July 3, 2013

Dance Legend Exotic Fruit Collection Swatches

Hi guys! Today I have a few of the polishes from the Exotic Fruit Collection from Dance Legend to share with you. The entire collection is 6 polishes in total and they are all jelly based polished with either black and white glitter or black shard like glitter. I really like these, especially because they are so bright...neon + jelly + black glitter= winner in my book haha! Check out the swatches after the jump!

Formula wise all 4 of these were consistent. They were a little bit on the thick side due to amount of glitter in them. I didn't have issues with application and the opacity was good on each of them. I would recommend waiting a few minutes between coats with these though so you don't drag off the glitter. All photos in this post are in natural sunlight, I'll let you know how many coats for each below.

951 Papaya is a bright orange with black and white glitter in various sizes and shapes. Perfect for Halloween...or just whenever! I used 2 coats for the photos below.

953 Yellow Watermelon is a bright neon yellow with black shard glitter. This was BRIGHT, I'm kind of in love with it to be honest...if you like neons and black glitter you need this in your life. I used 2 coats for the photos below

954 Pitaya is a bright neon pink with black shard glitter. This was a bit brighter in person than it's looking in photos. I used 2 coats for the photos below.

956 Nispero is a coral with black and white glitter in various sizes and shapes. This is the most jelly looking base of the bunch, I really like how graphic this one looked once it was on the nail. I used 2 coats for the photos below.

Dance Legend polishes are available at http://www.dance-legend.com/ these do come from Russia so if you order direct from them shipping can (and probably will) take a while. You can also find these at Ninja Polish  (though it looks like they don't carry this particular collection at this time) and Llarowe


  1. Gorgeous as always :)

  2. Wow! I can't believe how pigmentated the bases on these are. They're all very pretty but my fav is Yellow Watermelon.

  3. I cannot wait to buy up this collection! I've been waiting for some good swatches of these to surface! Thank you! These are beautiful!

  4. I am diggin Nispero! Also, the fact that this collection is called Exotic Fruit somehow makes me really happy.

  5. Gorgeous! I love the yellow and the pink the most!


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