July 26, 2013

Dance Legend TermoTRIO Collection Swatches

Happy Friday! Anyone have big plans this weekend? I'm going to the OC Fair to see Save Ferris, I guess it's just the singer and some other random guys but whatevs. Save Ferris was one of the bands I loved back in the day but was too young to ever go see them live...then they broke up. It should be a good time!

Today I have Dance Legend's TermoTRIO polishes to share with you, there are currently 2 polishes in this collection and they are color changing polishes that shift 3 colors! I don't think I've ever had any polishes like this that changed more than 2 colors.These change with body heat so if your nails are on the shorter side the effect might not be as cool for you. I found that these didn't change as dramatically as the other color changing polishes I've tried from Dance Legend, most of the time my nails were just one color. The only time I really saw all 3 colors at one time was in the mornings walking about to my car when it was cold out and I was carrying my morning coffee which would warm up my fingers. For the photos in this post I stuck my hand in the freezer haha!I still really like these, and the formula on both was nice and easy to work with.I found that they were very opaque and I had no issues with them being streaky.

I used 2 coats for each polish below, all photos are in natural sunlight. These do dry to a satin matte finish (which you can see in the first 2 photos). I found that top coat actually helped the color shift last longer!

No. 1 shifts from light blue when warm to pink and violet.

No .3 shifts from grey when warm to pink and dark purple. I wore this for a few days and really enjoyed it. I did have some issues with this being a bit chippy, so not the best wear time unfortunately.

Dance Legend is available at http://www.dance-legend.com/en/, it looks like their official website is closed until September but you can still find their polishes at several etailers like Llarowe and Ninja Polish in the meantime. For a full list of Dance Legend etailers all over the world check out the Dance Legend website I linked above.

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  1. The second one is my fave colour combo ever, so I really love it! Beautiful swatches, as usual :)

  2. Gillian from Plumeria19July 26, 2013 at 6:29 AM

    1 is a gorgeous colour, add the other colours and its even more awesome!! :)

  3. These are so crazy! I have never seen a polish change to two different colors. Love it!

  4. So cool! I've just recently gotten to try color changing polishes (both the temperature-based and the solar-activated kinds). And it's my first time seeing satin-matte finish in nail polishes too. I like!

  5. Love number 3. I'll have to consider it. I normally only wear polish for a couple of days anyways. ^^;

  6. I just love No. 1 but I don't think my nails will ever get long enough to be able to make all three colors happen. I'm too handtarded.

  7. So cool these polishes are :)

  8. I saw Save Ferris back like 16 years ago in San Diego, they were amazing!!! You are going to have a good time. We danced the entire time!!

    love your swatches by the way, i love these pics, you are talented. :)

  9. Very interesting... I think I like the trio thermals even more than the regular thermals!

  10. Виктория АртамоноваJuly 26, 2013 at 8:15 PM

    They have a third color - No.2 - in this collection, but its color range is less spectacular than for No.1 and 3.
    Personally I like them even on short nails - never before washing my hands was so exciting )))

  11. I'm not a huge thermopolish fan, but looks rather pretty

  12. Actually, there are 3 polishes, as you can deduce from the numbers :) you don't have #2. I have @1, love it though my nails are shortish, i see all three colors on a chilly day.

  13. Good to know but it looks like number 2 isn't available on the Dance Legend site or any of the etailers. It's not even listed.

  14. These are so unique!! Thank you for the swatches, I'll be on the hunt for one just to spice up my polish collection.

  15. Thanks for Jen for your earlier advice re: Dance Legend. I've got the thermo polishes while in Russia and they are stunning (yet to review)! Got the trio one too! They look a bit strange though without top coat, don't you think? and yeah, not very long lasting. Mine chipped on the second day :(

  16. I'm going to buy one as a gift for my manicurist (we share a birthday and she was disappointed when ORLY does only gel thermal )


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