April 28, 2013

piCture pOlish Blogger & Revolution

Hi guys! Hope you're all having a good weekend, I'm sad it's almost over! Today I have a couple new piCture pOlish goodies to share with you. Last week piCture pOlish launched a whole bunch of new things including 3 new collaboration shades, a matte top coat, a glitter base coat and a beautiful glitter bomb! I'll have swatches of the matte top coat and collaboration shades for you soon but today I have the glitter base coat, Revolution, and the glitter bomb, Blogger, to share with you! Check out swatches after the jump!

Blogger is a multicolored glitter, there is a little bit of every color in here all in a clear base. The glitter is super dense which makes it easy to get a ton of glitter onto the nail for layering, you can also easily wear this on it's with 2-3 coats. The formula is on the thick side because of how much glitter there is, I didn't find it hard to apply because of this, I actually found that it made it easy to apply. If you don't like the thickness a bit of thinner would definitely help! I used 1 coat of Blogger over each base color below! Both photos are in the shade.

Blogger over Zoya Micky

Blogger over Zoya Josie
Revolution is a brand new base coat specifically designed to make removing glitter easier. It is water based and has a pretty thin consistency. To use it you apply 2 thin coats and allow it to completely dry, then apply your polish and regular top coat. Removal is a breeze, I saturate a cotton pad with my regular OPI Expert Touch remover and hold it on the nail for about 15 seconds then with a gentle scrub with the cotton pad all the glitter comes off. No foil required!

I've been testing out the base coat for a little while and have really been loving it, the wear time I've gotten with it has been great...just as good (if not better) than my regular base coats with glitter!

Both Blogger & Revolution are available now on the piCture pOlish website, you can also find them at all of their network etailers like Llarowe & Harlow & Co. For a full list of network members check out piCture pOlish's website here.

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  1. I love how Blogger looks over Zoya Josie.
    I am about to order Revolution but I'm still not sure if I should order Blogger as well. It looks great but it does not look that unique to me,

  2. LovelycatificationApril 28, 2013 at 6:47 AM

    Love the Glitter! Greetings from Germany!

  3. I have some NPB Glitter-A-Peel on the way (with a bunch of other polishes thanks in part to your lovely swatches), but want to get some Revolution too.

    And just to add to the awesomeness of Picture Polish Revolution as well, it seems to be turning out to be an amazeballs top coat for FOILS! As in non-crinkling. Cathy over at More Nail Polish had posted some pix that you can see (here's the link http://bit.ly/127XS7p - is that ok to post? I can remove if not). So I am double excited to grab some Revolution, being a foil fiend :) I'm glad we finally have access to make glitter/foil wearing obsessions that much easier...

  4. Is Revolution piCture pOlish's version of the Essence Peel Off Base Coat / Elmer's Glue Base Coat, or is this something altogether different?

  5. I need to get my hands on some Revolution!

  6. Nice! That base sounds awesome for glitter pollish removal :)

  7. This base doesn't peel off :)

  8. The base coat sounds awesome! Will need to get some of that! What are the ingredients? I didn't see them listed on the site???

  9. according to the back of the bottle: Acrylate, Aqua, Copolymers, Alklene, Glycol Ethers, Dimeticone

  10. Yes!! Somebody is finally talking about the wear time! With me, the elmer's glue base coat lasts less than a day so this should be better :p Thanks for the review!!

  11. I won't be getting Blogger since I just bought Daphne's Birthday Party from Pretty Serious, but Revolution sounds amazing! Thanks for the review :)

  12. Damn I think I need to get Revolution so I won't be so hesitant to wear all my pretty glitters!

  13. Definitely need to get myself Revolution!

  14. okay you have made me finally go check out their site and buy revolution.. anything to make glitter removal easier! i love your blog so much!

  15. I need to get my hands on Revolution!

  16. Oh, yes! I loved the Elmer's idea, but the wear was horrible, so I had to go back to regular topcoat. I think I'll be all over this if it really stays put, yet swipes off glitter in a jiffy! :D

  17. I am Australian and have already picked up these two polishes in a competition, they are great. Blogger looks awesome over black or on its own. Revolution makes it so much easier to remove polish. It is quite watery and stays on like a normal base coat, once the the remover gets to the base coat the glitter comes off with out all the normal hassle.

  18. I got revolution and for some reason it's not working for me. I used two different polishes. Blogger alone and then a JulieG gumdrop and I left it on for 24 hours and when I went to remove, it wouldn't come off. I had to soak each nail in acetone and scrub to get both polishes off. I followed the instructions and used 2 thin coats and allowed dry time in between those 2 coats plus my coats of polish and then added 1 coat of sv over blogger and no top coat on the julieg. Maybe I got a bad bottle or something? You know how when you remove some glitter polishes, you wipe and you take off all the color and small glitters but you are left with the large silver glitters, that's what happened to me and I had to soak and scrub those larger silver glitters off. I am really disappointed, especially because it's not cheap. I am going to try it again, this time with 3 coats and see if that works. If it fails as a base coat hopefully it will work as a top coat for foils like some bloggers said it does. I ordered some foils after seeing that so hopefully it works for something.

  19. Thanks for the review of Revolution! I think I'll have to pick up a couple bottles since I LOVE GLITTTTERRRRRR! <3


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