June 19, 2013

Pomegranate Nail Lacquer Fairy Berry & Cellairis Phone Case Inspired Nail Art

Hi guys! Today I have a bit of nail art for you! Pomegranate Nail Lacquer sent me over a polish called Fairy Berry along with a Cellairis Phone Case called Gradient Lust to do some nail art from. I did a few of these with Pomegranate and Cellairis last year and had a lot of fun with it, so I was excited to do another mani! You can see my past collabs here if you missed them. Fun fact...the first one (quilted mani) has become my most stolen manicure ever...I see photos from that post all over instagram and pinterest with weird how-to instructions to recreate the look (like using a ruler, wtf) lol!

The case I based my nail art off of today is called Gradient Lust and it's from the DeBari line of Cellairis cases, you can see it on their website here. The case is a beautiful, it's a purple to silver gradient done with rhinestones. I love these cases from Cellairis, I have one on my phone now that I've had for about a year and I still love it.

For my gradient I used Pomegranate Nail Lacquer Fairy Berry as my base then I did a quick and easy gradient with Orly Dazzle. This was so easy to do and I really love how it turned out. Just for kicks I also added glitter but I didn't like it as much that way, the glitter I used which you can see in the 3rd photo below is OPI Which Is Witch.

Below are a couple shots of Fairy Berry on its own. It's a really pretty dark purple foil. The formula is pretty much amazing on this, it's a little thick (in a good way) and it was completely opaque in 1 coat.

Lighting: Sunlight

Lighting; Shade

Pomegranate Nail Lacquer can be found on their official website for $8.50. The Cellairis Gradient Lust phone case can be found on the Cellairis website for $49.99.


  1. This gradient is really well done. And what a beautiful combination!

  2. Beautiful mani! It looks super easy to do and it matches the cell case quite nicely.

  3. How similar is this to Zoya's Carly?

  4. I don't know sorry...I haven't compared them.

  5. Pretty gradient! Love the phone case too! :) I really like Cellairis phone cases, but I wish they weren't so expensive. :/


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