July 5, 2013

Dance Legend Gold & Silver Leaf Top Coats

Hi guys, happy Friday! Hope you all had a good 4th :D! I'm at work today...which sucks! Like 75% of the office took the day off or is "sick" so there are like 7 people here...it's going to be a long boring day. Anyway, today I have the Dance Legend Gold Leaf and Silver Leaf top coats to share with you guys. We've seen a lot of these this year, I still like them...I'm sure I'm not the only one!

Below is Gold Leaf over Nicole by OPI Tink's In The Pink. The formula was good but a little sparse, I found it best to dab this on and place the flakes where I wanted them. I used 2 coats for the photos below, both photos are in natural sunlight

Below is Silver Leaf over Nicole by OPI Half Charming/Half Alarming. The formula was good on this one and not as sparse as the Gold Leaf. I didn't need to dab this one on to get good payoff with the flakes of glitter. I used 1 coat for the photos below, both photos are in natural sunlight.

Dance Legend polishes are available at http://www.dance-legend.com/ these do come from Russia so if you order direct from them shipping can (and probably will) take a while. You can also find Dance Legend at Ninja Polish and Llarowe. It looks like both Ninja Polish and Llarowe do not carry either of these at this time.


  1. these polishes are instant fabulousness! though gold is more my thing than the silver...

  2. I still love the gold leaf stop coats. I need to use the ones I have more often!

  3. These are nice! Bet they'd look really nice over a bold turquoise....

  4. Are these real gold and silver????


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