April 30, 2013

Zoya Summer 2013 Irresistible Collection Swatches

Hi guys! Today I have some of Zoya's Summer 2013 goodies to share with you! Zoya recently released a whole bunch of new polishes including shimmer, cremes and new PixieDust shades! I'll have swatches of everything up eventually and I'm starting off today with the Irresistible Collection which is 6 new foil like shimmers! I'm always a big fan of what Zoya gives us each Summer, especially the shimmery shades like this! Check out swatches of each polish by clicking the read more button under the collage!

April 29, 2013

Incoco Very Rosy

Hi guys! Today I have some Incoco nail strips to share with you called Very Rosy. For Spring Incoco has put out a new collection of nail strips called Freshly Picked Florals. I was looking for something to wear on my nails a few weeks ago and these jumped out at me! I like this design because it's simple and a little girly but not over the top!

I wore these for 5 days and had no issues with chipping or peeling, I only ended up removing them because I couldn't stand looking at big gap from my nails growing. The first 2 photos below are from the day I applied Very Rosy and the 2nd two photos are from the day I took them off and are labeled "5 days of wear".

Incoco is available at Incoco.com and they retail for $8.99!

April 28, 2013

piCture pOlish Blogger & Revolution

Hi guys! Hope you're all having a good weekend, I'm sad it's almost over! Today I have a couple new piCture pOlish goodies to share with you. Last week piCture pOlish launched a whole bunch of new things including 3 new collaboration shades, a matte top coat, a glitter base coat and a beautiful glitter bomb! I'll have swatches of the matte top coat and collaboration shades for you soon but today I have the glitter base coat, Revolution, and the glitter bomb, Blogger, to share with you! Check out swatches after the jump!

April 27, 2013

Deborah Lippmann Summer 2013 Mermaids Collection Swatches

Hi :D Long time no see. Sorry for the absence...I've been really sick the past couple weeks. I was in and out of the hospital a couple of times last week and this week I've managed to get myself to work and when I've gotten home I've been too exhausted to even open my computer. Hopefully things will be back to normal around here now that I feel somewhat human again, I have a lot that I'm excited to swatch and show so *fingers crossed!*

Today I have 3 of the polishes from the Mermaids Collection from Deborah Lippmann for Summer 2013 to share with you. There are 4 new shades that go along with Mermaid's Dream that came out last year. I was a little bit scared of these, I never really liked Mermaid's Dream in photos...it just looked like glitter in a really frosty base. I have to say though, I really like these, now I'm toying with the idea of finally picking up Mermaid's Dream! I'm so excited to FINALLY share these with you guys, I've been holding onto these swatches for over a month waiting for them to be in stock on Deborah Lippmann's website haha!

Do The Mermaid is a light lilac base packed with a slight gold shimmer and a ton of purple glitter.  This is my personal favorite of the 3 polishes today! The formula was good, the consistency was nice and application was easy. Do The Mermaid was a bit sheer though so I used 3 coats to get it opaque.All photos are in natural sunlight.

Mermaid's Kiss is a light rosy pink base with a strong golden shimmer and darker pink glitter. I love the shimmer in this one because of how noticeable it is and because it contrasts with the base color and the glitter nicely. The formula was a bit on the thick side but it was easy to apply. This was also on the sheer side, I used 3 coats for full opacity. All photos are in natural sunlight.

Million Dollar Mermaid is a light orange base with golden shimmer and orange glitter. To me this feels the most summery even though it's not an in your face kind of orange. The formula was great but like the others...sheer. I used 3 coats for full opacity, all photos are in natural sunlight. 

Deborah Lippmann's Mermaid's Collection is available now at DeborahLippmann.com they are $19 each (seems that she's raised her prices since the last time I looked...bummed). You can also find Deborah Lippmann polishes at places like Nordstroms and Ulta. If you are in the So Cal area like me you can also get them at Planet Beauty!

April 16, 2013

Dollish Polish Chilling With Mike & Ike and Gotham City!

Hi guys, hope you're all having a good day so far! My day is alright, last night on my way to Target after work some idiot was doing an illegal turn and ran right into me. I'm fine but my car is another story...luckily I wasn't hurt but I'll probably be without my car for a little bit while it gets fixed :( Today I have a couple Dollish Polish shades to share with you. Recently Dolly released a ton of new polishes and these 2 caught my eye when she restocked...since then a whole bunch of others have too but I haven't gotten around to buying them yet.

