June 23, 2013

Degen's June BarkBox

Hi guys...hope you're all having a good weekend so far. Mine has been nice...yesterday however was not a good day for my bank account. I went to the trifecta of money sucking stores...Urban Outfitters, Lush and Target. I did some damage lol!

Yesterday we also got Degen's June BarkBox in the mail. It's been a while since I posted one of his boxes...the last few months I just haven't gotten around to it because I've either been sick or busy with nail polish things. If you've never seen one of these posts BarkBox is pretty much like Birchbox but for dogs. It's a monthly box that comes with treats, toys, grooming things etc... Degen's been getting BarkBox for over a year now and we're still really happy with the service. For June the theme was 4th of July and everything that would be inside a puppy picnic basket. Check out everything Degen got in his box after the jump!

First up is Calm K9 wafters from a brand called Dale Edgar. These are meant to help with anxiety, they have omega-3, vitamin b and chamomile in them to soothe frightened doggy nerves. Now, usually I open and photograph Degen's BarkBox before he gets to it because he tries to rip everything open...I didn't think I'd be posting this box so I just let him go for it. He REALLY liked these at you might be able to tell from the ripped open box and gnawed off corner.

I ended up giving Degen one of these, I felt like he deserved it after ripping the package open, I kinda felt like it made him more of a psychotic K9 instead of a calm K9. He was running around like a crazed wiener dog on crack for a while after I gave him this lol. Maybe if he was actually tense they would help calm him, I'll probably save these for the 4th of July since our city allows fireworks and Degen is scared of them.

Next up is Puptato Chips from Puppy Cake. These are really thin dried pieces of sweet potatoes....I haven't given Degen any of these yet but he was also trying to rip open this bag so I'm sure he'll like them.

Next is Tail Mix Grilled Sirloin Burger flavored treats from Whole Life. This package was also opened by me before I took photos of the box...sorry lol! Degen was legit like GIVE ME TREATS OR I WILL KILL YOU IN YOUR SLEEP...so I gave him treats. Degen was a big fan of these...no one is surprised by this.

Next up is probably my favorite thing we have ever gotten in a BarkBox, it's dog beer. Yeah...dog beer. This is from a brand called Bowser Beer and  its a beef based drink without alcohol or carbonation. It's great for doggy joints and you can out it in their water or on top of kibble etc...  We haven't given this to Degen yet but I'm sure he'll like it. I think it's a funny thing to have...Degen is German and he likes his beer...even if it's not "real" beer.

Last in the box is a huge bone from Heartland Premium. This is huge, way too big for Degen unfortunately. I'll probably be gifting this to Brando (the bulldog next door) or to one of my coworkers.

Finally here are some Degen photos, I took these with my phone as Degen and I were opening the box so please excuse the quality. I thought they were cute!

In case you were wondering how the corner of the Calm K9 wafers was gnawed off...

Here Degen was trying from another angle to get those wafers open.

Degen also throughly inspected under the packing paper in the box...you never know there might be hidden cookies under there.

I'm pretty sure Degen was thinking "om nom nom" right here.

Overall I think this June box is pretty good, I do wish there was a toy but I feel like this was worth the money so I'm not disappointed. Judging by how Degen was grumbling and growling when I took the box away to photograph it I'm pretty sure he's happy with this month also :D

If you want to sign up your dog for BarkBox visit BarkBox.com, the price of the box varies depending on how many months you sign up for. There are 3 different sizes of boxes that you can get...Degen gets the medium sized dog box!


  1. I always love these posts so much! Degen is such a cute doggie judged by these pictures ♥.

  2. Christina NailblogJuly 1, 2013 at 8:47 AM

    My dachshund hated the beer! Nervous about giving her those bones but the calming biscuits seemed to actually work!

  3. aww bummer your pup didn't like the beer. Degen did! Did you try pouring a little bit on her kibble? That's how I gave it to Degen and he scarfed down his food like he hadn't eaten in days lol


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