May 3, 2013

Super Black Lacquer Swatches

Hi guys, happy Friday! Today I have swatches of an indie brand I'm pretty excited about called Super Black Lacquers. Super Black is made by Natalie Dee who I've been a big fan of years, if you've never seen her cartoons I suggest you go check them out! Last year Natalie started up Super Black and I've been itching to give them a try so I'm excited to finally have gotten to! Super Black offers a nice range of finishes and colors, everything from glitters to cremes and holographic polishes! Check out all the swatches after the jump!

Becky is a a navy blue jelly with small bright green glitter. This is my favorite of the bunch, I love unusual glitter combos and this is one I don't have already in my collection! The formula was great, a little sheer on the first coat but completely opaque with the 2nd coat! I used 2 coats for the photos below.

Lighting: Sunlight

Lighting: Shade
When I wore Becky I ended up using a matte top coat over it (piCture pOlish g'day matte), I LOVED it this way! Both photos below are in natural sunlight.

Drunk Dial is a magenta jelly with holographic gold and red glitter. It's hard to see the holographic-ness of the gold glitter in photos but it's visible in person! The formula was good, I thought this would be very sheer but it built really easily and was opaque in 2 coats!Both photos below are in natural sunlight.

Hello, Officer is a blue creme. I love that Super Black is doing cremes, I know that a lot of people shy away from indies because they don't like crazy glitters, for those of you who are like that you'll like this one also! The formula was good, it was a little bit more thin that I usually like my cremes to be but application was easy and it was opaque in 2 coats. This dries a little bit satin matte so I did use a top coat for the photos. Both photos below are in natural sunlight.

The Whale is a medium grey with a strong blue shimmer. The blue shimmer has a tiny bit of a purple shift to it but I couldn't capture it with my camera :( I'm really impressed with this polish mostly because of the formula, it seems like whenever I have a great polish with an awesome shimmer it's always super sheer but this was pretty much the complete opposite! The formula was fantastic and nearly opaque in 1 coat! I used 2 coats for the photos below, the shimmer was visible inside and out in the sun! All photos below are in natural sunlight.

Torque is a blue holo. This is pretty much perfection, this was more linear looking in person but hard to capture with my camera. The formula was pretty much flawless, I was like :O when I started applying this. If the rest of the Super Black holos are also like that I will be needing to buy them all right now! This was opaque in 1 coat but I ended up doing 2 to deepen the blue a bit. I did use top coat for the photo, it didn't dull the holo! All photos below are in natural sunlight.

Super Black Lacquers are available at, each polish retails for $12! It looks like right now they only ship within the US
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  1. oh my, the whale is just so pretty. A shame the polishes are so expensive, and the only ships to the us. Shipping to europe would just make the price go higher :(

  2. Those are so pretty - the holo one especially is gorgeous. I love Natalie Dee's beauty blog, too. It just cracks me up!

  3. Wonderful swatches on them!

  4. Lovely swatches and polishes!! I really like drunk dial, the base colour is gorgeous!! :)

  5. Whoa... Becky, the Whale, and Torque are amazing! I especially love Becky matte

  6. Drunk Dial and the blue holo are amazing!!! Love your swatches and I´m so glad you are back!

  7. Sucks they're not available here in the UK :(

  8. I'm in LOVE with this brand of polishes! Sadly, I honestly think that indie brands are getting more and more overpriced. Sorry, but I'm not going to pay $15 ($12 + $3 for shipping) for a single bottle of nail polish that wouldn't even be considered high end. Sad to say I won't be ordering any of these any time soon! :(

  9. I bought Whip (one of the other holos in the line), and it is AMAZING. A beautiful charcoal gray in indirect light & awesome linear holo in sunlight...perfect.

  10. The Whale is beautiful! Office friendly, with a little kick.

  11. Everything looks so great on you, but Torque is my favorite!!!

  12. I like Torque and The Whale a lot.

  13. Totally agree with Jessietee, Ester & Culparmaiel

  14. Great pics! Drunk Dial is A really pretty shade of pink!

  15. These look great! Thanks!

  16. Kyndra @ Two Kittens BeautyMay 6, 2013 at 10:53 AM

    I love Becky with the matte top coat! I would also love to see Drunk Dial with a matte top coat.

  17. "That wouldn't even be considered high end." What would you call "high end"? The price is similar to Butter, it's 4-free and you get .61 oz. (18 ml). It's also handmade by a sole proprietor in the U.S.A., reducing opportunities for economies of scale, a common issue for indies. At least I know where the money is going when I send it to Super Black, and there are colors not readily available elsewhere. I've been happy with the colors I've purchased. I don't know why anyone would pay Chanel prices, except maybe for that jade green color that no one else had...but other than the color I doubt the actual polish was better than mid-priced brands. To each her own.

  18. Just bought The Whale!

  19. It is literally illegal to airmail dangerous objects (flammable liquids like nail polish count) in the US, that's why they can't ship them overseas. I don't even think they will ship to Canada.


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