June 13, 2013

I Love Nail Polish Swatches

Hi guys! I almost said "Happy Friday The 13th" then I realized it was only Thursday :( I hate when I think it's Friday and it's not! Anyway, today I have a few polishes from I Love Nail Polish to share with you guys! I reviewed a few of their polishes back in January (click here to see that post) and was a little hesitant to try them again because the smell of the polish was just too much for me. Barbra (the maker of I Love Nail Polish) let me know that they have changed their base and the smell was much better now, so I said what the heck...I'll give them a go! Good news, these are much much more pleasant now...I didn't notice any kind of stronger than normal nail polish smell!  Today I have a few holos and a couple of glitter to share with you! Check out the photos & reviews by clicking the read more button under the collage!

A.C. Slater is a dark grey linear holo. Besides having a name full of win the color of this is really pretty also! The formula was good, a bit patchy on the first coat but the second coat evened everything out. No need for any kind of special base coat. This was much more holo in person! Both photos below are in natural sunlight.

Chloe is a light periwinkle holo. The holo in this was on the subtle side, but I quite like it. It's such a soft color and I don't *think* I have any similar holos. The formula was great, it was easy to apply and the opacity was good. I used 2 coats for the photos below, both photos are in natural sunlight. 

Emerald Dew Drops is green, teal and white glitter in a clear base. My bottle of this is one of the "Ultra Minis" which is why I'm not holding the bottle. The Ultra Minis are seriously TINY...and SO cute haha! There are bottle shots of them over the ILNP etsy (link at the end of the post) if you want to see how cute they are! The formula was a little thick but easy to apply and the glitter payoff was good. I used 2 coats over China Glaze Highlight Of My Summer for the photo below, the photo below is in the shade.

Grande Sunset in a pink toned coral holo. I love this one too, there is a bit of a gold flash going on in here too which is really pretty. The formula was good, it was a nice consistency and the opacity was great. I used 2 coats for the photos below. Both photos below are in natural sunlight.

Grape Alicious is a dark grape purple holo. This is my easy favorite of this post...the holo is much stronger than it looks in photos and the base color is gorgeous. If you like purples you're going to need to pick this up! The formula was great, it was easy to apply and nice and opaque. I used 2 coats for the photos below, both photos are in natural sunlight.

Monterey Bay is a dark teal holo. I love the color of this one, and the name. When I was little my family and I would always drive up the coast to Monterey Bay for vacation every summer. I have a lot of good memories of stopping in Morro Bay to look at that giant rock (lol) and watching all the otters in the Bay up in Monterey. I want to go back there so badly, I love that area of California! Anyway...tangent lol! The formula was really nice, this was a bit more jelly-like than the others but still nice and opaque. I used 2 coats for the photos below, both photos are in natural sunlight.

My Private Rainbow is a holographic top coat. You can layer this over anything to give it a nice holo sparkle. The holo was on the subtle side but I'm sure it would be more intense if you used more than 1 coat. I really like the subtle sparkle to it though! I used 1 coat over China Glaze Are You Jelly? for the photos below, both photos are in natural sunlight.

Sugar Blossom is teal, fuchsia and periwinkle glitter in a clear base. There is a lot of circle glitter in here, so you already know I like it! The formula was good, not too thick, and it was easy to apply. The glitter payoff was really nice on this. I used 1 coat over Chrome Girl Barely Legal for the photos below.

Lighting: Sunlight

Lighting; Shade

I Love Nail Polish can be found over on etsy Prices range from $3.75 (for the Ultra Minis) to $10 for full sized polishes!


  1. Weird, I have some ILNP polishes from over 6 months ago and I didn't notice any bad smell to them. lol.
    Love all these colours ♥

  2. How does Grape Alicious compare to a england's Lady of the Lake? Thanks for linking to their store though, I went there and was like "Sorry about this wallet but I need all kinds of this polish"

  3. Thanks so much for reviewing these!! I was literally just perusing the I Love Nail Polish site last night and thinking that I wanted to pick up all these new holos - if only some wonderful blogger would help me out by reviewing, And here you are, granting my wish ;) I love ILNP and am so glad Barbra is expanding the glitter toppers by doing cremes and these fantastic holos! Also glad she revamped the formula to eliminate the smell, but truth be told I never minded it much in the first place. I am drawn to the coral and darker-toned holos. Grape Alicious is much darker than I thought, which is an A+, and dark teal jelly holo you say? Yes and Yes Monterey Bay! (I rhymed!) Thank you for the wonderful swatches and review as always!

  4. It's much darker and more holographic

  5. These are really pretty! Monterey Bay reminds me of Glitter Gal Lizard Belly. I loooove Sugar Blossom so much!

  6. I need to have Monterey Bay, that is so gorgeous!!

  7. Grape Alicious is my favorite. All stunning swatches.

  8. Grape Alicious & My Private Rainbow OMGGGGG I love them!

  9. Monterey Bay must be my fav' because teal <3.

  10. Sugar Blossom looks like a dupe of OPI Polka.com, am I right? Grape Alicious and Monterey Bay look awesome. I'm such a sucker for weird blues and purples...

  11. nope, it's not. sorry

  12. Yay! I've been dying to know what you thought of both the holos and the glitter toppers. I'm so happy you like them and your swatches are beautiful as always! I did sell out of all the holos shown here, except for the top coat, but I did just release newer holos and cremes last Sunday that are available on both the Etsy site and www.ilnp.com

    Thank you again for giving me another shot!!

  13. Your polish is seriously gorgeous! I love how you used such unique base colors for your holos; they're all so beautiful! Grande Sunset and Chloe are absolutely stunning, and perfect for summer. I'm bummed that they're sold out (good for you, not-so-good for me). Will you be making more?
    I'm definitely going to check your site out to see the rest of your polish. Again, just wanted to say "great job" :)

  14. Sabine @ My Polish StashJune 14, 2013 at 9:28 AM

    After seeing your swatches, I need to add I love NP to my collection soon! I especially love Grape Alicious and Monterey Bay!


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