July 9, 2013

A England Briarwood

Hi guys! Today I have A England Briarwood to share with you! This is the final polish in the newest A England Burne-Jones Dream Collection. Briarwood is a dark vampy red with a subtle holo. I love the vampy-ness to this, it's such a pretty shade of red when the sun hits it but you can still see the blackened edges. Depending on the angle of your hand it can almost look all blackened which I also liked. I can't think of anything quite like this in my collection! The formula was flawless as per usual with A England. I used 1 coat and a coat of CND Air Dry for the photos below, all photos are in natural sunlight.

Briarwood is available now, due to shipping restrictions if you live in the US you can't order these direct from a-england anymore, but there are a ton of etailers that sell them including Llarowe, Nail Polish Canada, Ninja Polish and more. There are also other etailers all over the world, for a full list check out the a-england website here.


  1. What a beauty.... I love it! *___*

  2. I got this in the mail yesterday and love it!!!

  3. I thought Rose Bower was my fave but I think this has just jumped up to the top spot!

  4. That shade it takes at an angle is so stunning!


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