Chilling With Mike & Ike is a milky light green jelly base packed with red, green and gold. I had to get this one mostly because I loved Mike & Ikes as a kid, it used to be my go to movie snack! The formula was a little thick so I thinned it before applying my second coat and it was good to go after that. I would recommend waiting a few minutes between coats or it does tend to drag off the previous layer. I used 3 coats for the photos below.

Gotham City is bright blue glitter mixed with black glitter in a clear base. I love this as an alternative to black and white glitter. I found this to be so hard to photograph though, not sure why...so there is only 1 photo below. I promise, it's pretty awesome in real life! The formula was on the thick side so thinner was necessary but application was easy and the glitter payoff was good. I used 1 coat over OPI My Boyfriend Scales Wall.

Dollish Polish is available at http://dollishpolish.bigcartel.com, you can also find Dollish Polish at etailers like Llarowe and Overall Beauty.

April 15, 2013

Jesse's Girl Cosmetics Favorites!

Hi guys, hope you all had a good weekend. Guess what today is? Today is my 3 year blogging birthday yay!! I can't believe i've been at this for 3 years already! I'm planning a little something special for it that I'll be posting soon, hopefully!

Today I have a fun post for you, I've teamed up with Jesse's Girl Cosmetics to create a special until 4/22/13 for 6 of my favorite polishes from them at a special discounted price!  I really love the polishes that Jesses Girl puts out, including their JulieG branded line so a bunch of those are included in this also!

Until 4/22/13 you will be able to buy all 6 of these polishes for $20.01 from the Jesse's Girl website here. Shipping is free (US Only) since it's over their $20 limit and they ship internationally! You can also pick up each polish individually for $3.34 each if you aren't interested in all 6. Check out swatches of all 6 polishes included in the special after the jump!

April 13, 2013

LA Girl 3D Effects: Brilliant Blue & Teal Dimension

Hi guys! Sorry for the short unexpected break for the last few days. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you might know what was going on, kind of. If not you were probably like what the heck happened to Jen?!? On Monday night I started having really bad stomach pain, unfortunately for me it's a pretty common thing and I've learned to live with it...however it was REALLY bad and not going away so I ended up taking a trip to the hospital. After about 6 hours, 6 vials of blood, a CT Scan and a bunch of pain medication I felt better-ish and went home with "unidentified abdominal pain". Since then I've just pretty much felt like crap, I've mostly slept since I got home from the hospital and I just didn't feel like editing photos or typing up blog posts. I feel a bit better now, I guess.  This problem has been ongoing for nearly 5 years and no doctor can figure out wtf is wrong with me, I'm pretty sure I could qualify to be on Mystery Diagnosis if a doctor ever does figure out why my stomach hates me so much.

Anyway, blah blah blah on to nail polish. A couple weeks ago I was browsing Rite Aid and saw a new display from LA Girl of a new collection called 3D Effects and they are scattered holographic polishes, you can see a photo of the display over on Frazzle and Aniploish here (I freaking LOVE her display posts, btw!) I ended up buying 2 of them, the rest all looked like things I already own so they stayed at the store.  Check out the swatches by clicking the read more button under the photo!

April 9, 2013

Nails Inc Shoreditch Lane

Hi guys! Today I have another one of the Nails Inc Leather Effect polishes to share with you. I picked this up a while back when I stopped by a Sephora inside JC Penney. If you're in the US and have been waiting for these to get to Sephora I'd check there, it's still not on the Sephora website as far as I can tell.

Shoreditch Lane is the red Leather Effect polish. I was expecting this to be more red on the nail but it dried darker and more maroon than it looked in the bottle. I really like the texture on this polish, it's much more toned down than a lot of the other textured polishes on the market and it doesn't dry down completely matte, there is a little bit of a shine to it which is nice. The formula was really great, nice and creamy...almost opaque in 1 coat! I used 2 coats for the photos but the 2nd coat was hardly needed!

Lighting: Sunlight

Lighting: Shade

Nails Inc is available in the US and Canada at Sephora, the Leather Effect polishes retail for $9.50!

April 8, 2013

piCture pOlish Denim

Hi guys, hope you all had a good weekend! Mine was alright, not long enough as usual. I'd like to know who decided that we should work 5 days a week and then only get 2 off... I feel like we should work 4 and get 3 off instead!

