May 28, 2013

Essence Nail Art Twins Reloaded: Romeo & Juliet

Hi guys! Today I have a a cute Essence duo to share with you guys! I'm pretty excited about this duo because until very recently this isn't something I could get here. Essence is mostly a European brand, Ulta started carrying a very very small selection of their polishes a while back but they never get these. Anyway, Ninja Polish just started carrying Essence and they have 3 of the Nail Art Twins Reloaded duo's up on their website right now. The Nail Art Twins duos each come with a creme and a glitter top coat that pair together really nicely.

The duo I have today is Romeo and Juliet. Romeo is a dark purple creme, it's leaning a bit more blue in photos than it does in's like a nice dark grape. The formula on Romeo was great, it was nice and creamy...very easy to apply. I used 2 coats for the photos below. Juliet is a glitter top coat that is packed with purple and holographic glitter in different shapes/sizes. The formula was a little bit thick but the glitter payoff was great and it was easy to apply. I used 1 coat over Romeo on my ring finger as an accent nail for the photos below.

Lighting: Sunlight

Lighting: Sunlight

Lighting: Shade
Essence is now available at, each polish retails for $7.50. In Europe I know you can find these in actual stores but since I don't live there I can't really tell you much more about that :)

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  1. love the glitter :D

  2. really really cute!

  3. You paid 7.50 for an essence polish? :O That is ridiculously much compared to the price in Germany... I really like the colour though :)

  4. Really pretty!
    I love purple and glitter so this is freaking awesome!

  5. yep, kinda like how you guys have to pay ridiculous amounts for our brands like OPI. Sucks!

  6. In Canada you can buy Essence polsh at Shoppers Drug Mart. I believe they are around $5 a bottle. I haven't seen the duos yet but will keep watching for them

  7. Oh, I just love some of the glitter topper twin sets from essence. Please excuse me for drooling all over your post!!!

  8. gah! They're $1.99 at our Shoppers.

  9. wow, that's quite expensive... i'm from europe and essence nail polishes cost about 2 euros each here... in stores, of course :)

    btw, i don't comment on your blog, but i check it daily, i loooooooooveeeeeeee your nails and swatches!!!

  10. If you live in Texas, some HEB Plus stores carry Essence for a couple of dollars a bottle!

  11. Oh yeah, that's true.. :-/

  12. I live in Europe and have about 30 colors from Essence. Their "colour & go" line is the worst to date. It chips just after a day usually and by day 3 or 4, it looks horrid - even with a top coat! It costs only 1.50EUR or so, very cheap, but not really worth it. I try to stick to their seasonal products, which for some reason, are much better. If you want a better and affordable European brand, try P2! It's just under 2eur per bottle here and much longer lasting. Not sure if any U.S. stores carry it, but worth looking into :) Another one is "Catrice".


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