June 17, 2013

Dance Legend New Prisms Collection Swatches

Hi guys! Hope you all had a good weekend, mine was good...got a lot of blog stuff done since it was finally sunny! Of course the first thing I did when the sun came out was swatch for this post. These holos have been staring at me for over a week just waiting for a sunny day so I could see them in all their glory. Dance Legend is a new to me brand based out of Russia, they have a few different collections that I'll be sharing with you over the next couple of weeks. The first one is easily my favorite, it's the New Prisms Collection. The New Prisms Collection is made up of 12 crazy amazing holos, if you like holos you'll like these...they are all incredible!

This post is very picture heavy (clearly I have problems with holo posts because I like all the photos lol), check out the swatches & reviews by clicking the read more button under the collage.

Formula wise these were consistent across all 12, they were great! All of these were very easy to apply and the opacity was good on all of them. They didn't have the typical issues you run into with holos, like bald spots or patchiness during application. I used Butter London Nail Foundation as my base for all of these, you don't need any kind of special aqua base or the like. The wear time wasn't spectacular on these, I got 2 days out of Spacecraft before it started chipping but that's alright. I did top coat several of these and did not find that it dulled the holo. I used 2 coats (no top coat) for all the swatches in this post, all photos are in natural sunlight.

Android is a green holo, this does have a bit of a blue undertone to it and in some light it looks a bit teal.

Cosmic Rainbow is a really pretty royal purple, there is a little bit of a pink flash to this also.

Fantastic Trip is a coppery pink. This leans more pink in the bottle but once I applied it, it leaned a bit more towards copper.

High Voltage is a light blue.

New Messiah is gold. The base color of this one hides the holo a bit but it's just as holo as all the rest!

Optical Illusion is a rich red toned purple. I love this one, after a lot of staring at these photos I've decided it's my favorite of the collection lol!

Robots vs Humans is a dark brown.

Shock is a medium/dark pink.

Spacecraft is a dark grey. I thought this was going to be black based on the bottle but it's definitely a very dark grey.

Spectrum is a light pink with purple undertones.

T-1000 is silver. This is another favorite for me, I know silver holos have been done a bajillion times but I will never get tired of amazingly rainbow-y ones like this.

Teleportation is a very light silvery purple. This pretty much looked silver on the nail but in lower lighting you can tell it's purple.

Overall, I really like this. I'm a big holo fan and these were all kinds of awesome. They are all SUPER holo and the formulas were top notch and easy to work with on all 12. I don't think you could go wrong with any of them but my personal favorites are Optical Illusion, Android and T-1000.

Dance Legend can be purchased direct from Dance Legend on their website, each polish retails for $13.  If you buy direct shipping might be a little slow as they ship from Russia...it took a little over 2 weeks for mine to arrive. You can also get these at Llarowe and Ninja Polish, they are also $13 there...last time I looked most of these were sold out there but I'm sure they will be restocked soon. 

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  1. Ahhh! I love love love Cosmic Rainbow, T-1000, and Optical Illusion! I've been on the hunt for the perfect holo polish, and these look amazing! I hate to shell out so much for a nail polish but I'm seriously tempted! If only they weren't sold out! :(

  2. Loving all the rainbows! I'm a big fan of holos, so will have to check these out.

  3. Your swatches are beautiful and so are these polishes!

  4. Wow, these polishes are gorgeous. I don't own any holos but these seem to be the most holo I've seen!

  5. Aside from time, did you have any problems with shipping from Russia? I'm always afraid my international shipments are going to arrive all beat up.

  6. A Girl and Her PolishJune 17, 2013 at 7:35 AM

    Wow, these are amazing! Such beautiful holos! Fabulous swatches! :)

  7. nope, they were packed really well and the box was covered in tape so it was really sturdy

  8. Awesome swatches on these! :D

  9. Jen... sometimes I really dislike you and your beautiful swatches because OMG i need these. *whines*

  10. These reinforce my disappointment in the China Glaze Hologlam collection : (

  11. They are amazing!!! Me and my friends are going to do an group order tonight. Can you please make some compersions with the CC Halo Hues?

  12. I don't own the Halo Hues, sorry

  13. Seriously?? I'm in shock! lol. The Halo Hues are really a must have!

  14. They never showed up in stores around here and I don't want to order online to get them because they will be twice as expensive that way.

  15. Ah allright. I live in The Netherlands, all polish brands like OPI, CC, CG etc are at least twice as expensive here as in the USA. I purchased mine at Beautyzone on Ebay.

  16. Optical Illusion looks like the most unique color out of the bunch, I can see why you picked it as favorite! These are all gorgeous, though.

    And, echoing others, I'm not sorry for "missing out" on the CG Hologlam collection, either.

  17. I wish you would show what the colors look like in normal light.. If you would do a post with that it would be great! Thanks for the wonderful pics!

  18. These look amazing! I'm going to need to get Cosmic Rainbow and Shock. What's your favourite and most holographic silver polish? I have GOSH 549 but top coat screws up the holo and you need many coats. I've taken to layering it over a metallic silver polish first but I still need 3 coats.

  19. This Dance Legend and the Layla silver are the most holographic that I've tried

  20. Виктория АртамоноваJune 19, 2013 at 8:38 PM

    so glad you liked it :) since Russia is a tough place for a polish addict to live in (we don't have Butter London, Ciate, Nails inc. and lots of other brands in offline stores) - I'm sooo happy that at least we have a Russian brand to be proud of :)

    and wow, for the USA 2 weeks for an international order is regarded as long time... *sighs*
    Russian Post works with incoming parcels much worse. I count myself as very lucky if my order arrives in 1 month (but 1,5-2 months is more usual).

  21. I ordered these nailpolishes on May 15, I live in Romania and still have not received my order. Very surprised that the U.S.A. comes in 2 weeks ....

  22. I was lucky with how fast they got to me, shipping time will vary depending on the mail.

  23. they are just crazy! crazy! CRAZY!
    those amazing holos... unbelievably beautiful collection this is...@0@

  24. I'm going to the USA next month. Do you think they will have arrived by this time if i order now? They are really beautiful and always out of stock in most stores.

  25. I have no idea, shipping time can vary depending on the postal service.


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