July 19, 2013

Degen's July 2013 BarkBox

Happy Friday! Today I have Degen's July BarkBox to share with you! If' you've never seen one of these posts from me BarkBox is a monthly sample box full of dog goodies! Degen was pretty darn excited about this box. He snuck outside right as I was getting ready to take photos and tried to eat most of the box before I could snap my pictures! Check out all of the goodies Degen got this month after the jump!

First up is a bully stick from Barkworthies. We get these quite a lot from BarkBox and they are always something I know Degen is happy to see included. He straight up stole this out of the box and was like BYE before I could take a regular photo of it. He was not happy when I took it away to take the photo below! After I gave it back to him he sat on the couch and went to town on this...it seems like it's going to last for a little while which is nice!

Next up is a Busy Buddy Biscuit Bouncer (that's a mouthful). You can put dog treats in here and they are gradually given to the dog as they play with the toy. Degen doesn't really care for these types of things so this will either be going to Brando next door or to one to a co-workers dog.

Next up is a Cool Treats dog smoothie in the peanut butter flavor. We've gotten these in the past from BarkBox and Degen loved them! I haven't given him this one yet but I don't doubt for a second that he'll gobble it right up!

The next item in the box is a flexi-bowl from Safemade Pet Products. I'll let you read all about it in the photo below since it's all detailed on the paper in the bowl. I think we'll be getting a lot of use out of this, Degen likes to hang out in the backyard with me while I take nail photos so we'll probably keep this out there as a waterbowl!

There were 2 big bags of treats in the BarkBox this month! The first is from No Brainers and they are Hickory Bacon flavored soft treats. As you might be able to tell from the photo Degen is a fan. I haven't actually given him any of these yet...he was trying to run away with the whole bag while I was taking photos.

Last up is Banana & Coconut flavored cookies from Max & Ruffy's. I don't think Degen has ever had treats this favor...he was a bit unsure of them at first but he does like them. I like that they are so low in calories! Degen has actually been on quite the diet for the last 7 or so weeks (he's lost almost 3 pounds already...that's a lot for a small guy like him!)...lately he's been getting limited treats other than carrots so it'll be nice to give him a whole cookie instead of the half he's been getting of other things.

Now onto Degen's shenanigans while I was taking all of the pictures for this post. Below is what happened when he found that Barkworthies bully stick. This was me trying to take it away from him and him thinking that I was trying to hold it for him so he could gnaw on it.

Here is Degen checking out the box after he broke out of the house and ran outside to see what I was doing with *his* mail.

Overall I think July was a good month, Degen loves the bully stick and the treats this month were good! We'll also get a lot of use out of the bowl!

If you want to get BarkBox for your dog checkout BarkBox.com!


  1. Aww I love seeing Degen and his doggy mail!!!! Nearly as good as your manis!!

  2. Hehe, so cute! I have my furbaby, Owen, signed up for BarkBox too and he loves seeing us bring it in from the mail box :D Can't wait to see what we get this month! I'm in Canada though, so I won't likely see it until next week or the week after.

  3. So adorbs!

  4. I envy you, I wish they had those boxes here, It would be lovely to see my dogs face getting his treats

  5. Haha, I love that shot of him chewing on the stick as you're holding that. My cat does the same thing, just licks the treat in your hand like HEY THANKS FOR HOLDING THIS BUD, it's so rude haha. The dog just snatches whatever you're giving her and runs off to hide under the coffee table and eat it.

  6. Degen looks like such a happy doggy!


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