Today I have another piCture pOlish shade to share with you, this one is called Denim. Denim is a dusty blue with a silvery blur shimmer and white flakes. It's the blue version of one of the Collaboration shades piCture pOlish did called Amethyst, which you can see here! The formula was good, it was a little thick but creamy and easy to apply! I used 2 coats for full opacity.

Lighting: Sunlight

Lighting: Sunlight

Lighting: Shade
piCture pOlish is available a few places including their official website, www.picturepolish.com.au. You can also find the brand at several of the network etailers like Llarowe and Harlow & Co. For a full list of network members check out the piCture pOlish website.

April 5, 2013

Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter Food Review!

Happy Friday! Today I have a little review for you for a product from Nail Pattern Boldness called Glitter Food. Glitter Food has a couple of uses, both as a top coat and a way to fix sinky glitters! A couple of months ago Allison from Nail Pattern Boldness sent me over a bottle of Glitter Food to try out and I've been testing it out a bunch to the point of needing to buy another bottle soon! For all my thoughts and a few photos of how it can fix a polish with sinking glitter click the read more button under the photo!

April 4, 2013

wHet Nail Lacquer Swatches

Hi guys! Today I have a few polishes from a new to me brand called wHet to share with you. This brand is cruelty free, 3 free and vegan...gotta love that! For me wHet is also a local brand since they are based out of Los Angeles. I hadn't heard of this brand before so I was pretty excited to give them a try! Check out all the swatches after the jump!

April 3, 2013

Alessandro Peachy Cinderella

Hi guys! Is it just me or is this week going really fast? Even when I'm at work if feels like time is flying, I wish it was always like that....now that's I've said that I'm sure today will drag on like it usually does haha!

Today I have a polish from a brand called Alessandro to share with you! If you read a lot of blogs, particularly European blogs, this is a brand you have probably heard of. Until very recently Alessandro wasn't available in the US so I would always just admire all the pretty swatches on other blogs. Alessandro is now available here and man, I am excited about it! It's always nice when brands you admire but can't get finally become available where you live!

The shade I have to show you today is called Peachy Cinderella, it's a pink toned peach creme. This is the kind of shade I always go for this time of year! The formula was good, a little streaky on the first coat but the second coat evened it out nicely. I have to say I really loved both the brush and the bottle cap Alessandro is using. The cap fits nicely in the hand while polishing because of the way it's designed, you can see photos of it on the Alessandro website here if you want to know what I mean! I used 2 coats of Peachy Cinderella for the photos below, both photos are in natural sunlight.

Alessandro polishes can be purchased at alessandro-international.us, each polish is $12 which I think is a little steep for a shade like Peachy Cinderella but for the more unique shades I don't think that's too bad!

April 2, 2013

Essie Resort 2013 Collection Swatches & Comparisons

Hi guys! Today I have Essie's Resort Collection for ya! I stumbled upon these the other day while I was at Rite Aid and couldn't resist, I managed to talk myself out of the Essie Spring Collection but the green and blue in this collection were just too pretty for me to say no to. Essie's Resort Collection for this year is 4 pretty shades, 3 of them are light but bright which I really enjoy and 1 I bought just so I could show you the whole collection...totally normal right?
Check out all the swatches and a few comparisons by clicking the read more button below!

April 1, 2013

China Glaze Texture Collection Swatches

Hi guys, happy April Fools Day! I was going to do an April Fools type post but I couldn't think of any clever ideas soooooooo you just get a regular post instead, sorry? Anyway, today I have swatches of the China Glaze Texture Collection to share with you. I've been waiting to post about these for a couple months. Back when I went to ISSE I was given a bottle of Bump & Grind and I've been patiently waiting for my local beauty supply to get the rest of the collection so I could post them all at once.  My beauty supply finally got these in late last week so I went right over and bought the 5 other shades!

The China Glaze Texture Collection polishes are a bit different than any of the other texture polishes I've posted about. They are a creme formula with no glitter. They are similar to the texture polishes that both Milani and Barry M have come out with but I haven't found the Milani ones yet and I haven't had a chance to swatch the Barry M shades I picked up from Ninja Polish. These are also similar to the Nails Inc Leather Effect polishes but much more textured than those polishes. Anyway, check out the swatches by clicking the read more button after the collage!

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