was just so crazy that I didn't want to deal with it haha

Much like at IMATS there was some special effects and body panting being done at the show. Below is from the Mehron booth!

Below is the last stop of my day, Nars. I was really excited about this booth but man it was crazy. I had a whole bunch of stuff on my list to buy and waited for almost an hour to do so. After an hour of waiting their credit card machine died and you could only pay with cash (or write your credit card number down and have them charge you and ship your thanks).  I had very little cash left after all my shopping so I ended up getting a couple things for friends as gifts but nothing that was on my personal list. I felt pretty bad for the people running the registers at the booth, I'm sure people were mad. I was disappointed but it wasn't the end of the world, at least the booth was still pretty to look at haha!

Alright so now onto what I bought!

From Cult Nails I got Charlatan, Tempest and Seduction (how did I not already own this?)

I also picked up 2 bottles of Wicked Fast since I love it so much!

At Inglot I got an assortment of things, I picked up 3 shadows. This photo also shows why I could never be a makeup blogger, nail polish is easier to photograph haha! I got 383 which is a soft matte orange, it's photographing more red than it is. 342 which is a matte brown, this is also photographing dark and more red than it is. The last one I got is 496 which is a shimmery white.

I also got a 5 pan Freedom Palette. Originally I was going to get 5 shadows but the girl helping me couldn't find the other 2 I wanted so I'll just pick them up at the Inglot store near me which luckily is close to where I live.

Next I got a fantastical pigment from Inglot, it's number 85. This is pretty impossible to photograph but it's a brownish base with a blue/green duochrome shimmer. I'm not big on using pigments but I couldn't not get this one, it's so beautiful!

I also got a couple polishes, please excuse this no bueno bottle shot of them....I'll swatch them so you can forgive me right? On the left is 664, which is a bright chartreuse with a subtle shimmer, my camera was like NOPE when taking photos of it haha. On the right is 646 which is a dark shimmery navy blue. I had a couple others I wanted but again, the girl couldn't find them. Maybe I'll pick them up at the Inglot store if I like these!

Next stop was Lime Crime, I didn't know they were going to be at the show so that was a nice surprise. At IMATS most of the stuff I wanted to look at was sold out by the time I got to their booth. The first thing I picked up is one of their Zodiac Glitters in the shade Scorpio.

I also picked up one of their Carousel glosses in the color Cherry On Top. It's a shimmery pink, I wanted this at IMATS but it was sold out! I like this because it's nice and opaque, it also smells like cake. Plus how cute is that packaging, Lime kill me with your cute packaging.

 Last at their booth I picked up another polish, this one is Parfait Day. I'm still missing a couple from their polish collection but they didn't have them at The Makeup Show or IMATS so I haven't been able to get my paws on them yet.

Lime Crime's booth was in a little area that was a few booths in one. One of the other brands there was Lise Watier. This is a Canadian brand that I've heard of on other blogs but never seen in person. Cute packaging sucked me in here. I picked up a polish called Power Punch, a pretty peach/pink shimmer. What got me about this is that there is a light in the cap, you click the little button on the top of the cap and the light turns on. Should I ever feel the need to do my nails in the dark I'm set now lol!

From OCC I got a lip tar that was sold out at IMATS, Ophelia. This is one of the more subtle lip tars but I really like it. For me it's one of those "my lips but better" kind of shades. I think it will also be good for mixing with some of the crazier lip tars I have to tone them down a little bit.

I also picked up 2 polishes, on the left is Wasabi which is kind of like the Inglot polish I got but without the shimmer. Apparently I really like this kind of green. I also got LeeLoo which is an orangey pink packed with shimmer. This one looks like it will be pretty awesome on the nail. I can't find either of these on the OCC website so I'm not sure if they are old and discontinued or new and just not on their site yet.

Last but not least I bought another Z Palette. These are great for if you like to de-pot your eyeshadows or blushes. You can just stick them all in here, it even comes with little magnetic rounds you can put on the bottom of what you de-pot if it's not magnetic on it's own. I think these are really handy, I already have 1 and I love it!

