June 3, 2013

a-england Burne-Jones Dream Collection Swatches

Hi guys, hope you all had a good weekend! Today I have the newest a-england Collection to share with you! This collection is called the Burne-Jones Dream Collection and it's based off The Legend of Briar Rose series of paintings by Edward Burne-Jones. I was pretty excited about these as soon as I heard Adina had a new collection coming out, a-england is pretty well known for their amazing formulas and I always love the inspiration behind what Adina puts out. This is a 5 piece collection but as of right now only 4 are available, the 5th will be coming out at a later date.

Check out the swatches & reviews for each shade by clicking the read more button below.

Formula wise all 4 of these were perfection, seriously. I don't know how Adina always gives us such fantastical polishes, they are such a dream to apply. They are creamy and opaque, the kind of polish that practically applies itself. I used 2 coats for each swatch in this post but you could easily get away with 1 coat for all but Fated Prince. All photos in this post are in natural sunlight.

Briar Rose is a medium/dark red leaning pink with a subtle linear holographic effect. The holographic effect was a bit more prominent in person, but it's not too in your face.

Fated Prince is a charcoal grey with a subtle holographic effect. This one was the only polish of the 4 that really needed a second coat, the holographic effect was also stronger in this one than it appears in photos.

Rose Bower is beautiful red with a subtle holographic effect. The holo in this was the most subtle of the bunch but more noticeable in person than it looks in photos.

Sleeping Palace is a smoky plum with a subtle holographic effect. This is my favorite of the bunch, I really love the base color and it was the most holographic. I wore this late last week and only used 1 coat, it looked perfect that way!

The Burne-Jones Dream Collection from a-england is available now, like I mentioned there is a 5th polish in this collection that will be coming out at a later time. Due to shipping restrictions if you live in the US you can't order these direct from a-england anymore, but there are a ton of etailers that sell them including Llarowe, Nail Polish Canada, Ninja Polish and more. There are also other etailers all over the world, for a full list check out the a-england website here.  

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  1. A great collection!

  2. I ordered Briar Rose, the color was so interesting looking I had to check it out! I love the way Adina always gives us interesting holos that are easy to use :)

  3. These are the best pictures out so far for the collection. Thanks for posting. I picked up Rose Bower first from Llarowe (even though the holo was more subtle) because the color itself is just stunning. Then went on to pick up Sleeping Palace and Fated Prince which are still in stock at Ninja. You can't beat A England's formula. They have a very well tested, consistent and beautiful line.

  4. Pretty colors! :)

  5. I agree re A England's great formula. Very pretty colors . . . but I'm actually disappointed, bc these don't look that unique (I guess thanks to so many great polishes out there, from indies to mainstream). The pinks here remind me a bit of China Glaze's hologlam, which I think have a subtle but "better" linear holo effect. My humble opinion. Thanks for the great work.

  6. Great swatches! Could you compare Briar Rose to Orly's Miss Conduct? Thanks!

  7. Wearing Briar Rose on my toes right now. It is gorgeous!!! I had been wanting to try a england for awhile and when I read that she had done a Sleeping Beauty collection I couldn't resist. This really is a beautiful polish.

  8. Love those colors. So pretty

  9. A England polishes always look so smooth! Fated Prince is probably my fave out of these :)

  10. Thanks - I haven't found these on Adina's site yet but they look great!

  11. Oh my, I want ALL of these! A England's shades are on my radar for the first time, and after seeing this I checked out their stuff -- I feel like I must have each and every shade! The color! The sparkle! My inner magpie is absolutely freaking out!

  12. Oh I need these in my life! Beautiful swatches, thanks for posting them!


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