July 15, 2013

Dance Legend Thermo 170

Hi guys! Hope you all had a great weekend, mine was nice! Usually on the weekends I do a ton of blog stuff but since I broke a nail pretty badly last week on my swatching hand I literally did nothing this weekend, it was kind of refreshing.

Today I have one of the Dance Legend Thermo polishes to share with you, this one is number 170.  There are a few different lines of color changing polishes that Dance Legend does, this one is just the normal ones, no glitter or anything like that. The Dance Legend Thermo polishes shift with body heat so depending on how warm/cold your hands are the color will change. 170 shifts from a dark red to nearly black, the color shift is pretty strong and on me most of the time it looked like how it looks below. The formula was good, it was nice and opaque and easy to apply. I used 2 coats for the photos below, all photos are in natural sunlight.

Dance Legend polishes are available at http://www.dance-legend.com/ these do come from Russia so if you order direct from them shipping can (and probably will) take a while. You can also find Dance Legend at Ninja Polish and Llarowe.


  1. Ohh, I really like this one! So dark and vampy, perfect for the upcoming fall season! How would you say the formula compares to Pretty and Polished? I love how easily Pretty and Polished's thermo polishes change - I don't have to dunk my hands in hot water or freeze my fingers off just to see them change. Does Dance Legend change easily too?

  2. Cool nail polish! I love seeing Dance Legend reviews all over the interwebz. Finally a Russian brand loved by beauty bloggers.

  3. I don't own any of the Pretty & Polished color changing polishes so I can't speak to how they compare to those but these change easily. Usually when I swatch polishes like this I have to stick my hand in the freezer then run out to do photos but I didn't have to do that with this one

  4. i love how they give the look of a french tip without needing a steady hand

  5. OMG....this happens all the time. I have to get several of these polishes and they are ALL sold out on Ninja Polish and Llarowe. :O(

  6. Виктория АртамоноваJuly 15, 2013 at 11:02 AM

    This one is my favourite DL Thermo :)

  7. Looks so dangerous... wicked cool!

  8. This is a cool looking polish! Reminds of the gradient that my blog buddy Loqi once did!


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