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  1. Cult Nails' Seductive looks SO AMAZING omg

  2. Oh My! I think, this is how heaven looks!

  3. Constanze SchmittMarch 3, 2013 at 5:09 AM

    Great pics and amazing products you bought! ♥

  4. Looks like you had a great time! I must buy a Z palette some time :).

  5. No comments about Lime Crime's business practices yet? Well let me be the first. Google it, read the ED article on Doe Deere. Form your own opinion, but be informed of the shenanigans.

  6. A Girl and Her PolishMarch 3, 2013 at 5:56 AM

    I would love to go to a Make-Up Show, unfortunately there is nothing near me. They look like so much fun! :)

  7. that looks like way too much fun

  8. Can't wait to see all these new swatches!
    Did you know that Inglot was from Poland? Very sadly, the founder passed away last week at age of 57...

  9. Looks like a great time! You made some great purchases, and that's so neat that you got to meet Maria from Cult Nails!

  10. I heard about that, so sad...he was young!

  11. Very cool! i actually read an article in my local newspaper about Inglot Breathable Nail Polish. Created by a Polish Chemist (yay Poland!) so that air and water can actually make contact with the nail underneath. This polish actually has found an unlikely niche, with Muslim women, the pre-pray ritual requires cleaning hands and arms cleansing water. It has to touch all surfaces of their hands included their nails. Now this is nail polish, they are able to wear it because it is breathable. I thought I would share this story and here is the link to the article

  12. Kinda makes me proud to be Polish :)

  13. Awesome haul! And I need that OCC polish, if just for the name LeeLoo! I have to track it down!

  14. The first time I posted about Lime Crime I mentioned it, I am aware of their issues in the past. I choose to not post about drama that I was not involved in, thanks.

  15. So jealous you got to go to this. everything looks amazing would have loved to see cult and mufe. can't wait to see your swatches.

  16. I literally lol'd getting a visual image of you being cometic brush creeper!

  17. Can you please list your favorite nail polishes from each brand? I love your blog!

  18. As much as I love Inglot (I'm from Poland so it is a bit patriotic ;)) I much prefer their regular nail polish line. The O2M shows tip wear and chips sometimes even the same day I apply it.

  19. I'm really curious about the Breathable Nail Polish, I've heard mixed things about it! I also respect you for not getting into drama-llama land with Lime Crime :)

  20. Soooooo jealous of all this! I'd DIE to go to a convention like IMATS or The Makeup Show! <3

  21. Hi Jen, great post as always. The Inglot polishes look good, they have a big following in the U.K with Muslim ladies (as the poster below mentioned) the colours look good too. I have Charlatan and you will find so many cool combos with it. How nice are the OCC polishes you bought? I love those colours. Thanks again for the blog, huggles to Degen!

  22. Great pictures! I own Wasabi but in OCC's old packaging, but I am seeing it on OCC's website. LeeLoo, however, is a mystery! I've never seen it before and can't find any other information about it anywhere. Maybe it's new? But man, now I'm obsessed with it and am looking forward to your swatches!

  23. Looks like a great time! I have Wasabi and I love it :) It's such a great chartreuse!

  24. The one polish with the light might be glow in the dark! I work at Claire's and we sell polishes with lights that you turn on so it glows later! Try it!

  25. nope, it doesn't...that would be cool though

  26. Awesome haul! I love INGLOT- so sad the founder recently passed. My post from the makeup show is going up tomorrow! :D

  27. "Instead of buying I just stood at their booth petting the brushes like a mega creeper for a couple minutes." This cracked me up! Seriously, you don't know how bad I needed that laugh. :D I can't wait to see swatches of those Cult Nails polishes. The one on the right looks amazing.

  28. Concerning the OCC Nail Lacquers: Leeloo is actually a part of the brand new Spring collection that isn't even out yet! It's amazing over the other new polish, Batty, which is a black with silver shimmer. Wasabi is still on the site.


  29. awesome, thanks for the info!

  30. Oooo that OCC LeeLoo polish looks amazing (and yay for the Fifth Element reference!). :) Great haul, looks like a fun show to go to!

  31. Great post! I didn't realize you were there - I was too, I might have gone all fangirl on you if I had known and met you :)


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