April 5, 2013

Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter Food Review!

Happy Friday! Today I have a little review for you for a product from Nail Pattern Boldness called Glitter Food. Glitter Food has a couple of uses, both as a top coat and a way to fix sinky glitters! A couple of months ago Allison from Nail Pattern Boldness sent me over a bottle of Glitter Food to try out and I've been testing it out a bunch to the point of needing to buy another bottle soon! For all my thoughts and a few photos of how it can fix a polish with sinking glitter click the read more button under the photo!

What I've been using Glitter Food for the most is as a top coat over top coat hungry glitters, you might have seen me mentioning it lately when I've posted swatches of the textured polishes we've been seeing lately. Glitter Food is what I've been loving to put on before I put on my regular top coat, it acts as a good buffer between the glitter and my other top coat so I don't need as many coat of top coat. I have really been loving this lately, I've been putting it over every glitter I've worn, wear time has been great every time I've worn this as a top coat.

Glitter Food does dry to a bit of a satin finish and can look a little cloudy on it's own so you do need to layer another top coat over it...that completely gets rid of the cloudiness and the semi matte finish. I've also found that Glitter Food gets a little thick over time and if you don't thin it when it starts getting that way it will shrink the polish you put it over. That's a pretty minor downside since it's such an easy thing to fix!

Other than being a really awesome top coat Glitter Food can be used as a way to fix glitters with sinking problems. I'm sure we all have problems with glitters like that, I've collected quite a few indies over the last year or so where all the glitter sinks straight to the bottom of the polish. I was just putting them in my helmer and forgetting about them because I'm too lazy to shake a polish for 10 minutes before I want to wear it. I pulled out one of my worst offenders to show you guys how Glitter Food can fix it. Below is Nerd Lacquer Holy Grail, I love this polish but it was the worst sinking polish I had in my stash. Pretty much everything in this polish sank...glitter, pigment, holographic pigment etc...

Below is Holy Grail pre Glitter Food!

I took a little eye dropper and sucked out all the base liquid that was separated and sitting at the top of the bottle. Once all that liquid was out I replaced it with Glitter Food. I shook and shook, even stuck an orange stick inside the bottle  to get the glitter off the bottom. After about 15 minutes everything was back to being how it looked when Holy Grail first came into my life ages ago.

The photo below is right after my shake fest with Holy Grail. I had forgotten how pretty this was!

After I took the photo above I put Holy Grail on my desk and let it sit to see what would happen. A week later I took the photo below, as you can see everything is still suspended. Pre-Glitter Food it would have all sunk back down within a day or so. It's been almost another full week since I took the photo below and everything is still suspended and perfect!

Overall I really like Glitter Food, my bottle is almost gone since I fixed a bunch of sinking glitters, I will definitely be purchasing another bottle! I really enjoy using this as a top coat as well, with as many hungry glitters as I own and wear I get a lot of use out of a top coat that kills the thirst for a bajillion coats of top coat. I've heard that this is also a good base coat for holos but I haven't tried that yet...it's on my list to do though!

Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter Food is available at the Nail Pattern Boldness Etsy shop . You can also find it at shop.llarowe.com for $8! I believe it's sold out at both shops right now but Nail Pattern Boldness is restocking today so you might be able to get your paws on a bottle!

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  1. It looks like a really good product.

  2. Thanks for posting the follow-up pic! I've seen pics from immediately after people added the GF and they said it held up well, but this is the first actual pic I've seen of its suspension properties holding up, and I do like to see things with my own eyes. I definitely need a bottle of this in my life -- or a jug!

  3. I just got into nail polish a couple of months ago and I have yet to buy a good glitter topcoat. I like hearing about this because I've been thinking about getting with a couple of Nail Pattern Boldness colors. How would you say it compares to Gelous, which I've heard a lot of people like? This is also a great post because I want to get Holy Grail the next time Amanda restocks, so now I'll know what to do if I have similar issues!

  4. I like it a lot better than Gelous, when I was trying these with the textured OPI's I was needing 3-4 coats of Gelous to do the same thing that 1 coat of Glitter Food followed by a coat of KBShimmer Clearly On Top!

  5. Thanks for the detailed review! This was really helpful to see :)

  6. Thanks for the review! It sounds like an interesting product.

  7. Thanks for sharing! Do you think this would work with Orly Royal Navy? I love that color, but it drives me batty because it completely separates into half a bottle of clear polish and half a bottle of pure blue pigment and glitter.

    Also, any ideas how this compares to general suspension base you can buy in larger quantities from supply companies? (I think TKB Trading might sell it? I'd have to check.) Thanks again!

  8. What a brilliant product :D

  9. Thanks! She just had a restock this afternoon so I snagged one!

  10. What is the dry time like? I may be spoiled by the Sally Hansen Insta Dri topcoat, not sure I could deal with one that takes hours to fully set.

  11. I always layer a quick dry top coat over it so it dries quickly

  12. How interesting! I feel like this is one of those "Why did anyone think of this sooner?!" kind of products.

  13. My China Glaze top coat is getting to the point where I have to tip the bottle to get the right amount on the brush. If I went out and bought a new bottle of the same top coat and used it for a while, could I pour the old bottle's contents into the new bottle?

  14. Thanks for this post! I had Glitter Food on my to-buy list but forgot about it until now. And I think (sorry!) I just bought the last bottle on Etsy. Hope it restocks soon for everyone else!

  15. This sounds amazing! So great to see something innovative on the polish scene; your review was great, honest and comprehensive - I'll definately be trying this out! :)

  16. I've done it before without a problem!

  17. I started using it awhile back for both purposes (my old Lynnderellas and Nerds were sad, sunken, separated, messes), but mainly as a top coat. It just caused too many problems with shrinkage for me so I've quit using it. Thinning it didn't seem to help. I am, however, still using it to fix my glitter polishes!

  18. I have been under the impression that Glitter Food is just repackaged (and marked-up) suspension base from frankening supply retailers. Do you know anything about that?

  19. Considering I am not the maker of it I have no idea what it's comprised of. That question should be directed to Nail Pattern Boldness as she is the one who makes it.

  20. WOW!! I'll definitely check out Glitter Food now that I see it can fix sunken glitter nail polishes!


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